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Recap of ‘Stitchers’ 2x02 “Hack Me If You Can”: Hacker Tries to Murder Linus

The Stitchers team investigates the suspicious death of a hacker in Stitchers episode 2x02 “Hack Me If You Can”. Meanwhile, Cameron’s near death experience causes everyone to act differently. Cameron has a bit of a midlife crisis and Linus decides it is time to move out of his parents’ house.

Linus meant what he said to Camille about growing up. He moved out of his parents’ house and into a cool smart apartment. He can use the app to turn on any appliance.

Linus’s parents show up to check out the new apartment. Camille is genuinely happy to see them. Linus’s parents still like Camille, but they aren’t happy with Linus. Linus’s dad thinks Linus is abandoning them by moving out. Linus’s mom is disappointed to hear that Linus and Camille will not be living together.

Kirsten talks to Cameron about her dad. She just found out that Ed Clark’s house, which she inherited after Ed died, was actually her parent’s house. Kirsten is determined to find her father. She wants to know what her father meant when he talked to Leslie Turner about “moving an asset”.

Cameron's recent brush with death has turned him into Cameron 2.0. Cameron is now fearless and he wants to buy a motorcycle. He has to go back to work, so he tells the store to hold the motorcycle for him. Kirsten doesn't get Cameron’s apparent midlife crisis and his sudden need for a motorcycle.

At the stitch lab, the team learns about the death of Derek Steelman, a twenty-eight year old hacker who used to be third on the FBI’s most wanted hacker list. The FBI offered him a deal and Derek turned white hat. His job was to prevent cyber terrorists from breaching government systems.

Derek was hit by a car in Downtown L.A.. Witnesses said that he looked disoriented before the accident.

Kirsten stitches into Derek’s memories. She sees a memory of a woman threatening to kill him. And right before Derek got hit by the car, he received an email that said “5 million sent. Destroy the list”. The email was sent by a website where married people go to have affairs. After watching the accident, Kirsten realizes that Derek’s insulin pump is the true cause of his death. Derek had a massive overdose, which caused insulin shock. He struggled to tear out the insulin pump as he stumbled into the street. He was then hit by a car.

Maggie suggests that Derek was blackmailing the dating website. Jacob McGuire is the founder and the CEO of the website. He has a motive for the murder. His business would be ruined if the client list ever got out. Maggie tells the team to find Jacob McGuire and check if he hacked the insulin pump.

Camille checks up on Detective Fisher, who isn’t taking it easy after getting shot. Camille expected to find him lying on the couch covered in potato chip dust, but he’s working up a sweat by boxing.

Camille wants Detective Fisher to teach her some self-defense. Fisher got shot and Leslie Turner was murdered. Camille really wants to learn how to hit things.

Detective Fisher hands Camille gloves and tells her to take a couple shots. Camille’s form sucks, but she can hit hard. Detective Fisher gives Camille some pointers. With some training, Camille will be able to kick ass. Fisher is willing to teach Camille.

Cameron and Kirsten stop by to bring Detective Fisher and Camille up to speed on the case. Jacob McGuire wouldn’t talk without a lawyer. They could check bank records or get a warrant from a judge, but Camille has a better way.

Camille walks up to Jacob McGuire, who is waiting for the valet to bring his car. Camille flirts with him while secretly using a RFID scanner to grab his credit card numbers. Camille’s way was definitely faster than waiting for a warrant.

Division head Mitchell Blair (Leslie Turner's boss) shows up at the lab with good new for Maggie. He promotes her to acting director of the Stitchers program. Maggie isn’t sure that she wants the job. She’s sure it involves more than lurking in the shadows and making cryptic comments. Mitchell admits that Leslie Turner was involved in multiple projects, but Maggie will only be involved in the Stitchers program.

Maggie asks why Daniel Stinger (Kirsten’s father) murdered Leslie Turner, but Mitchell neither confirms nor denies Daniel’s involvement in the murder.

The Stitchers team confirms that Derek’s insulin pump was hacked through a cellular connection. The team traces the hack to Lucy Woods, who is the woman Kirsten saw threatening Derek in the stitch.

Lucy Woods is brought to the stitch lab for interrogation. Lucy says that Derek was a diabetic. She was always pushing him to take his medicine and to watch his diet. She was scared he would end up dead one day.

Kirsten doesn’t think Lucy killed Derek and it looks like she’s right. Lucy doesn’t know anything about hacking. She sells cat t-shirts at a kiosk in the mall.

