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Recap of ‘Stitchers’ 1x09 "Future Tense": Kirsten's Proposal Answer

In Stitchers 1x09 “Future Tense” the Stitchers team investigates the death of a psychic.  While in the stitch, Kirsten has an unsettling premonition about Cameron. Maggie has concerns about Kirsten’s future with Liam, Linus convinces Camille to meet his parents and Kirsten finally makes a decision about Liam’s proposal.

Liam makes Kirsten breakfast in an attempt to show her domestic bliss.  They could have that every morning if she says yes to his marriage proposal.

Liam is still waiting for an answer to his proposal, but Kirsten is saved from answering when she gets a text from Cameron.  Liam asks about the secret game she is designing for the software company she supposedly works for.  Kirsten rushes off to work without answering his questions.

Camille’s in a good mood, since they weren’t killed by the deadly virus in “Fire in the Hole”.  She brings Churros to the lab, but Cameron immediately confiscates them. 

Linus has a problem.  When he thought he was going to die, he told his parents that he had a serious girlfriend.  Now his parents want to meet her.  Unfortunately, Camille isn’t interested in pretending to be his girlfriend.  He should cancel the dinner and tell his parents the truth.

Camille even suggests that he call an escort service, but Linus already described Camille to his parents.  Camille agrees to go, mainly because of the free food, but after the dinner she’s dumping him.

Maggie expresses her concerns about Liam.  He may be a security risk.  He’s been gone for years and then suddenly charms his way back into Kirsten’s life and pops the question.  Liam didn’t come back until Kirsten got involved in the Stitchers program.

Pissed, Kirsten vents to Cameron about Maggie’s interference.  While munching on his third Churro, Cameron asks if Kirsten is going to marry Mr. Perfect.  Kirsten wants to be sure Liam is the right guy, but Cameron tells her the future doesn’t come with guarantees.

Detective Fisher and Kirsten talk about Ed Clark’s death.  Leslie Turner said Ed Clark died protecting Kirsten, but he didn’t say who Ed was protecting her from.  Detective Fisher has Leslie Turner’s attention, so he promises to ask Leslie about Ed’s death.

The Stitchers team is investigating the death of Vanessa Sawyer.  Vanessa was a 24-year-old psychic who had her own online show and gave advice to her viewers. 

Vanessa’s co-host Jessica Barnes, otherwise known as Solaris, found Vanessa’s dead body.  Vanessa was bludgeoned to death by a geode.  There was no forced entry, so robbery is unlikely.  Vanessa had no known enemies, either.

Kirsten stitches into Vanessa’s memories.  She observes a man and woman arguing at Dreamcatcher Studio, where Vanessa’s show was produced.  There is a fire around the people arguing.  Not an actual fire, though.  It’s like Vanessa sensed something about them.  Kirsten then sees someone strangling the woman. 

Kirsten bounces out of the memory and tells the team that Vanessa was killed because she witnessed a murder.

Detective Fisher, Kirsten and Cameron head to Dreamcatcher Studio to investigate.  Kirsten is certain Vanessa witnessed a murder, but Detective Fisher didn’t find any homicides or missing people that fit the woman’s description.  Fisher wants to focus on Vanessa’s murder, but Kirsten is sure this new murder will lead them to Vanessa’s killer. 

At the studio, Kirsten spots the guy who was arguing in Vanessa’s memory.  Turns out he is Rick Hauser, the owner of the studio.  He doesn’t seem to have a motive for murdering Vanessa.  He invested in Vanessa and the money was just starting to flow in from Vanessa’s online sales and private readings. 

Camille struggles to pick what to wear for dinner with Linus’s parents.  Camille’s first outfit makes her look like a librarian, since Linus told her not to show too much skin.

Camille’s backup outfit shows too much skin.  Linus doesn’t want his parents to have a heart attack.  Camille has no idea what Linus wants from her.

While Detective Fisher questions Rick Hauser, Kirsten and Cameron talk to Vanessa’s co-star Solaris.  Solaris tells them about the darkness Vanessa saw in the studio.  They wanted to move spaces, but they were stuck in their contract.   

