Thursday, July 9, 2015

‘Stitchers’ 1x07 Official Preview: Kirsten’s Boyfriend Liam is Back

In the promo for Stitchers 1x07 “The Root of All Evil”, we learn that Kirsten Clark has a boyfriend.

The entire Stitchers team is shocked when they learn Kirsten has a boyfriend.  Cameron isn't too thrilled with this news, although Camille thinks Liam is hot.  Basically, Liam is the love child between Brad Pitt and Mother Teresa. 

Kirsten seems happy that her boyfriend is back.  Kirsten and Liam have a hot make out session.  (And we know Liam will propose to Kirsten).

The Stitchers team sees Kirsten’s boyfriend as a threat.  Liam has been gone for two years.  He randomly shows up out of the blue.  Cameron doesn’t want to see Kirsten get hurt.  That’s probably true, but is he also a bit jealous of this new guy?

Why hasn’t Kirsten ever mentioned that she has a boyfriend?  Do you think Liam is shady? 

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