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Recap of 'Stitchers' 1x02 "Friends in Low Places"

Kirsten Clark and the rest of the Stitchers team investigate a drug overdose death at a rave in Stitchers “Friends in Low Places” episode 1x02.  Kirsten Clark finds out someone close to her has been keeping secrets, her investigation into the death of Ed Clark isn’t going anywhere and Detective Fisher finds out more about the Stitchers program.

Kirsten and her roommate Camille clearly didn’t get along in the pilot episode of Stitchers.  Camille accused Kirsten of academic sabotage and got her placed on academic suspension at Caltech.  She followed that up by boxing up Kirsten’s stuff kicking her out of their house.

Kirsten comes back to get her things, but Camille has already put the boxes back in Kirsten’s room.  Camille is sorry for everything that happened, so she cooked dinner as an apology.  Wine and lasagna isn’t enough to make up for getting her kicked out of school, apparently.  Kirsten, still pissed, leaves without drinking the wine.  Apology not accepted.

Kirsten heads back to the Stitchers lab, eager to see Ed Clark’s memories.  She wants to prove that the man who raised her was murdered and didn’t commit suicide. 

Cameron reluctantly prepares for the stitch.  He doesn’t want Kirsten to stitch until he figures out what went wrong last time.  She shouldn’t have been able to touch anything in the memories. 

Kirsten has less than 48 hours for the stitch.  After that, Ed Clark’s brain will be too degraded to use.  With that looming deadline, Kirsten doesn’t want to waste any time.  Cameron doesn’t want what happened to the previous stitcher, Marta, to happen to Kirsten.  Kirsten doesn’t know exactly what happened to Marta, but she doesn’t care about her own safety. 

Kirsten never really connected with Ed Clark much, but he did raise her.  She needs to figure out what happened to him.  She owes him that much.

Maggie, head of the Stitchers program, stops Kirsten right as she’s about to get stitched into Ed’s memories.  They have a new case that takes precedent. 

Lisa Keller is an eighteen-year-old who overdosed at a rave.  The drug known as Columbia Devil’s Breath is the scariest drug on the planet.  It is a disinhibitor at low doses.  At high doses, however, it causes convulsions, hallucinations and death.

Kirsten is upset that Lisa’s stitch comes before Ed’s.  They have twice as long to access Lisa’s memories than they do Ed’s, since Ed has been dead longer.  The only reason Kirsten stayed in the Stitchers program is because Maggie promised her she'd get the chance to find out how Ed died.

Maggie stresses that hundreds of kids will die from this new drug.  Kirsten can still stitch into Ed’s memories, but only if there is time left after finding out where Lisa got the drugs.

Meanwhile, Detective Quincy Fisher (LAPD) is obsessed with Kirsten Clark.  He ran a background check and found holes in her personal history.  Fisher’s captain tells him to let it go.  He wants Fisher to focus on Lisa Keller’s death.

Fisher tries to get the toxicology report on Lisa Keller, but the medical examiner can’t find the dead body.  Fisher is upset, but the medical examiner doesn’t think it is a big deal.  Hasn’t Fisher ever lost his car keys before?

When Fisher leaves, the medical examiner calls Maggie.  Apparently, the medical examiner is part of the Stitchers program.

Back at the Stitchers lab, Cameron has mapped Lisa’s memories as best as he can.  Lisa was on drugs, so it is unclear how that will affect the memory mapping.

Kirsten enters Lisa’s memories of the rave.  The drug is kicking in, which makes it hard for Kirsten to focus and navigate the memories.  She sees a guy who may be in charge.  She also sees Lisa trying to get a girl, Denise, to leave with her.  Then she sees a man forcing drugs into Lisa’s mouth.  The drug makes everyone around Kirsten turn into monsters, so Kirsten has to bounce out of the memory ASAP.

Kirsten tells the Stitchers team that Lisa Keller was murdered.  They have looked at Lisa’s friends, but she didn't have any friends named Denise.  Kirsten doesn’t think Lisa and Denise were friends, but Lisa was definitely trying to protect Denise.

Kirsten can’t stitch back into Lisa’s memories right away.  She has to wait 5 to 12 hours during the absolute refractory period for the sample’s neurons to reset.

Kirsten wants to stitch into Ed Clark’s memories during this downtime, but the team doesn’t have time to switch between Lisa and Ed’s bodies.  All Kirsten can do is go home and rest.

Kirsten asks for a ride home from Cameron, but has him make a quick stop on the way.  Little does Cameron know that the quick stop is the building where the rave was.  Maybe she’ll remember things more clearly in the place that Lisa died.

Cameron can’t believe Kirsten would lie to him when they are both on the same team.  Kirsten makes it clear that they aren’t teammates or coworkers.  She is hanging around for the sole purpose of finding out who killed Ed Clark.  Once she finds that out, she will be done with Maggie and the whole freak show.

Cameron agrees to go in with her as long as she keeps a low profile and doesn’t piss anyone off like she usually does.  Of course, Kirsten manages to break both of those rules in less than a minute.  She goes up to the guy in charge and asks who killed Lisa Keller.  He doesn’t know, but he gives them the name Raff.  Raff is the photographer who was taking pictures at the rave.  Kirsten and Cameron have to make a quick exit when a huge bodyguard intimidates them.

Kirsten makes an awkward attempt at an apology to Cameron.  He is sure Maggie is going to kill them.  She’s more than capable of it.  Turns out Maggie is a former CIA assassin.

Kirsten and Cameron run into Detective Fisher, who arrives to interview the rave promoter.  He wants information about Lisa Keller, but Kirsten isn’t talking.  The Stitchers program is above his paygrade.

