Wednesday, July 29, 2015

‘Stitchers’ 1x10 Sneak Peek: Cameron and Camille Talk About Stitching

Cameron and Camille talk about stitching in this sneak peek of Stitchers 1x10 “Full Stop”. 

Camille wonders why Kirsten is so good at stitching in, but Cameron doesn’t know.  It’s like she was meant to do it.  The digital handshake between Kirsten and the stitch system is perfect.  It’s like the lab was tuned to her brain pattern.

They used test stitchers when they first started the program.  Some of the volunteers couldn’t stitch at all.  Marta was the only one who could do it, but she wasn’t good enough. 

Finding out why Kirsten is so good at stitching could allow them to roll out the Stitchers program worldwide.  They would be able to help so many more people.

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