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‘Stitchers’ 3x05 Recap: Cameron’s Father Accused of Murder

Cameron’s dad, played by actor Brian McNamara, is accused of murder in Stitchers episode 3x05 “Paternis”. As the team tries to prove Cameron’s dad acted in self-defense, the case brings up bad childhood memories for Cameron, Camille and Linus. Relationships fall apart. And Cameron’s dad isn’t the only father back in the picture. Kirsten’s dad comes out of hiding to visit Ivy.

Cameron’s dad, James Miller, has spent years in jail after his Ponzi scheme wiped out the life savings of hundreds of people. Cameron has tried to forget his father. He hasn’t spoken to him in years.

In a flashback, we see a sweet moment between young Cameron and his father. After Cameron had heart surgery, he wasn’t able to play with friends for over a year. His parents were afraid too much excitement might be dangerous. Cameron’s dad tried to cheer Cameron up with a Spielberg movie marathon.


Back in the present, Cameron tries to visit his dad in prison. He hasn’t seen his dad in fourteen years. Cameron wanted to reach out to family after watching Linus struggle to deal with his dad’s death. Cameron waits for two hours, but his dad never comes out. A fire alarm goes off and Cameron has to leave before seeing his father.

The Stitchers team rushes to the lab after getting an emergency call from Maggie. Cameron’s father is in lockdown. He’s been accused of killing Gary Parsons, a 55-year-old veteran prison guard.

James Miller claims that it was self-defense. He says Parsons attacked him. Unfortunately, there are no witnesses. The team has to stitch into Parsons to get some answers.

In the stitch, Kirsten sees that Parsons was friendly and well-liked by both inmates and guards. He was friends with James, too. They did favors for each other. James helped with a tax return and Parsons brought him home cooked lasagna.

In another memory, a mystery person wanted Parsons to inform him if Bruce tried to get to Miller.

Kirsten also sees James refusing to see Cameron at the prison. He told Parsons to let Cameron go home.

In the death memory, Kirsten confirms that James was acting in self-defense. After getting a call from someone, Parsons attacked James. “Jimbo, I’m sorry,” Parsons says right before the attack.

Camille goes to Fisher for relationship advice. Everything has been great with Amanda, but Camille’s scared. She’s waiting for things to fall apart.

Detective Fisher has some good advice. “Then get your head out of your ass and just be the person you are inside,” he tells her. Not the advice Camille was looking for, though.

Linus has been texting Ivy, but she hasn’t responded to any of his texts. Camille warns Linus to slow down. He doesn’t want to come off as a stalker. Linus admits that he sometimes comes on too strong and turns people off.

In a flashback, we see that young Linus had trouble making friends. He knew pi to 185 digits, which didn’t impress the other kids in his class. When his dad told him that they were moving from Michigan to Los Angeles, Linus didn’t care about the details. He just wanted to have one friend.

Maggie’s been gone for a while, so she wants to talk to Cameron about everything that’s happened while she was gone. She’s concerned that Cameron had Camille pilot some of the stitches.

Cameron also wants some answers. He tells Maggie that he broke into the “magical mystery box”. He knows it has to do with how the cases are picked. As interim boss, he should get some answers. Who is on the other ending picking the stitch cases?

While Cameron passionately insists that they help Kirsten’s mom, he accidently lets it slip that Kirsten knows where her mom is. Maggie, shocked, asks how long Kirsten has known.

Meanwhile, the team is working to find Bruce. Bruce may know why Parsons attacked James. Linus looks at the names of the hundreds of victims who lost their life savings from James Miller’s Ponzi scheme.

Bruce Scott invested every penny he had. He lost his house and his marriage fell apart twelve years ago. He’s over 70 years old, but he’s the only lead the team has.

The team learns that Parsons had cancer. He was bankrupt and hadn’t paid off the medical bills. Two days ago, his medical bills were suddenly paid off. They wonder if Bruce paid Parsons to kill James.

So Detective Fisher and Camille go question Bruce Scott. Bruce is living in a trailer park, which stirs up unpleasant childhood memories for Camille.

