Monday, July 10, 2017

‘Stitchers’ 3x05 Sneak Peek: Fisher Gives Camille Relationship Advice

Detective Fisher gives Camille relationship advice in this sneak peek of Stitchers episode 3x05 “Paternis”.

Camille’s freaking out about her relationship with Amanda. She goes to Fisher for relationship advice. Everything has been going great, but Camille’s scared. She’s waiting for things to fall apart.

Detective Fisher’s advice? “Then get your head out of your ass and just be the person you are inside.”

“Ugh. Sounds like a nightmare,” Camille responds.

Detective Fisher is hilariously annoyed. “Why do they ask me for advice?”

Love Camille and Detective Fisher! Hope we get more of these two. Stitchers “Paternis” airs Monday, July 10 at 9pm/8c.

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