Saturday, July 4, 2015

‘Stitchers’ 1x06 Sneak Peek: Cameron Has a New Crush?

Cameron looks like he’s into Janice in this sneak peek of Stitchers 1x06 “Finally”.

Janice, the girl who slapped Cameron, comes back to apologize for hitting him and calling him a liar.  She was just really upset over the whole thing with Cameron’s neighbor.  (Cameron’s neighbor Robbie, now dead, was a peeping Good Samaritan who bought Janice groceries.  In Stitchers episode 1x04 “I See You”, Cameron pretended to be Robbie).

Janice wants to start over with Cameron.  Cameron seems like he’s into Janice.  When Kirsten asks Cameron if they are leaving, Cameron hilariously steps in front of Kirsten to block her from Janice’s view. 

When Janice asks who Kirsten is, Cameron says that she’s nobody.  Ouch.  What happened to Camsten?

What do you think of Janice?  Do you think Cameron should go out with her?

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