In a flashback, we see young Camille scamming people. She sat by the road with her broken bike and turned on the water works to get cash from sympathetic people. When young Camille goes home, she sees a police officer arresting her brother. He was caught with marijuana. He faces six months in jail and a 500 dollar fine.

Back in the present, Camille and Detective Fisher question Bruce Scott. It doesn’t look like he’s the one they are after. Bruce Scott says he owes his life to James. It took losing everything to find out what truly mattered. He used to only care about money. He’s much happier now that he downsized and remarried. Besides, he doesn’t have the money to pay off Parsons.

That’s enough to convince Detective Fisher. He thinks Bruce Scott is genuinely happy. Camille isn’t convinced. “No one’s happy in a trailer park,” Camille tells him. Camille, who also used to live in a trailer park, certainly didn’t have a happy childhood.

Back at the lab, Maggie and Linus talk about Ivy. Linus is thrilled when Maggie reconsiders her position on Ivy. She might let Ivy work with the team. “Don’t make me regret it,” Maggie warns Linus.

The team has hit a dead end. The only person who might have answers is James. James is refusing to see Cameron, though. And the other prisoners might think James is a snitch if he’s seen talking to an NSA agent. So Cameron goes back to the prison and poses as his lawyer. His dad isn’t the only one who can pull off a scam.

Cameron has a lot of anger at his dad for refusing to speak to him for fourteen years. He tries to focus on the case. He asks who Bruce is, but James has no idea. He tells Cameron to leave.

Cameron wants to know what happened to the money. When James was caught, 30 million dollars was unaccounted for. James refuses to talk about the missing money or say who is trying to kill him.

As Cameron leaves, another prison guard makes a call. He tells someone that Cameron visited his dad.

Meanwhile, Camille’s a bit distracted while making out with Amanda. All the bad childhood memories are really messing with Camille. She asks why Amanda likes her. Camille knows that she’s sarcastic, cynical and not nice. Amanda disagrees. Amanda thinks Camille is beautiful, smart, funny and kind.

Camille and Amanda get in a fight. Amanda accuses Camille of deliberately trying to sabotage their relationship. Amanda has known a lot of people who are afraid of getting close. They all push people away before they get hurt.

Kirsten comes home and Amanda takes off. Camille takes her anger out on Kirsten. “You can be a little bit of a bully,” Kirsten tells Camille. “And you can be a little bit of a stupid,” Camille shoots back.

Camille says Kirsten has a huge emotional blind spot because of her previous temporal dysplasia. “There are days when I actually miss the old feelings challenged you because now you have this, like, huge emotional blind spot where, when it comes to certain people, you actually care too much.”

Camille tells Kirsten not to trust Ivy. Ivy says she is done with Stinger, but that doesn’t mean it’s true. “Newsflash, princess. Out here, in the real world, people lie,” Camille says.

Kirsten feels obligated to protect Ivy because they are sisters. Camille says Ivy is an adult. She doesn’t need her baby sister protecting her. Once again, Camille is speaking from experience.

In another Camille flashback, we see 12-year-old Camille take the fall for her older brother Theo. Camille lies to the police officer and says the drugs are hers. The police officer lets Theo go. She threatens to arrest Camille next time, no matter how young she is.

After the police officer drives away, Theo starts laughing. He doesn’t seem grateful for Camille’s help. He says Camille doesn’t have any friends. “Nobody likes you. Deal with it,” he taunts her.

Linus goes to Cameron’s place to drink wine and vent about his girlfriend problems. He doesn’t understand why Ivy has been ghosting him.

Cameron tells Linus about his dad. Cameron’s relationship with his dad is nothing like the relationship Linus had with his father.

We get another flashback of young Linus. Things weren’t any better for Linus in California. Just like in Michigan, Linus didn’t have any friends. “Everyone hates me here,” Linus tells his father.

Linus’s dad holds his hand and promises that things will get better. Until then, Linus has his mom and dad. “I don’t want you. I want friends,” little Linus says as he pulls his hand away in this sad flashback.

