Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Recap of ‘Stitchers’ Season 2 Finale 2x10 “All In”: Kirsten’s Mom is Alive

Kirsten’s search for her father doesn’t end well for Kirsten in the Stitchers season 2 spring finale episode 2x10 “All In”. The Stitchers team stitches into Liam and Kirsten doesn’t like what she sees. And Kristen’s half-sister Ivy Brown drops some shocking news. Kirsten’s mom is alive. Kirsten wants to find her mom, but Kirsten’s dad has other plans. Kirsten gets stuck in a stitch and the team can’t bring her out of it.

Cameron checks on Kirsten to see how she’s coping with Liam’s death. Kirsten isn’t wasting any tears on Liam, but she’s upset that her best chance of finding her father took a bullet to the brain.

 Kirsten doesn’t want to contact her half-sister Ivy again. She doesn’t want Ivy to end up dead like Liam. Cameron thinks Kirsten should talk to Ivy. She should spend more time getting to know her sister and less time obsessing over her father. Cameron is worried Kirsten is getting lost in this Daniel Stinger obsession.

Linus shows up to work, even though he’s worried about his dad. His dad has a 50/50 chance of pulling through. Cameron is glad Linus showed up for work. He feels like they are on a collision course and he needs Linus. Of course, the two of them disagree on which one of them is Frodo and which one is Samwise. 

Camille feels guilty for Liam’s death. She feels like she could have saved Liam. Detective Fisher tries to comfort her. Sometimes, people get killed. That’s part of the job. Camille isn’t convinced. She could have told Liam that people close to Daniel Stinger often end up dead and that he might be next. Instead, she made out with Liam.

Camille doesn’t feel like she’s strong enough to look at another person she knows in the corpse cassette and wonder what she should have done differently. Detective Fisher assures Camille that she is strong enough. Camille didn’t lay off when he got shot. Now, he’s not going to lay off either. It’s his way of thanking her.

The Stitchers team is ready to stitch into Liam. The bullet went straight through where memory is stored, so they aren’t sure how much of Liam’s memories they can retrieve.

Kirsten sees a memory of the first time she and Liam met at school. Kirsten realizes that she used to talk like a robot, or as Camille puts it, an angry robot.

In another memory, Liam is talking to Kirsten’s dad (Daniel Stinger). He wants Liam to spy on Kirsten and report everything back to him, including details on who calls and emails her. Liam thinks Daniel should just talk to Kirsten himself, but Daniel knows Kirsten will feel smothered.

In a twist, we find out Liam wasn’t even British. Daniel Stinger told him to use a British accent because girls love it. Daniel gives Liam cash in return for spying on Kirsten.

Liam suggests that he marry Kirsten. They have enough chemistry. And if Kirsten doesn’t accept the proposal, Liam will stay in Los Angeles. Maybe work his way back into Kirsten’s life by using Camille.

Kirsten bounces out of Liam’s memories without a lead on Stinger. She has no sympathy for Liam, though. He was a lying bastard who got what he deserved.

Camille is worried about Kirsten. Kirsten hasn’t been sleeping and she’s still obsessed with her equations. Those equations were supposed to help find her father, but she still doesn’t know where he is.
Kirsten starts ripping things off the wall and notices that someone moved a string. Camille didn’t do it, mainly because Kirsten’s graffiti walls creep her out.

Kirsten realizes that Ivy Brown may have moved the string. That equation is for power lost during transmission of electricity. In the memory of Liam talking to Daniel Stinger, Kirsten heard buzzing in the background. The string is pointing to Monterey Park. There is a substation in area. That must be where her dad is hiding.

Meanwhile, Cameron makes Nina breakfast in bed. The ‘Goodkin breakfast sampler’ looks delicious, but breakfast is the last thing on their minds when Nina finds Cameron’s NSA badge in the pocket of his jacket.

Cameron doesn’t bother lying. He admits that he is a neuroscientist working for a classified crime unit at the NSA. Cameron is actually glad Nina found out. He hated keeping secrets from her.

Cameron explains that Kirsten is a critical asset to the team. It’s his job to keep her safe. Cameron is done with the secrets. He wants them to move forward together now that Nina know the truth. Nina is shocked, but she isn’t upset. Now she has her own swashbuckling scientist.

Kirsten goes to the power substation. She’s greeted by Ivy, who is furious at Kirsten for ruining everything. Their dad took off again and he took all his equipment with him.

Ivy blames Kirsten for their dad abandoning her again. Ivy tried to help Kirsten. She shared information with Kirsten that she promised to keep secret. “You got me to betray my own father” Ivy says.

Kirsten doesn’t understand why their dad took off. She thought he wanted her to find him. Ivy says their dad knew Kirsten wouldn’t come alone. Turns out he was right. Seconds later, NSA agents burst through the doors.