Solaris explains that the premonitions they have aren’t always literal.  Fire can represent tension and anger.  Solaris senses that Kirsten is struggling with a decision.  Kirsten needs to know herself before she can share her life with anyone.

Cameron doesn’t believe in premonitions, but Solaris senses that Cameron has a sensitive heart.  She gives Cameron a rock to keep his heart safe.  Despite Solaris hinting at Cameron’s heart condition, he still doesn’t believe in the supernatural.

Kirsten spots the girl that she thought was strangled.  Kirsten realizes Vanessa must have had a premonition about the murder, so the murder hasn’t actually happened yet.

Kirsten and Cameron introduce themselves to Mia, the woman who may be strangled in the future.  Mia is planning for her launch party.  She tells them that they need to read the fine print on the contract before signing with Rick Hauser.  Once you sign the contract, he owns you for life.  She’s trying to make a name for herself, but Rick is riding her coattails and sucking her dry.

Mia invites them to her launch party.  Kirsten immediately accepts.  If the murder happens that night, then they may be able to stop it before it happens.

At home, Kirsten remembers a conversation she had with Ed Clark when she was little.  Kirsten was in bed reading a fairy tale, but she was disappointed that they all end the same way.  The girl marries the prince and they live happily ever after.  Young Kirsten didn’t want to get married, but she did want to know what happy is.

Ed assured Kirsten that she doesn’t have to do anything that she doesn’t want to do.  Kirsten is smart.  She can accomplish anything she sets her mind to, just like her mom.  Someday Kirsten will find someone she loves who loves her back.  Ed had that once. 

Liam snaps Kirsten out of her memories and tells her about a weird SUV that followed him while he was jogging.  The SUV sped away when Liam went to confront the driver.  He thinks it has to do with Kirsten and her mysterious job.  He wants to know who she works for.  They can’t keep secrets from each other.  When Kirsten can’t answer his questions, Liam storms out.

Kirsten furiously confronts Maggie.  She knows Maggie had Liam followed.  Kirsten thinks Liam is honest and loyal.  Maggie points out that Kirsten isn’t worthy of Liam’s trust, even if Liam is trustworthy.  Kirsten has been lying to Liam ever since he came back.  Liam will eventually sense Kirsten’s deception.  The seed of suspicion will grow and drive a wedge between the two of them.

Maggie knows this from her own relationship with her son Ben.  Ben grew up with a mom who was never around.  She couldn’t explain where she was going or why she was always gone.  He still resents her for that.

Linus is freaking out over Camille’s dinner with his parents.  Linus prepared pages of details for Camille to memorize, like the fact that Linus’s favorite color is green and he is allergic to latex and fabric softener. 

Linus needs his parents to believe that they are a happy couple.  He tells Camille not to bring up the fact that they had sex, though Camille points out that is the only part of their relationship that actually happened. 

Kirsten stitches back into Vanessa’s memories.  She sees Mia and Rick arguing again.  Rick tells Mia to pay what she owes him.  Vanessa sees fire around Mia and warns her not to mess with her karma.  She tells Mia to be content with her own success.  Kirsten touches a crystal on the table and has a premonition of Cameron’s dead body in the corpse cassette in the lab.

Kirsten also has a vision of Mia’s launch party, which takes place later that night.  Kirsten watches as Rick strangles Mia.  Kirsten still has no idea who killed Vanessa, though.  Maggie and Detective Fisher aren’t interested in a murder that hasn’t happened yet.  They need evidence that proves who killed Vanessa.  Kirsten decides to go save Mia herself.

Cameron isn’t going to let Kirsten investigate alone.  He doesn’t believe in psychics, but he does believe in her.  Kirsten almost tells him about the premonition of his dead body in the corpse cassette, but she decides to keep quiet.  She doesn’t want him coming to the party and risking his life, though.  She tells him that she’s going to the launch party alone.  Of course, Cameron shows up at the launch party anyways.  He isn’t going to let his partner confront a murderer alone.

