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Recap of 'Stitchers' 1x05 "The Stitcher in the Rye"

Kirsten starts to suspect her coworkers when there is a suspected mole in the Stitchers program in Stitchers 1x05 “The Stitcher in the Rye”.  A conspiracy theorist/ex-CIA agent turns up dead hours before he planned to post the algorithm for the Stitchers program online.  The previous stitcher Marta tries to protect Kirsten from getting hurt just like she did.  And Oded Fehr makes a guest appearance as the director of the agency.

Camille opens a package addressed to Kirsten that was left anonymously outside.  The package contains the book The Catcher in the Rye, but there isn’t any note.

Camille doesn’t seem to understand personal boundaries.  Apparently, she always opens Kirsten’s mail and then reseals it.  Camille also borrowed Kirsten’s shirt for a date without asking.  Now the shirt smells like curry.

The Stitchers team’s next case is to stitch into the memories of Justin Lange.  Justin Lange was a thirty-year-old who owned a breakfast food truck.  He died of a massive heart attack. 

Justin was a conspiracy theorist and ex-CIA agent.  He posted theories that came a bit too close to the truth.  The Stitchers team needs to find out if Justin had a source giving him classified documents.  Justin dropped dead right before he could post another classified document.

Kirsten has trouble when she first stitches into Justin’s mind.  She’s seeing his blog postings and his memories at the same time.  Linus works his magic to clear it up, but the memories race past Kirsten.  She sees a butterfly tattoo and an envelope.  She also sees a teddy bear.

Before bouncing out of the memory, Kirsten sees that Justin had a secret compartment in the food truck.  Detective Fisher, Cameron, and Kirsten head to the police impound area to look at the food truck.  They successfully retrieve a disk that may contain the classified documents Justin planned to post before he died.  Before they can grab more, the three of them run out of the truck.  Seconds later, the food truck explodes.  Justin must have taken precautions in case anyone tried to steal his documents.

Back at the Stitchers lab, the team realizes that the disk is too old.  They can’t read it with their technology.  Kirsten can’t stitch back into Justin’s memories, either.  His brain had a short life span.

Kirsten tells Cameron about the out of place things she sees in people’s memories.  When she went into revenge bomber Peter Brant’s memory, she saw a teddy bear.  She saw that exact teddy bear in Justin’s memory.

Cameron thinks the teddy bear is from Kirsten’s memory, but she doesn’t remember ever having a teddy bear like that.  Not that she remembers much from her childhood.  She doesn’t remember anything before her father ditched her with Ed Clark when she was eight.

Kirsten tells Cameron about the ripped photo Ed Clark left her with the word ‘remember’ written on the back.  Cameron doesn’t have any answers for her, though.

Kirsten looks through crime scene photos taken in Ed Clark’s apartment.  She notices the ‘K’ reference book on Ed’s bookshelf is missing.

Kirsten gets a weird encrypted text on her phone, which she assumes is spam.

Kirsten remembers playing on Ed Clark’s computer when she was little.  She didn’t want to stop playing, but Ed had to use his computer for work.  Kirsten told him to use one of his computers in the garage, but those computers were too old and slow. 

Kirsten hunts down Ed Clark’s old computer and uses it to look at Justin’s disk.  She finds the algorithm for the Stitchers program on it.  Suspecting that someone inside the Stitchers program leaked the information, Kirsten decides to eliminate suspects.

Kirsten heads to Cameron’s place, wakes him up and demands his phone.  She needs to make sure he isn’t the one who leaked the algorithm.  Cameron thinks Kirsten’s paranoia is residual emotion from Justin’s memories. 

Kirsten doesn’t back down, so Cameron reluctantly hands over his phone.  Kirsten realizes that he isn’t the mole.  There are only a handful of people who have access to the algorithm, so that leaves Linus, Camille and Maggie as suspects.

