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Recap of 'Stitchers' 1x04 “I See You”

In Stitchers 1x04 “I See You”, the Stitchers team investigates the murder of Cameron’s neighbor.  Cameron becomes paranoid that he was the intended target.  Linus and Camille have very different expectations after their hookup.  And a mysterious person sneaks into the Stitchers lab and spies on Kirsten.

Cameron is haunted by the stitch that went wrong when Marta Rodriguez was the stitcher.  Cameron relives that horrific stitch in his dreams.  Marta went into cardiac arrest in the middle of a stitch.  Cameron was worried that forcefully bouncing her out of the memory would fry her mind, but Maggie ordered him to bounce Marta. 

Cameron’s Marta nightmare causes him to oversleep.  He calls Kirsten to check how her physical went.  The physical was fine and there was nothing to worry about. 

Cameron is annoyed that his neighbor keeps taking his magazines.  Cameron moved from the loft below his a few months ago, but the new neighbor isn’t putting his name on the mailbox.  The mail gets mixed up and his neighbor is now hoarding Cameron’s magazines.  Kirsten tells Cameron to man up and get the magazines back.

His neighbor’s door is open, so Cameron walks in and finds his magazines on the table.  His neighbor had no intention of returning the magazines.  He even dog-eared the pages that he was reading.  Unfortunately, dog-eared magazine pages aren’t the only thing Cameron finds.  He sees his neighbor, Robbie Peterson, dead on the floor.

Detective Fisher and Kirsten rush over to investigate the murder.  It’s not a robbery, since the art and valuables weren’t taken.  It looks like Robbie was executed.  He was shot twice in the back at close range. 

Detective Fisher and Kirsten wonder if Cameron was the intended target.  Cameron and Robbie were the same age and have the same build.  Plus, Cameron used to live in Robbie’s apartment.  As for motive, Cameron is a neuroscientist that works on technology that could change the world as we know it.

There’s one way to know for sure.  Kirsten decides to stitch into Robbie’s memories and find out who killed him. 

Cameron starts getting paranoid that someone is trying to kill him.  Maggie says Robbie didn’t really have friends or enemies and was a loner, which makes it hard to find a motive for the murder.

No one outside the Stitchers program knows about Cameron’s involvement, so he starts suspecting his coworkers.  The guy from the engineering department never liked him.

Linus isn’t too happy that Camille didn’t return any of his calls or texts after they hooked up.  Camille isn’t attracted to Linus’s ‘needy lover’ look.  She was busy preparing for an optogenetics presentation, so she put herself on total lockdown.

Linus thought the radio silence was a comment on his performance.  Camille assures him that they had a good time.  With that settled, Linus asks her out to dinner.  He crashes and burns though.  Camille turns him down.

Cameron can't stop worrying about Kirsten's safety.  He has Ayo recheck Kirsten’s blood pressure and body temperature before he finally initiates the stitch and Kirsten enters Robbie’s memories. 

Kirsten doesn’t see who shot Robbie, but she does see Robbie looking through his telescope.  She touches the telescope and sees what Robbie was looking at.  Robbie wasn’t using the telescope to stargazing.  He was spying on his neighbors. 

Kirsten tells the Stitchers team that Robbie was a peeping tom.  Maybe he was murdered because he saw something that he shouldn’t have.  They discuss the neighbors that Robbie spied on.  Kirsten could feel that Robbie was emotionally drawn to a jogger, someone painting her fingernails and a girl in a tank top going to the fridge.  She also saw a guy with a knife yelling at his girlfriend. 

Kirsten isn’t sure which apartment each person lives in, since all the windows looked the same.  They can’t go back to Robbie’s place and look through the telescope because it is now an active crime scene.  Cameron lived above Robbie’s apartment though, so they would get the same view from Cameron’s place.

The Stitchers team set up their stakeout at Cameron’s place, which he isn’t that happy about.  Camille is starving, but Cameron isn’t offering any food.  This isn’t a party. 

Cameron’s friends tell him to chill out.  He’s been on edge all day and he is so anal that he gives colons a bad name.

Kirsten uses the telescope to spy on the apartment across the street and she really gets into it.  Especially when she sees someone dressing up cats in ballerina outfits.  Cameron isn’t comfortable with the invasion of privacy, but Kirsten doesn’t think people should have secrets if it is hurting other people.  Uh-oh, Cameron looks guilty when Kirsten says that.  Keeping Marta a secret is really eating away at him.

Linus is upset that Camille rejected him.  Camille wants to keep what they had in the past.  They had a lovely, spontaneous, in the moment experience.  But she isn’t looking for a repeat performance.

Detective Fisher stops by to update the team.  He couldn’t find any motive for the murder.  Robbie lived a simple life.  Went to work as a paralegal from 9-5.  The rest of his time he spent at home.

