Friday, June 23, 2017

Emma Ishta Brings Her Baby to ‘Stitchers’ Set

Emma Ishta, Kirsten on Stitchers, announced her pregnancy on Valentine's Day last year. Kirsten gave birth to her son, Torin, while the show was on break.

Filming for season 3 of Stitchers started in March, so Emma has been busy filming new episodes. Emma Ishta has been bringing her son on set with her. Emma shared that Torin even has a little trailer on the Stitchers set.

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The Stitchers cast has welcomed Kirsten’s baby with open arms. “He’s part of the gang,” Ritesh Rajan told ET. He even brought up the possibility that we may see Kirsten’s son on an episode of Stitchers. “We have to figure out how to make him a featured extra by the end of it. We should start his career young,” he said.

Kyle Harris, Cameorn on Stitchers, has also bonded with Emma Ishta’s son. Torin seems like a great workout buddy. “I do little shoulder presses with him at lunch. I lift him on my head and bring him back down trying to keep in shape that way,” Kyle shared.

Kyle Harris and Ritesh Rajan are even looking for the perfect Stitchers onesie for Torin to wear. “Ritesh and I are looking for a little onesie cat suit like the one Kirsten wears on the show, I think that would be pretty cute,” Kyle said.

A onesie cat suit like Kirsten’s would probably have to be custom-made, but how cute would that be?! If Kyle and Ritesh ever found that onesie, it would be awesome to see a photo of both Emma and her son Torin in the matching cat suits in the Stitchers lab!

Here’s a photo of Emma with Torin. And Kyle Harris took a similar photo with his dog. :)

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