Back in the present, Cameron opens the door and is attacked by two men. They punch Cameron and demand to know what his father told him.

Linus saves the day with his badass fighting skills. After a few kicks, the two men run off. Looks like Camille isn’t the only one on the team with some martial arts skills.

The team meets back at the Stitch lab. Things are still tense between Camille and Kirsten. Things get even worse when Camille finds out Maggie is willing to let Ivy on the team. Didn’t Camille miss out on the promotion because she was willing to give Ivy a chance? “I can’t even,” Camille says before walking off.

Kirsten stitches back into Parsons. She sees Parsons talking to the guy who paid his medical bills. In return, Parsons has to hold up his end of the deal. He has to kill James.

In another prison memory, Parsons tells someone that Bruce came to see James. James didn’t want to see Bruce. Parsons set off the fire alarm to get Bruce out of there.

In a flashback, young Cameron watches his father get arrested by two SEC agents. Cameron was wearing a Batman shirt. One agent, trying to calm Cameron down, tells him that he is so brave, like Batman. The agent says that he is going to call Cameron 'Bruce Wayne'.

Cameron suddenly realizes that he is the Bruce. Joe Zeiss, one of the SEC agents who arrested James, is the one who called Cameron ‘Bruce Wayne’. Joe must be the one who paid Parsons to kill James.

Joe Zeiss took the 30 million dollars and blackmailed James. James took the blame in exchange for Cameron’s safety.

Ivy comes home and isn’t happy to find her father, Daniel Stinger, waiting for her. She already told him to stop texting and calling her.

Stinger reminds her that they are family. All they have is each other.

That’s not true for Ivy, though. She now has her sister Kirsten. And she has Linus, a guy who loves her. Ivy hasn’t spoken to Linus for days. She’s afraid Linus won’t trust her if he finds out Stinger has been talking to her.

Stinger thinks Maggie is using Linus to get to him through Ivy. Stinger has the same plan. He wants Ivy to make Linus trust her. Then Ivy can find out where Jacqueline Stinger is being held.

When Ivy refuses, Stinger suggests that her newfound friends won’t trust her for long. Looks like Ivy was behind the young Cameron anomaly in the stitch. How will the Stitchers team react when they find out the truth? Ivy tells her dad to get out of her apartment.

The team brings James to a holding cell in the lab. He’ll be safe there until the team arrests Joe Zeiss. James doesn’t have to protect Cameron anymore.

James admits that he made mistakes, but he never set out to hurt anyone. He got in too deep. He deserves to be in jail for what he did. “But not for what you didn’t do,” Cameron says.

While Cameron and his father are repairing their damaged relationship, Kirsten goes back to see her mother. Kirsten is shocked to see that her mom is gone. Everything is gone, including the cryogenic chamber, computers and monitors.

Kirsten rushes to Cameron’s place. She thinks Stinger found her mom. Cameron doesn’t think it was Stinger. He finally tells Kirsten that he accidentally let the location slip to Maggie.

Kirsten is furious. She trusted Cameron with the most important thing in the world and he betrayed her. Kirsten can’t even stand being around Cameron. She runs to her sister Ivy, the one person she trusts. Kirsten sobs while Ivy holds her.

Camille tries to patch things up with Amanda. Camille admits that she’s scared. It’s hard for her to take off the armor and bare her soul. She wants to give it a try. “You are worth taking a shot on,” Camille says.

That definitely isn’t what Amanda wanted to hear. She doesn’t want to be anyone’s shot. Amanda leaves again.

The next day, Detective Fisher and Cameron go to arrest Joe Zeiss. Cameron is thrown off when Joe’s son answers the door. Cameron doesn’t want to arrest Joe in front of the little boy. Cameron remembers how traumatizing it was to witness his own father’s arrest. Cameron tells Fisher that they’ll come back later to arrest Joe.

What did you think of Stitchers episode 3x05 “Paternis”? I loved seeing Cameron’s dad. Hope we get to see him again in another episode. And it was great to see the backstories of Cameron, Camille and Linus. Leave your thoughts and comments below!

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