The Stitchers team realizes that a hacker spoofed Lucy’s IP address. In fact, a hacker was even behind the blackmail of the dating website. Derek wasn’t involved in hacking the client list. Derek was just a patsy.

Camille manages to get the address of the hacker, but it turns out the hacker is one step ahead of them. Kirsten and Cameron go to the address. They end up in a random parking lot. The hacker watches them from a traffic camera. She calls Kirsten and taunts them. This hacker knows almost everything about Kirsten Clark and Cameron Goodkin. She’s been listening to their conversation, as well.

The hacker, who goes by the name Ellie, shows no remorse for murdering Derek. She says that not every homicide is murder. Sometimes it’s justice. Ellie hates cheaters and loves games. She warns Kirsten about getting involved with this case, but Kirsten doesn’t back down. It’s game on.
The team assembles at Detective Fisher’s place. Detective Fisher logs onto the LAPD system while Camille practices boxing. Detective Fisher can’t find any connection between Derek and Ellie. And there are way too many Ellie’s in the database.

Cameron heads back to the motorcycle shop to buy the bike, but all his credit cards are declined and there are no funds in his bank cards. To add insult to injury, the store clerk cut up all of Cameron’s credit cards.

Cameron calls Kirsten to tell her that Ellie hacked his accounts. Kirsten has reached a dead end with her search for her dad. There were ten thousand passengers flying around the time the taxi dropped her dad off at the airport on the night he left her with Ed. And her dad probably used a fake name.

The police show up at Kirsten’s door. They have a warrant for her arrest. The charge? Prostitution. This is clearly Ellie’s doing. Cameron rushes over to Kirsten’s house, but the police are gone by the time he gets there. The warrant suddenly disappeared from the server. Ellie didn’t really want Kirsten to be arrested. Ellie wanted to show off her hacking skills.

Ellie calls Kirsten and Cameron. By looking at the phone numbers Cameron frequently dials, Ellie realized that Linus is Cameron’s good friend. So Linus is next on her hit list. Ellie hacks into Linus’s new smart apartment and turns on the gas. When Linus flips the wall switch, it will trigger a gas explosion.

Cameron tries to warn Linus, but Ellie has blocked Linus’s phone. Cameron and Kirsten rush to the apartment. Linus is just getting home. He’s about to turn on the lights when Cameron tackles him to the ground.

Back at the stitch lab, Kirsten says that Ellie is a hacking ninja. She deleted every online trace of her existence. The only thing she couldn’t erase is Derek’s memories. If Derek betrayed Ellie, then there must be guilt markers in his brain. They need to look at the memories that Derek feels guilty about.

Kirsten stitches back into Derek’s memories. She realizes that Derek used to be married to Ellie. Ellie walked in on Derek in bed with a woman he met on the dating website. In another memory, Derek comes home and finds out Ellie burned everything that reminded her of him. From a photo that was partially burned, Kirsten can read the address of the house Derek and Ellie lived in.

The Stitchers team questions the woman who now lives in the home. The new owner never met the previous owners, but she heard about an accident.

Cameron does a little digging. The day that Derek and Ellie broke up, there was a car accident on the highway. Linda Edwards was the driver of the car. Linda Edwards must be Ellie’s real name.

According to records, Linda Edwards died from neck injuries sustained in the car crash three years ago. Cameron realizes that Linda Edwards hacked into the hospital records and stole the identity of someone else. Three other people died at the hospital that night. Based on bank activity, the Stitchers team realizes that Linda Edwards stole the identity of Sarah. Sarah’s address is listed as an apartment building a few blocks away.

Kirsten, Cameron and Maggie rush to Linda’s apartment. They find a computer and hospital bed, but Linda isn’t there. They realize that she faked everything except the accident. Cameron remembers seeing a medical transport van outside the building, so the trio rush down the stairs and cut off Linda before she can leave. They find her in a wheelchair in the elevator.

Linda refuses to talk to anyone except Kirsten in the interrogation room. Linda wants Kirsten to be her friend. No one, including Derek, visited Linda in the hospital after her accident. Every friend she had betrayed her or left.

Kirsten isn’t willing to be Linda’s friend. After all, Linda spent fourteen months plotting the murder of her ex-husband. However, Kirsten needs help finding her father. Kirsten asks Linda how to find someone who wanted to disappear.

What did you think of Stitchers episode 2x02 “Hack Me If You Can”? Do you think Ellie/Linda can help Kirsten find her father?

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