Someone must have tipped Daniel Stinger off, but Kirsten doesn’t think it was Ivy Brown. Daniel Stinger must be connected to someone in the NSA.

Maggie wants to ask Ivy Brown some questions about Daniel Stinger. Ivy agrees to go with her. She’ll do anything to get away from Kirsten. Before leaving, Ivy drops a bombshell on Kirsten. Kirsten’s dad wanted Ivy to give her a message. He said not to waste tears on Ed Clark. Ed kept a huge secret from Kirsten. Kirsten’s mother is still alive.

Maggie has her own personal issues that she’s dealing with. She’s been getting mysterious calls. And she looks upset as she looks at a photo of a group of soldiers (her son is one of the soldiers). Is Maggie's son Ben injuried?

Kirsten storms into Maggie’s office and asks if her mother is dead. Kirsten checked hospital records, birth records and death records. She couldn’t find anything on her mom. It is as if her mother never existed. Maggie isn’t surprised. Kirsten wouldn’t find any records on Maggie, Blair or Daniel Stinger. If Kirsten stays in the Stitchers program long enough, then there won’t be any record of her either.

Kirsten wants to talk to Ivy, but Maggie says Ivy doesn’t want to talk to Kirsten. Daniel Stinger reached out to Ivy six months ago. Daniel was working on top secret technology, but Ivy didn’t know what it was for.

Maggie thinks Daniel Stinger was grooming Ivy Brown to be a stitcher. The NSA will keep a close eye on Ivy in case Stinger reestablishes contact, but Maggie knows that he won’t. Daniel Stinger is long gone.

Maggie doesn’t know if Kirsten’s mom, Jacqueline Stinger, is alive. Kirsten wants to know who is buried in her mom’s crypt. Maggie says that she and the NSA can’t be involved, but she still finds a way to help. Maggie insists that Kirsten not call Detective Fisher and have him reach out to the district attorney’s office.

Detective Fisher get an exhumation order on Jacqueline Stinger, which brings him in contact with his ex-wife. His ex-wife, Stephanie, delivers the papers from the court.

Stephanie came to visit Detective Fisher at the hospital after he was shot. She didn’t come to see him when he woke up because she didn’t know if he wanted to see her.

Stephanie notices Fisher isn’t wearing his wedding ring anymore. He says his hand didn’t feel right with it on. Stephanie asks if Fisher could ever love her again. Fisher says that he never stopped loving her. Stephanie wants to give their relationship another chance. She shows Fisher that she’s still wearing her wedding ring. Her hand didn’t feel right without it.

Fisher, Kirsten and Cameron go to the cemetery for the exhumation. A coffin is pulled out of Jacqueline Stinger’s crypt. Cameron and Kirsten hold hands as the coffin is opened. The coffin is empty, so where is Kirsten’s mom?

Kirsten confronts Blair at the stitch lab. Kirsten demands to know where her mother is. Kirsten threatens to leave the Stitchers program if she doesn’t get answers.

Blair isn’t someone easily intimidated. Blair says Kirsten’s confidence in her position is naïve at best. Kirsten grabs him when he turns to leave.

Blair goes off on Kirsten. Blair is the deputy chief of the NSA. He says Kirsten has no power and no future beyond what he lets her have. He owns her and he doesn’t allow himself to be threatened by his possessions.

Detective Fisher has always been there for Camille, so naturally she turns to him as she drinks away her pain. Camille calls Fisher and asks if he wants to come over and drink wine. Unfortunately, Fisher already has plans. He’s having dinner with Stephanie. They decided to give their relationship another try. Camille is flustered, but she covers her shock quickly. She acts supportive and tells Fisher not to mess it up this time.Camille hangs up and feels stupid.
Kirsten shows up at Cameron’s place in tears. She feels lost and trapped. Cameron thinks Kirsten is being too hard on herself. He’s sure she’ll figure things out.

Kirsten doesn’t want to figure things out anymore. She just wants to be with her mother. She wants the childhood she never had. They say you can’t go home, but she doesn’t even remember being home in the first place. She's only felt at home when she’s with him. Kirsten breaks down in tears and Cameron holds her.

Kirsten and Cameron finally kiss. After a moment, Cameron pulls back. Kirsten apologizes and rushes out the door.
Kirsten gets home and finds a drunk Camille on the couch. Kirsten says it was the worst day of her life and Camille responds with boo-freaking-hoo. Camille’s had too much Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc, but she can still be Watson to Kirsten’s Sherlock.

Kirsten doesn’t know if her mom is dead or alive. She doesn’t have many people to help her figure things out. Cameron is with Nina, Ivy hates her, Maggie can’t help and Blair is a psycho.

Camille reminds Kirsten that they have each other. They can solve this together. Kirsten thought Ed Clark told her everything after his death. She followed his clues, but he didn’t say anything about her mom. Camille wonders if Ed left clues that Kirsten didn’t find.

