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Recap of ‘Stitchers’ 1X06 “Finally”

In Stitchers 1x06 “Finally” the Stitchers team investigates a suspicious car accident, Kirsten finds a clue Ed Clark left her and Leslie Turner confirms that Ed’s death wasn’t a suicide.

Last episode, the previous stitcher Marta Rodriguez died protecting Kirsten.  Cameron and Kirsten attend Marta’s funeral.  Kirsten waits as Cameron places flowers on Marta’s grave. 

Kirsten remembers visiting the columbarium after her mom, Jacqueline Stinger, died.  Ed Clark handed Kirsten flowers to leave for her mom, but Kirsten gave the flowers back and left. 

Kirsten wishes Marta was alive so she could ask about the Stitchers program.  Marta claimed that the Stitchers program is using the murder investigations as test runs for something bigger.  Marta was convinced that they were all being used and that none of them were safe. 

Cameron isn’t buying into that conspiracy theory.  He thinks Marta would have found a way to leave him a message for when she was gone if all those claims were really true.

Cameron’s comment reminds Kirsten of the ‘For When I’m Gone’ cassette tape filled with bedtime stories Ed left her when she was little.  At home, Kirsten listens to the cassette tape on her Walkman.

Kirsten’s roommate, Camille, climbs in bed with Kirsten.  She wants to talk about Marta’s death, but Kirsten isn’t interested in talking.

Camille and Kirsten hear a series of beeps on Ed’s cassette tape.  Ed left Kirsten a secret message on the tape by using the same sequence of tones over and over.

At the Stitch lab, Kirsten asks Linus to decipher the sequence of tones.  Linus is flattered that Kirsten came to him for help, but she regrets her decision when he starts quoting Yoda.  Kirsten reluctantly hands over the cassette.

Maggie presents the Stitchers team with their next case.  They are investigating the death of Dani Fox.  Dani Fox was 26 years old.  She was a researcher working with Dr. Sebastian Zuber.  She died after losing control of her car and slamming into a concrete wall.  It was a new car and they didn’t find any evidence of mechanical failure.

Kirsten stitches into Dani’s memories.  Kirsten sees Dani in downtown LA, giving a check to someone.  She doesn’t want anyone to know what the check is for.  Kirsten also sees the lab where Dani worked.  Dani tells Dr. Zuber that there wasn’t enough improvement with the patient.  Dr. Zuber, who clearly cares for his patient, tells the woman that the treatment went well.

Kirsten gets pulled into a memory at Dani’s house.  Dani lived with her sister, Nicole.  Nicole was annoyed that Dani was always secretive and closed her computer when Nicole entered the room. 

Kirsten gets pulled back into Dani’s work memories.  Dani argued with George about their research results.  They needed more test subjects and more progress.  Otherwise, the study would never moved to phase two.

Dani also argued with Dr. Zuber about the research.  Dr. Zuber told Dani that the results are better than she thought.  There was great improvement across the board.

Finally, Kirsten gets pulled into Dani’s memories of the car crash.  Kirsten discovers that someone did mess with Dani’s car.  Dani’s brakes don’t work and she is unable to stop the car from crashing.

That type of malfunction is rare for a new car, so the Stitchers team takes a closer look at the car.  Dani’s car had a computer that is similar to the black boxes in airplanes. 

Camille will be able to find out exactly what caused the car to malfunction.  Everyone is impressed with Camille’s car knowledge.  Camille worked in an auto shop during summer break while she was in high school.  Linus shares that he bussed tables.  Cameron and Kristen, of course, spent their summers studying.

Camille realizes that someone hacked in and took control of Dani's car, causing her to crash.  It would be relatively easy to hack.  Then the car could be controlled remotely from anywhere.  Dani’s death wasn’t the result of a car accident.  Someone murdered her.

Kirsten and Cameron have takeout Chinese food at Cameron’s place.  While eating, Kirsten does a bit of research.  Dani and Dr. Zuber got a four million dollar grant from the Lanwell Science Foundation.  Their hypothesis is that deep transcranial magnetic stimulation can speed up recovery from brain injuries.  Kirsten wants to visit Dani’s sister and find out what she knows.

Janice, the woman who kissed Cameron after mistakenly thinking he was the one filling her empty fridge with food in “I See you” episode 1x04, storms in and slaps Cameron.  She’s pissed that Cameron lied about getting her the groceries.  He freeloaded off a dead man’s good deed.  She can’t believe she almost slept with him.  Linus and Camille arrive to see Janice slapped Cameron one more time before leaving.