Kirsten hacks into Linus’s system to check if he is the leak, despite Cameron’s protests.  He asks how she would feel if they hacked her stuff.  Of course, Kirsten would be impressed.  Her stuff is unhackable. 

Linus told Cameron his password one night after too many tequila shots, so it doesn’t take long to check what he was doing at the time Justin was given the algorithm.  Linus spent all of last week pulling all nighters playing games.  Linus realizes that Kirsten is hacking him and shuts down the network.

Linus immediately calls and asks why they are hacking him.  Kirsten assures him that his gaming addiction cleared him of treason. 

That leaves Camille and Maggie as possible suspects.  Linus is quick to say that it couldn’t have been Camille.  Kirsten realizes that Linus is wearing her sweatshirt.  Camille suddenly appears in the video next to Linus and asks if she could borrow Kirsten’s sweatshirt for a booty call with Linus.

Linus clears Camille’s name by vouching for her whereabouts.  They were together at the time the algorithm was leaked. 

Cameron has a hard time wrapping his mind around Camille and Linus hooking up.  He doesn’t want things to get awkward at the Stitchers lab if Camille and Linus break up. 

Kirsten doesn’t have a problem with it.  Camille and Linus are both adults.  She does have a problem with Linus wearing her sweatshirt, though.

Kirsten, Cameron, Camille and Linus all head to the Stitchers lab to confront Maggie.  Maggie is pulling up at the parking lot when she is shot.  The shooter gets away and the team doesn’t see who shot Maggie.

Luckily, Maggie is fine.  The bullet just grazed her.  It may not be the best time to accuse Maggie of treason, but Kirsten immediately starts questioning her.  Maggie is the only one left who could have leaked the code.

Maggie is particularly nasty when she gets shot.  She reminds the team that they would be nothing without her.  Linus was 19 when he answered an ad and applied to the Stitchers program.  Cameron was a rich boy who didn’t have meaning in his life until Maggie got him involved in the Stitchers program.  And Camille was a lackluster PhD student who was given a chance to run with the big dogs.

Maggie wouldn’t risk all of their lives by compromising the program that she spent two decades building.  She has an alibi, too.  She was having breakfast with Leslie Turner, the director of the agency, at the time the document was leaked.

Despite numerous hookups with Linus, Camille still doesn’t want to start dating him.  Camille thinks they should just be friends.  Linus suggests that they become friends with benefits, but Camille knows that it would never be enough for Linus.

Kirsten doesn’t think anyone in the Stitchers lab could have leaked the algorithm.  She checked everyone.  Cameron tells Kirsten to slow down the images from Justin’s memory and see if there was anything she missed. 

Kirsten remembers the butterfly tattoo and Cameron figures out who leaked the algorithm.  It was the previous stitcher Marta Rodriguez.  She had a butterfly tattoo on her wrist.

The Stitchers team checks with the hospital.  Marta woke up from the coma and checked out a week ago.  No one has seen her since then.

Kirsten has a chat with Cameron about Marta.  Cameron brought flowers to Marta every week.  He blames himself for not being at the hospital when she woke up.  Maybe he could have stopped her.

Kirsten asks why Marta was recruited for the Stitchers program in the first place. She doesn’t have temporal dysplasia like Kirsten.  Cameron explains why Marta seemed like a good candidate.  Marta’s NSA profile was good and her protective instincts were off the charts.  Marta’s specialty at the NSA was cryptography.

Kirsten realizes that the weird spam texts she got were actually coded messages from Marta.  Using The Catcher and the Rye, Kirsten decodes the message from Marta.  It says “You are in danger.  Trust no one.”

Kirsten texts back “Can you protect me?”  Kirsten and Marta meet up in Chinatown.  Marta promises that Kirsten will be safe now.

Marta and Kirsten go to Kirsten’s house.  Marta is paranoid that the Stitchers program has the house bugged and is listening to them.  Kirsten knows the house is clean. Every day she checks to make sure there are no radio frequency devices in her house.