The last conversation Kirsten and Ed had took place months before he died. Ed asked to be cremated and that his ashes be put in a specific urn if anything happened to him.

Since Ed picked that particular urn, Camille examines it closely. She notices a binary pattern on it. It’s code for an address and an entry code. Camille grabs a bottle of wine and the two of them call a taxi.

Camille and Kirsten go inside the building and see old blood smeared on the floor. They find a chamber with Kirsten’s mom’s name and birthday on it. They open the chamber and are shocked to find Dr. Jean Simone Khouri inside. He looks dead, but he wakes and grabs Kirsten’s arm. Kirsten asks where her mom is, but he dies before he can answer.

Back at the Stitch lab, the team thinks Dr. Khouri’s equipment was some sort of hibernation chamber that used deep sleep technology. That may have been how Kirsten’s mom was kept alive.

Kirsten apologizes to Cameron for coming over and kissing him the night before. Cameron tells her not to worry about it.

Linus wants to stay with his dad at the hospital, but his parents tell him to go back to the stitch lab. Linus is shocked that his parents know where he works. He told them that he works at a video game company.

Linus’s parents have always known the truth. Maggie and Turner first approached them when Linus was in high school. Linus’s parents used to be software engineers for the government, so they had clearance to know about the program.

Linus’s dad wants Linus to stitch into his memories if he dies. He wants to show how proud he is and how much he loves Linus. Linus grabs his dad’s hand. He doesn’t need to stitch to know that.

Back at the stitch lab, the team gets ready to stitch into Dr. Khouri. Blair arrives and yells at them to stop. Kirsten asks what he’s afraid she’ll see. Blair demands that Maggie stop the stitch, but Maggie ignores him.

In the memory, Dr. Khouri is outside the hibernation chamber. Jacqueline Stinger has been in the chamber for fifteen years, ever since the accident.

In another memory, NSA agents come in with their guns drawn. Leslie Turner wants the asset moved immediately. Kirsten realizes that her mom was the asset Turner and her father fought over. Dr. Khouri says Jacqueline isn’t prepared for extraction. He tries to stop the agents and he gets shot in the struggle. After the agents leave with Jacqueline’s body, Dr. Khouri crawls into the hibernation chamber.

Young Cameron appears in the memory. Kirsten asks him for answers and the Stitchers team asks who she is talking to. Kirsten finally tells the team that she is talking to Cameron as a boy. Cameron freaks out, telling her that it isn’t him. He tells Linus to track the anomaly.

The team realizes someone else with a quantum computer is hacking the Stitchers lab quantum computer. This is quantum entanglement and it’s the ultimate hack. Blair tells the team that Daniel Stinger owns the other quantum computer. Stinger must have been running the anomaly the entire time.

Young Cameron asks Kirsten if she wants to see her mother. Crying, Kirsten says yes. Young Cameron and Kirsten disappear from Dr. Khouri’s memory. The Stitchers team freak out when Kirsten disappears from the memory map.

NSA agents storm into the lab, lead by Captain Stamperson. Blair orders Stamperson to shut down the stitch. Cameron says that they can’t shut down the program, since Kirsten’s mind is still in the stitch. They lost Kirsten. Stamperson doesn’t care. He’s clearly holding a grudge against Cameron from “2.0”, when Cameron mocked and insulted him. Payback’s a bitch.

Tim comes out of nowhere and attacks an NSA agent. The rest of the team fights back and successfully takes down all the agents. Maggie orders them into the interrogation room.

The team realizes Kirsten is stuck inside her own memory. Inside the memory, Kirsten sees herself as a young girl. Her mom is with her, brushing Kirsten’s hair. Kirsten finally feels at home and she never wants to leave. Young Cameron tells her that she never has to leave the memory.

Kirsten needs to make the bounce before she gets dragged deeper into her own mind. Stinger is using a digital avatar of Cameron as a kid to pull Kirsten deeper, so the Stitchers team hijacks the hijacker's signal. Since Kirsten trusts young Cameron, the real Cameron takes over young Cameron to speak to Kirsten.

Cameron tells her that it’s time to go. Kirsten isn’t actually seeing her real mother. Her real mom is out there in the world. Cameron promises to help find her mom, but Kirsten is tired of looking. Besides, Cameron has Nina. Kirsten is finally home.

Cameron says that he does have Nina, but that doesn’t mean Kirsten doesn’t have him. Kirsten’s friends are her family. They all love her and don’t want her to leave them behind.
Kirsten says sooner or later everyone leaves. Now she knows that her mother never left her. Her mother was in her heart the whole time. Cameron says most people leave, but they are not most people. Cameron grabs Kirsten’s hand. Cameron promises that he will never leave her, no matter what she thinks or how long it takes. The episode ends with Kirsten still stuck in the memory.

