Wednesday, June 10, 2015

'Stitchers' 1x03 Official Preview

Things heat up in the Stitchers promo for episode 1x03 “Connection”.  The Stitchers team investigates the death of Lily Ross.  Lily Ross was a newlywed who died of blunt force trauma on her honeymoon. 

When Camille says it sucks that the victim was murdered on her honeymoon, Kirsten shows her usual lack of empathy and says “Why?  Dead is dead no matter when it happens”.

This emotionally charged case seems to lead to romance among the Stitchers teammates.  Are Camille and Linus going to kiss?

Cameron tells Kirsten that sometimes people get hurt and Kirsten realizes that Cameron isn’t talking about Lily Ross.  Does Cameron feel responsible for the previous stitcher Marta being in a coma?  Is he worried that the same thing might happen to Kirsten?

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