Cameron takes Kirsten home.  Kirsten wants the two of them to go to the rave and find Raff.  Camille overhears them and wants to come with them.  Cameron doesn’t want Camille to come, but Camille has actually been to a rave before.  She can translate rave to newbie for the two of them. 

Cameron agrees to let Camille come as long as he gets to bring a wingman.  Camille tells him to find her someone exotic.  With that in mind, Cameron asks Linus to come with him to the rave.  Linus is more than a little excited to go dancing.

It’s a good thing Camille is coming with Kirsten to the rave.  Kirsten is dressed like a real estate agent and looks like she’s headed to an accounting convention.  Camille works her magic and they both show up at the rave looking ready to party.

Linus and Cameron meet up with Camille and Kirsten at the rave.  Linus and Camille seem into each other.  Any chance they are going to hook up soon?

The group splits up to cover more ground.  Kirsten sees Denise, but Raff drags Denise away before they can get answers.  Raff’s got a knife, so Cameron and Kirsten can’t do much.  They chase Raff and Denise, but the bodyguard stops them from leaving.  Camille pulls out a taser and tazes the bodyguard.  As soon as they get outside, Detective Fisher orders them to get on the ground. 

Fisher is about to arrest them all, so Kirsten tells him that she hacked into Lisa Keller’s brain after she died.  Annoyed, Cameron asks Kirsten if there is anyone in Los Angeles who she hasn’t blabbed to about the Stitchers program.

Kirsten takes Detective Fisher down to the Stitchers lab.  Maggie, furious, confronts all of them.  Kirsten tells Maggie that they are going to continue to do field work on the cases.  It would be helpful to have the LAPD on the Stitchers team.

Maggie accuses Camille of divulging her involvement with the Stitchers program.  Camille was just supposed to observe Kirsten and report back to her.  Of course, Camille hadn’t told anyone about her involvement in the Stitchers program.

Kirsten storms off and Camille chases after her.  Camille has been spying on Kirsten for the last year.  After they became roommates, Maggie recruited her.  Maggie paid for Camille’s living expenses and graduate school costs.  Even Kirsten has to admit that it is a pretty good offer.  All Camille had to do in return was tell Maggie if Kirsten did anything strange.  She didn’t really report anything to Maggie, since everything Kristen does is strange.

Turns out the Stitchers program was behind Kirsten’s academic suspension.  They had Camille get Kirsten in trouble at Caltech so that Kirsten would be more willing to join the program.

Kirsten points out that this is exactly why she has such a hard time making friends.

Maggie has done her research on Detective Fisher and has concluded that he’s like a pit bull.  He doesn’t let go of things.  It’s an admirable trait in a police officer, but a lousy trait in a husband.  It cost him a marriage and could lead to him being transferred to another division again.

Maggie decides to recruit Detective Fisher.  She needs her team to have backup in the field.  He’ll remain LAPD, but they’ll give him official credit when they close a case.  Fisher doesn’t want to take credit for someone else’s work.  Maggie thinks of them as a team.  They will all take the credit and they will all take the blame.

It’s time for Kirsten to dive back into Lisa’s memories.  Linus created a drug filtering algorithm, so Kirsten won’t see monsters when she goes back into the memories. 

Kirsten watches as Lisa tries to get Denise to go to a shelter with her.  Lisa works with runaways and she wants to protect Denise.  Denise doesn’t want to leave.  She thinks Raff will take care of her.

Lisa warns Raff to stay away from Denise.  Kirsten watches as Raff forces drugs down Lisa’s throat.  Before bouncing out of the memory, Kirsten is able to get an address.

Maggie tells Detective Fisher to get a warrant for Raff’s arrest.  The Stitchers team goes to the Raff’s place and finds him with Denise.  Fisher tackles Raff and Cameron demands the password to Raff’s computer.  They still need to know where Raff is getting the drugs.  Raff refuses to talk, so Camille has a go at him with her Taser.

Done with the Lisa Keller investigation, Kirsten is eager to get stitched into Ed Clark’s memories.  When she gets to the lab, she finds out it is too late.  The ‘best buy’ date has past and they can’t stitch Kirsten in.

Kirsten accuses Maggie of intentionally keeping her from stitching into Ed’s memories.  What is in Ed’s memories that Maggie doesn’t want her to see?  Maggie denies that there was any plan to keep Kirsten from accessing Ed's memories.  She wants Kirsten to get answers, so she had everything in Ed’s apartment boxed up and sent to the house that he left Kirsten in his will.  Maybe she’ll find answers in those boxes.

Addressing the whole Stitchers team, Maggie explains the importance of the Stitchers program.  They were able to save Denise and they gave Lisa Keller her voice back.  There are monsters everywhere, but with the Stitchers technology they will be able to stop those monsters.

Kirsten remembers Ed Clark comforting her when she was little and scared of monsters.  Ed searched under her bed with a flashlight to convince her that there were no monsters under her bed.

Kirsten realizes that the Stitchers program isn’t just a way to get justice for Ed Clark.  She wants to help get rid of all the monsters in the world.

Cameron goes to the hospital and brings flowers to the program’s first stitcher Marta Rodriguez.  She is in a coma.  He remembers the bad reaction she had to a stitch that resulted in her being in a coma.   

What did you think of Stitchers “Friends in Low Places”?  I’m excited to see how Camille interacts with the rest of the Stitchers team, now that her involvement in the program is no longer a secret.  Do you think Kirsten will be able to get past Camille’s betrayal?

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