Marta tells Kirsten to get packed.  Kirsten discreetly calls Cameron so that he can listen to their conversation.  Marta wants to take Kirsten somewhere safe.  Marta thinks the Stitchers program is evil and has to be stopped.

Marta admits to leaking the algorithm to stop the Stitchers program.  When that didn’t work, she tried to kill Maggie.

Cameron races off to Kirsten’s house and tells Camille to call Detective Fisher.

Marta tells Kirsten that the Stitchers program destroys people.  It almost killed her.  The official story is that Marta stayed in the stitch too long and didn’t make the bounce in time, but Marta blames Cameron.  She thinks he could have made a mistake.

Marta warns Kirsten that the Stitchers program will use her until something goes wrong.  Then they will make her disappear.

Kirsten reminds Marta that the Stitchers program was designed to help people.  She was able to solve murders.  Marta doesn’t think the Stitchers program cares about the murders.  They are using this as a test run for something bigger.  If they don’t leave now, then both of them will end up dead.

Cameron comes in and Marta loses it.  She points a gun at Cameron.  Crying, she asks Kirsten if Cameron promised to take care of her too.  Did Cameron tell her to trust him?  Cameron admits that he let Marta down.

Marta still wants to protect Kirsten, but the police have the house surrounded.  Marta’s phone rings.  We can’t hear what is said over the phone, but Marta says that she understands.  Kirsten will be safe now. 

Marta thanks Cameron for the flowers he brought to the hospital while she was in a coma.  He begs her not to confront the police with a gun, but she doesn’t listen.  She goes outside and refuses to put her gun down.  The police end up killing Marta. 

Cameron blames himself for Marta’s coma and death.  He wants to stitch into Marta’s memories.  Maggie tries to convince him that this wasn’t his fault.  Marta violated protocol, which resulted in her coma.  Maggie wants Cameron’s pity party to end before he walks back into the Stitchers lab.

Cameron isn’t sure he wants to go back to work, but Maggie knows that he will.  It’s the only way he can keep Kirsten safe.

Kirsten suspects that Maggie called Marta and convinced her to get shot by the police.  Maggie denies calling Marta.  She isn’t going to let Kirsten stitch into Marta’s memories, either.  Cameron won’t be able to deal with the stitch.  He isn’t like Kirsten. 

Kirsten meets up with Cameron at the lab.  He’s okay for now.  He’ll have moments when he'll remember Marta and he won’t be okay, but he’s fine with that.  If he didn’t feel the loss, then that would mean he didn’t care.  He does wish he could be more like Kirsten and instantly put things behind him, though.

Maggie meets with the agency director, Leslie Turner (Oded Fehr).  Turn out he was the one who made the call to Marta.  He appealed to her protective nature.  Marta sacrificed herself to save Kirsten.  If the police had arrested Marta, the agency would have to deal with the entire Stitchers team in an undesirable way.

Maggie lied to the Stitchers team for Leslie.  Justin didn’t die of a heart attack.  Leslie had Justin killed so that the Stitchers team could stitch into his memories.  Leslie makes no apologies for what he did.  He had solid intel that Justin had the Stitchers algorithm.  He had to find out if it was true and who the source was. 

Interrogating Justin wasn’t an option.  Justin was a former CIA agent conditioned not to crack.  If Justin had posted the alogithm, the entire Stitchers program would be over.  And he couldn’t risk the technology falling into the wrong hands.

Kirsten is smart.  Maggie wants to know what to tell her when she asks what the eight-billion-dollar Stitchers program is really designed to do.  Leslie says Maggie can tell her anything she wants, as long as it’s not the truth.

What did you think of Stitchers 1x05 ''The Stitcher in the Rye"?  It’s weird that Kirsten doesn’t have any of her memories from before the age of eight.  Hopefully stitching will help her recover some of those memories and figure out why she has such a huge memory gap.  What do you think the Stitchers program is really designed for? 

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