Meanwhile, Linus continues his list of rules for Camille.  He tells her no handshakes and no hugging his parents.  He also doesn’t want her to laugh too loud or talk too much like she usually does.  Camille is completely thrown off her game by Linus’s rules.  When she finally meets his parents, she immediately hugs them.

Despite Linus’s concerns, his parents really like Camille.  Camille compliments Linus's mom’s cooking.  She also credits both of them for raising Linus to be such a smart, kind, compassionate and respectful person.  Linus’s dad professes his love for Camille, which makes Linus panic.  Now his parents like Camille too much.  How is he supposed to dump her?  She needs to stop being so charming.

Linus’s mom is so impressed with Camille that she takes out Linus’s great-grandmother’s ring.  She pushes Camille to try it on.  Linus freaks out, but he reluctantly puts the ring on Camille’s finger.

Linus’s mother tells Camille that she is always welcome at their house, but Camille looks sad.  Linus’s parents were so warm and wonderful.  Camille never had a family like this, since she grew up on her own.  Her parents walked out on her when she was sixteen.  

Linus’s mom wants to know if Camille has a future with Linus.  Surprisingly, Camille seems open to that.  She never says never.  Linus, listening at the door, smiles.

Liam unexpectedly shows up at the launch party.  He saw the party invitation at home and wanted to apologize for walking out on Kirsten earlier.  He’s upset to see Kirsten with Cameron, though.  He wants Kirsten to leave with him, but Kirsten can’t leave until she saves Mia from the strangler.  Once again, Liam storms off upset.

Rick Hauser gives a self-serving toast at the launch party.  He credits himself for polishing up Mia and making her sparkle.  She’s an example of what he can do at Dreamcatcher Studios.  Mia is clearly annoyed by Rick’s speech.

Kirsten is avoiding Liam, so she lingers outside the studio with Cameron after the party.  Cameron asks Kirsten if she loves Liam.  Before she can answer, they see Mia go into the studio.  Moments later, Rick pulls up to the studio.

Kirsten tells Cameron to wait outside while she follows them, but Cameron’s sensitive heart isn’t stopping him from having Kirsten’s back.  Kirsten lets him come, but they also call Detective Fisher.

Cameron and Kirsten find Rick strangling Mia.  Cameron races in and pulls Rick off Mia, but he takes an elbow to his chest.  Mia claims Rick was trying to kill her, but it turns out Mia was pouring gasoline in the studio.  She planned to torch the place.  She was sick of Rick taking advantage of everyone.

Kirsten realizes that Mia killed Vanessa.  Vanessa saw the fire in her premonition, so she tried to cancel the launch party to prevent Mia from torching the place.  Mia killed Vanessa before she could ruin her plans.

Mia lights a match and starts a fire, but Cameron uses a fire extinguisher to put it out.  Detective Fisher arrives and arrests Mia before she can escape.  Mia finally admits to killing Vanessa, but she claims it was an accident.  When she pushed Vanessa, a rock fell off the shelf and hit her.

Kirsten goes home and finally has a talk with Liam.  She turns down his marriage proposal, explaining that she is still figuring out who she is and who she wants to become.  She assures him that her decision has nothing to do with Cameron. 

Cameron comes over for moral support after Liam leaves.  He gives her the rock that Solaris gave him to protect his heart.  He hopes it will protect Kirsten’s heart, too.

Maybe Maggie was right to suspect Liam.  Liam calls someone to report that Kirsten turned down his proposal.  He asks what Plan B is.

What did you think of Stitchers “Future Tense” episode 1x09?  Loved Camille meeting Linus’s parents.  It was sweet how touched Camille was by the warmth Linus’s parents showed her.  Who do you think Liam was calling?  What is Plan B?  Do you think Kirsten’s premonition about Cameron’s death is going to come true?  Knowing Kirsten, she’ll fight for Cameron and do whatever it takes to make sure he doesn’t die.

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