Thursday, June 18, 2015

'Stitchers' Season 1 Preview: Kirsten’s Marriage Proposal

Kirsten’s lack of human emotions makes it hard for people to get close to her, but a new guy sweeps Kirsten off her feet and proposes to her in this Stitchers season one preview video.

Here’s what we can look forward to for the rest of Stitchers season one:

Kirsten continues to investigate her mysterious past.  There must be a reason why she hardly remembers her parents and has no idea where her father is.  Will Kirsten be able to figure out that Maggie is the person torn out of the photograph with the word ‘Remember’ written on back?  (Kirsten found that torn photograph in Stitchers 1x03 "Connection").

Who knew Kirsten could fall in love so fast?  Kirsten has a new boyfriend, which shocks both Cameron and Camille.  Even more shocking?  This new guy asks Kirsten to marry him.  Maggie warns her about this new guy.  He didn’t come back until Kirsten got involved in the Stitchers program.  Maybe Kirsten shouldn’t accept his marriage proposal?

Things are about to get a lot more dangerous for the Stitchers team.  Maggie has been keeping secrets from Kirsten.  Kirsten doesn’t have any idea what the Stitchers program is really designed to do.  (And we find out the Stitchers program is an eight billion dollar program). 

Maggie asks the head of the Stitchers program, Leslie Turner (Oded Fehr), what to tell Kirsten.  His answer?  Anything but the truth.

So what do you think the Stitchers program is really designed to do?

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