Wednesday, July 29, 2015

‘Stitchers’ 1x10 Official Preview: Will Cameron Die?

Is Cameron going to die in the season one finale of Stitchers?  In this promo for episode 1x10 “Full Stop”, it looks like Kirsten’s premonition of Cameron’s death may come true. 

Kirsten learns some more about her mysterious past.  She finds out that she wasn’t born with temporal dysplasia.  Cameron wonders when Kirsten will finally trust him.  Kirsten sees her mother in a stitch.  Whose memory is she in?

In “Future Tense”, Kirsten had a premonition that Cameron would die.  Is that premonition going to come true?  In the promo, we see Cameron in the corpse cassette.  Camille yells “dead or alive, you’re coming with me.”  Kirsten screams out Cameron’s name, but he is unresponsive.

Is Cameron going to die in the season one finale of Stitchers?  Will Kirsten find a way to save him?


  1. Nah. He's too much an important character to die. He will almost die, Kristen needs to realize she'said in love with him.

    1. I agree. The show wouldn’t be the same without Cameron. Maybe we’ll get a Camsten moment in the season finale.

    2. i totally agree. i would stop watching if cameron died.

    3. Me too if cameron dies I may stop watching the show because its not the same.Also 70 percent of the reason i watch the show is for cameron ,20 percent for the rest of the main characters,and 10 percent for the mysteries.

    4. Cameron cant just die, he is just way too important and I absolutely love camsten I would cry if he died