Kirsten and Cameron visit Dani’s sister, Nicole.  Nicole, whose passion is baking, didn’t think Dani cared about her baking talents.  Dani was the smart one in the family.  She was just the kid sister with a silly hobby.

Nicole noticed that her sister was stressed out and troubled recently.  Dani lived for her work, but she never talked to Nicole about it.

Kirsten and Cameron’s next stop is the research institute.  Kirsten sees George, the guy who argued with Dani.  They ask where they can find Dr. Zuber.  George tells them that Dr. Zuber isn’t coming to the lab.  He needs time to grieve. 

George wasn’t that honest with them.  Kirsten and Cameron turn around and run into Dr. Zuber.  Kirsten gets creative and tells Dr. Zuber that Dani promised to help with her brain injury.  That lie gets Kirsten and Cameron into the lab.

In the lab Kirsten and Cameron see the transcranial electromagnetic stimulator.  George also joins them.  Turns out George Adler is Dr. Zuber’s research assistant.

Kirsten explains that she got a brain injury when she was in a car accident with her mother fifteen years ago.  Her mom died in the crash.  Kirsten has no memory of the crash or anything before that.  She has no memories before the age of eight, but she doesn’t have any problem making new memories.  She has no filter and she isn’t good at expressing emotions. 

Dr. Zuber is intrigued by Kirsten’s case.  His research is in the trial phase, but he is on the verge of success.  Kirsten sets up an appointment for the next day.

Kirsten gets back to the Stitch lab and is confronted by Maggie, Camille and Linus.  None of them are happy about Kirsten’s dangerous plan.  As Camille says, “In the history of bad ideas, this ranks just above the two dollar bill and Jeggings.”

Kirsten doesn’t back down.  The brain injury will get her access to the lab and a private session with Dr. Zuber.  Maggie agrees under one condition.  Kirsten has to wear a wire while the team listens in a van outside.

Dr. Zuber asks Kirsten some evaluation questions to determine if she is a good candidate for the program.  Kirsten doesn’t remember the car accident.  Her earliest memory is waking up to see her mom dead.  She didn’t feel anything because she didn’t know who her mom was.  She remembers her dad dropping her off with Ed and never coming back.

Growing up with temporal dysplasia sucked.  She wasn’t able to express emotions and she always felt alone.  She coped with her condition by seeing numerous doctors and therapists.  Ed Clark also taught her tricks that helped her function as an independent person.  Now she is a little better at picking up social cues.  She owes Ed so much.  She loved him like a father.

Dr. Zuber also asks if Cameron is Kirsten’s boyfriend.  Kirsten is quick to say that Cameron is nobody.  Cameron, listening in the van, isn’t thrilled to hear her say that.

Dr. Zuber decides to give Kirsten initial treatment.  He puts Kirsten in the transcranial electromagnetic stimulator.  Kirsten relieves the emotional and physical trauma of the car crash.  She then starts talking about her parents.  She remembers her father promised to come back for her, but he never did.  He drank all the time and yelled at her constantly.  He hated being stuck with her.  Maybe that was why he abandoned her with Ed. 

Kirsten also tells Dr. Zuber that she is starting to remember her mom, too.  Her mom drank before the car crash.  She thinks her mom crashed the car on purpose.

Dr. Zuber is impressed with Kirsten’s results.  Her memories were recovered quicker than any other subject. 

Camille, Cameron and Linus were horrified as they listened to Kirsten’s memories of her parents and the car crash.  When Kirsten gets to the van, they all want her to know that they are there for her.  They wasted their tears on her, though.  Kirsten made most of it up.  The car accident was true, but the memories of her parents were fake.

Kirsten realized how much Dr. Zuber wants to believe that the treatment is working.  He didn’t want to hear Dani say that the experiment wasn’t working.

Maggie is furious that Kirsten let Dr. Zuber use the transcranial electromagnetic stimulator on herself.  It could have caused Kirsten brain damage.  It is her job to look after Kirsten and stop Kirsten from taking stupid and unnecessary risks.

Kirsten asks Maggie what the real purpose of the Stitchers program is.  Kirsten thinks Marta and Dani are similar.  They were both bright, driven women who questioned their superiors and wound up dead.  That isn’t how you treat family.  After Kirsten leaves, Maggie calls Leslie Turner.

Cameron looked through Dr. Zuber’s research and found the results to be a little too perfect.  He thinks Dr. Zuber faked the results to get more grant money.  With Dr. Zuber looking guilty, Kirsten decides to go back and break into the lab later that night.