Detective Fisher tells Kirsten that the LAPD is closing Ed Clark’s case.  They didn’t find any evidence of foul play and they are officially ruling his death a suicide.  Of course, Kirsten is going to keep investigating and prove them wrong.

Still looking through the telescope, Kirsten spots a guy with a knife arguing with a woman.  Detective Fisher rushes over to stop the guy with the knife.  False alarm.  Detective Fisher bursts in to find the girl alive and the knife wasn’t really covered in blood.  It was red paint.  The man, Ginsberg, is a painter who used the knife to fling paint on his canvas.

Ginsberg always fought with his girlfriend about money.  His girlfriend stuck around because he had sold his first painting.  The Stitchers team realizes that Robbie was the one who bought Ginsberg’s painting.  He was trying to help the couple.  Looks like Robbie wasn’t a peeping tom.  He was a peeping Good Samaritan. 

Back at the Stitchers lab, Maggie hears a noise.  She doesn’t notice someone in black behind her slipping into the elevator. 

Once again, Linus pushes Camille to go out with him.  He doesn’t mind slowing things down.  He’d be happy just to hang out and go to dinner with her.

Camille isn’t interested in dating anyone.  She likes being single.  She isn’t looking for someone to hold hands and take walks with.  Linus isn’t going to give up that easily, though.

Kirsten asks Cameron why he is hovering over her and smothering her.  Cameron feels responsible for Kirsten.  It’s his job to keep her safe.  Kirsten thinks he is overreacting.  She knows the risks of stitching.  Cameron finally tells Kirsten that she doesn’t know all the dangers. 

Cameron shows Kirsten a video of the stitch that caused Marta to end up in a coma.  Marta stayed in the stitch too long and couldn’t make the bounce herself.  By the time Cameron got her out, it was already too late.  She’s been in a coma for the last four months.

Kirsten tries to convince Cameron that it isn’t his fault.  What happened to Marta was an accident.  Cameron can’t risk the same thing happening to Kirsten.

While the Stitchers team is spying on the girl in the tank top, she spots them and waves them over.  Cameron is against going over to her apartment, but the girls think he should go.  While they are arguing, the tank top girl comes over to Cameron’s apartment.

Cameron pretends to be Robbie and talks to the woman.  She knows Robbie has been watching her for months, but she doesn’t mind.  She models for art students, so she’s used to being stared at.  She wants to thank him for sending her groceries.  Robbie saw her empty fridge and helped her out by stocking her fridge.  She says the world needs more people like him.

The Stitchers team heads back to the lab and updates Maggie on what they’ve found.  Robbie Peterson wasn’t a bad guy at all.  He bought a painting from a struggling artist and helped buy groceries for a woman.  Robbie was helping the people he was spying on.

Kirsten wants to be stitched into Robbie’s memories again.  Cameron is nervous, since Robbie is reaching his expiration date.  He doesn’t want the memory to collapse while Kirsten is in it.  Kirsten needs Cameron to trust her.

Kirsten gets stitched back into Robbie’s memories and uses the hypercharged telescope to speed through two months worth of memories.  She notices an apartment that always has the curtains closed.  A mannequin in a store below the apartments is being used to signal a transport van.  And a man on the sidewalk sees Robbie spying on him. 

The Stitchers team realizes that the store with the mannequin is leased to the same owner of apartment 3C.  While Linus and Camille keep a lookout, Kirsten and Cameron go find apartment 3C.  On their way, they have a heart-to-heart.  They agree not to keep secrets from each other.  Cameron also agrees to try not to worry about Kirsten.

They can’t find apartment 3C, but Kirsten taps on the walls to find the empty space behind the wall.  Ed Clark taught her that trick.  Someone plastered over the doorway of 3C.  Kirsten smashes the wall open with a fire extinguisher.  When they search the room, they find a bunch of passports.  They realize that they are dealing with human traffickers. 

Camille and Linus see a van pull up next to the store.  Kirsten and Cameron stand in front of the van and stop it from leaving.  The van crashes and Detective Fisher pulls up to makes the arrest.  Kirsten opens the van and releases the women.  Detective Fisher gets a confession from the driver.  He admits killing Robbie Peterson. 

The celebration is underway back at Cameron’s place.  Kirsten goes to get Cameron and sees him shirtless.  Cameron has a scar on his chest.  Cameron spots Kirsten watching him, but he closes the door before Kirsten can say anything about the scar. 

Kirsten rejoins Linus and Camille’s celebration.  Someone in black watches Kirsten with binoculars from the roof of the apartment across the street.

Who do you think broke into the Stitchers lab and is spying on Kirsten?  And how did Cameron get that scar on his chest? 

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