Monday, August 22, 2016

‘Stitchers’ Fan Base Growing Despite Season 3 Uncertainty

Freeform still hasn’t announced if Stitchers will be renewed for a third season, but the Stitchers fan base is still growing.

Stitchers actors Kyle Harris (Cameron) and Ritesh Rajan (Linus) attended the Teen Choice Awards 2016. (Stitchers was nominated in the category ‘Choice TV: Breakout Show’ and Emma Ishta was nominated for ‘Choice TV: Breakout Star’). On the teal carpet, Kyle and Ritesh spoke to The Hollywood Reporter about the Stitchers fan base.

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“Being a second-season show nominated for ‘Choice Breakout Show’ was definitely something that I kinda, that I was excited by. Because I think that shows that our fan base is catching on — later in the game, but we’re still relevant” Ritesh said.

Kyle Harris agreed. “Right, it shows that we have a great, you know, kind of foundation in terms of people watching our show — and that we’re growing!”

The season 2 finale of Stitchers ended with a cliffhanger. Hopefully the growth of the Stitchers fan base will convince Freeform to renew Stitchers for a third season. Also, there is a petition for Stitchers fans who want a third season. It also helps to campaign on social media, so keep using the hashtag #RenewStitchers3 on Twitter.  Help spread the word about Stitchers to all your friends and family. Let’s get Stitchers renewed for season 3!

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