Thursday, May 19, 2016

‘Stitchers’ 2x10 Sneak Peek: Kirsten Freaks Out

Kirsten freaks out in this sneak peek of the Stitchers season 2 finale episode 2x10 “All In”.

Kirsten gets frustrated when her mathematical equation doesn’t give her any answers as to where her father is.

Kirsten starts ripping things off the wall and notices that someone moved a string. Kirsten asks if it was Camille. Camille didn’t do it, mainly because Kirsten’s graffiti walls creep her out. Kirsten knows Cameron and Nina were in her room before.

In episode 2x08 “Red Eye”, Liam snuck into Kirsten’s room and took photos. Maybe Liam was the one who moved the string?

The Stitchers spring finale episode 2x10 “All In” will air on Tuesday, May 24 at 10pm/9c. Do you think Kirsten will find her father in the spring finale?

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