What did you think of the Stitchers season 2 finale “All In”? The episode ended on a huge cliffhanger. Season one ended with Cameron temporarily dying. Now Kirsten is the one in danger. Not sure how I feel about Fisher’s ex-wife back in the picture. I was starting to ship Fisher and Camille. It was a great episode for Camsten fans, though. Kirsten and Cameron finally kissed. Did you love the Camsten moments? Any theories on what Kirsten’s dad is up to? Leave a comment below!


  1. this was very poor finale of season 2 written. Kirsten didn't find her father or nothing about him is he really a killer or no or what game is he really playing and why did he leave his daughter and never return and is he in war with blair because they took his wife or what. I would hate that Kirsten Father is a killer as I am still hoping someone else is killing this people and that he is good guy and I would also hate that her mother is a killer as well. I would love good family meeting between stinger family kirsten and her father and mother. This final episode we didn't find anything really everything is pointing that kirsten father is bad, but the question is, is he really? But what they also done to get things even more complicated they added that her mothe ris alive as well, so why did blair took kirsten mother and her father wife where she was berring and made some project on her or did ed betrayed her father who thought that his wife is dead, but he later found out. We need season 3 now with 15-20 episodes and they writers will really need to use their brains to explain us this properly..

    1. I definitely think we need a season 3 of Stitchers to get some answers. And I’d also love 20 episodes instead of 10 per season. Unfortunately, Freeform still hasn’t made a decision on whether or not to renew Stitchers. I’ve got my fingers crossed!

      I’m also interested to find out Ed Clark’s role in Kirsten’s backstory. And we don’t know the truth about Kirsten’s dad yet. Any theories on why her dad drew her into her own memory?

    2. Her father maybe drew her into her own memory as maybe he doesn't want his daughter to find out what is really happening under stitching program or he got nuts over the years and stopped recognizing his daughter the day she changed his surname, just hope for season 3 with proper answers about kirsten parents...

    3. Her father maybe drew her into her own memory as maybe he doesn't want his daughter to find out what is really happening under stitching program or he got nuts over the years and stopped recognizing his daughter the day she changed his surname, just hope for season 3 with proper answers about kirsten parents...

    4. Yeah, maybe her father is keeping secrets about the true purpose of the Stitchers program. Too bad Liam got killed before he could tell Kirsten the truth about her dad. I really hope we get a season 3 so we can get some answers!

  2. Wait so I'm confused I'm on season 3 episode 3 and is Kirsten's mom Alive or dead? Please answer someone

    1. Yes kirsten mother and dr stinger wife is alive but I think that kirsten dad and kirsten when she was young brought it back. The real question to me is what really happened years ago when kirsten dad had to leave her and never return again and I was suspecting from s02e01 that her mother is alive but poor storyline and writing to me was that kirsten was searching for her dad for entire season 2 and I knew she wouldn't find him as everything is circling around him, but then in s03e02 straight away kirsten is visiting her mother and her dad story I have no idea what is happening around him really is he bad or no, don't know. Season 3 episode 5 it will be great episode as I saw video preview on youtube, someone will take her mother, she will dissapear and kirsten dad will return, I think C.thomas will return as her dad and it will be also about cameron father as well. We really needed 20 episodes this season with all this. I think kirsten da dis working on something big which requires lots of power to heal his wife and we found out in s03e01 when he passed the message to kirsten tha the is looking for his wife and probbaly was allt his years and I think admiral and blair stole kirsten parents technology and us eit for their own purpose, maybe even tried to kill her parents, but one think it doesn't make sense to me, kirsten dad created technology and only he knows technology the best, so how would government knew any of this without his training and I still believe tha ther dad is somewhere at top and also I saw from preview video of season 3 that he rmother will be killing as well, so no wonder they call her an asset, but asset to what and are both kirsten parents killing or what have they done to kirsten family.

    2. Kirsten's mom is alive. She's been in endless sleep ever since the lab accident years ago. Kirsten can save her mom if she perfects stitching. She'll be able to pull her mom out of sleep.

    3. her mother is killing as well, they showed of season 3 preview and what blair told her is probably big lies to perfect stitching. Another think are both kirsten parents killing or what is really happening, no wonder they call her mother and dr stinger wife an asset, but asset to what and they stole kirsten parents technology and probably tried to kill both of her parents for their own purposes and no wonder her dad left her and never come back. To perfect stitching are big lies I am 80% sure what that criminal blair told kirsten and her mother will disappear in so3e05 and I also think kirsten da dis working on something big which requires lots of power something to heal his wife, whatever his story is it doesn't make sense. This season has beens o bad with poor storylines and writings, the worst season. This show has great potential to do great storylines and start telling us stories about kirsten parents and what really happened years ago and what has been really happening under stitching program but producers just don't know how and they brought this season some new writers who have no idea how to do great stories..I give small hope for next season..