Janice comes back to apologize for slapping Cameron and calling him a liar.  She was just really upset over the whole thing with Cameron’s neighbor.  She wants to start over with Cameron, which makes him pretty happy.  When Kirsten asks Cameron if they are leaving, Janice asks who Kirsten is.  Getting back at Kirsten for calling him ‘nobody’ earlier at Dr. Zuber’s lab, Cameron tells Janice that Kirsten is nobody.

Kirsten successfully breaks into the research institute while Cameron, Camille and Linus wait in the van.  While Kirsten checks out Dani’s office, a police officer tells Cameron to move the van.  Despite being geniuses, they parked the van in front of a ‘No Parking Anytime’ sign. 

Kirsten finds a lease agreement, but she can’t find Dani’s computer in the office.  George comes in and catches Kirsten snooping.  To stop him from calling security, Kirsten tells George that she thinks Dr. Zuber killed Dani.  He murdered Dani before she could expose his bogus research results.

Kirsten needs to access Dani’s computer to prove her theory and George offers to take her to it.  Bad idea, Kirsten.  Kirsten follows George and ends up being attacked by him.  He straps her down in the transcranial electromagnetic stimulator.  Unfortunately, the Stitchers team is out of range and lost their signal when they circled the block.  They use a blowfish, which acts like a cell phone tower, to find out where she is in the building.

Meanwhile, Dr. Zuber joins George.  They are both in on the murder plot.  Dr. Zuber is desperate for the research to work so that he can help his wife.  She fell off a ladder three years ago and suffered brain damage.  This technology is the only chance she has.  He’ll do whatever it takes to help his wife.

Dr. Zuber saw something different in Kirsten’s brain wave pattern, so he turns on the machine.  Kirsten gets flooded with memories from the people she has stitched into.  However, she also sees her own memories.  She sees herself handing a teddy bear to someone.  She also sees herself as a little girl.  She has electrodes attached to her head and she is submerged in water, sort of like the fish tank used for stitching.

Cameron, Camille and Linus rush in to rescue Kirsten.  Linus kicks Dr. Zuber and they untie Kirsten.  Kirsten stops by Dani’s office to grab the lease papers she found.

Kirsten and Cameron go back to see Dani’s sister.  They show Nicole the lease papers.  Dani’s big secret was that she rented a store for Nicole.  She wanted Nicole to open her own bakery.  Dani even wrote up a business plan and put away money for Nicole.  She didn't think of Nicole's baking as a 'silly hobby'.  Dani really did believe in Nicole.

Kirsten tells Cameron about the memories she saw when Dr. Zuber turned up the power on his contraption.  She saw herself as a kid.  She was in water and had an electrode harness on her head.  Kirsten also thanks Cameron for not being a nobody.

Leslie Turner, the director of the agency, is waiting for Kirsten inside her home.  Ed Clark was an old friend, so he had a key to the house.  Kirsten lets Leslie know that he lost the right to use that key when Ed died and it became her house.

Kirsten asks Leslie if the murder cases are test runs for something bigger.  What is the real purpose of the Stitchers program?  Leslie admits that there is something bigger planned, but he doesn’t know what it is.  Kirsten doesn’t believe him, but Leslie claims that this is common practice for clandestine organizations.  No one person knows everything, which ensures everyone’s safety.

Leslie Turner reminds Kirsten of all the people who cared about her, like her mom and Ed Clark.  Now Kirsten has Leslie, Maggie and the Stitchers team.  The entire agency is working tirelessly to keep her safe.  They just have to keep working and not ask questions.  Eventually someone will decide to let them in on the big secret.

Before Leslie leaves, Kirsten asks if Ed Clark committed suicide.  Leslie confirms what Kirsten suspected.  Ed Clark’s death was not a suicide.  Ed died protecting Kirsten.

Kirsten, not wanting to be alone, joins Camille in bed.  They don’t talk about anything that happened, but they keep each other company and work on a crossword puzzle.

The next morning, Linus calls Kirsten to tell her that he deciphered Ed’s secret message.  Linus is a little distracted by the fact that Kirsten is in bed with Camille, but Linus finally tells her that the message was map coordinates. 

Kirsten goes to the coordinates and ends up at her mother’s tomb.  She remembers Ed telling her that it is okay to be sad about her mom’s death.  Kirsten touches her mom’s picture and finds a hidden key.

What do you think this key will unlock?  Do you believe that Leslie really doesn’t know the true purpose of the Stitchers program?  And what do you think of Kirsten’s memory of what looked like the fish tank?  Was Kirsten experimented on in the early days when the Stitchers technology was being developed?  Is that why Kirsten doesn’t have childhood memories?

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