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Recap of 'Stitchers' 2x06 "The Dying Shame": Young Cameron is the Mystery Red Cap Kid

The Stitchers team investigates the murder of a Chinese pop star in episode 2x06 "The Dying Shame". Meanwhile, Kirsten is obsessed with finding her father and her friends worry that she is taking things too far. Camille is still secretly investigating Liam, which causes friction with Linus. And Kirsten finally meets Cameron’s girlfriend Nina.

Cameron and Nina’s relationship is still going strong. They pull an all-nighter talking about video games, comic books and movies. Nina asks Cameron to come over to her place after work. Cameron is a little uncomfortable with that suggestion. Nina clarifies that she isn’t asking him to move in or anything. Cameron’s sorry that he is sending her mixed signals. They kiss before Cameron goes to work.

Elizabeth Brown was Kirsten’s dad’s first wife, so Kirsten calls hundreds of Elizabeth Browns without any luck. Camille is worried about Kirsten’s obsession. Kirsten hasn’t been showering or eating.

The Stitchers team investigates the death of Coco Soo, the biggest pop star in China. Coco was in Los Angeles for the opening leg of her first US tour. Coco’s husband is a zillionaire industrialist who bankrolled Coco’s career. Coco’s husband blames the bodyguard, Mei Ling, for being passed out in the dressing room at the time Coco was killed. Mei Ling will be taken back to China, where she will face charges.

Kirsten notices when Nina calls Cameron at work. Cameron wants Kirsten to meet Nina, but Kirsten is too busy looking for her father. Cameron is worried that Kirsten’s obsessive search for her father is causing her to see the boy in the red cap in all her stitches. Kirsten doesn’t want Cameron to tell Maggie, but Cameron feels obligated to tell Maggie if his concern becomes real. Kirsten suddenly decides to meet Nina, after all. Kirsten tells Cameron to bring Nina over for dinner. She’ll even cook dinner for them.

Camille’s secret assignment to investigate Liam is causing tension with Linus, since she has to keep him in the dark. Linus is worried that Camille is pulling away from him. Camille lies and says that she just needs some ‘me time’. Linus understands, but he was hoping for some ‘us time’ with Camille.

Maggie overhears their conversation and offers to take Camille off the Liam assignment. Maggie knows it is taking an emotional toll on Linus. Camille wants to stay on the assignment, though. She’s already made progress getting Liam to trust her.

Kirsten stitches into Coco’s memories. Coco was being blackmailed by a paparazzo. He wanted 200 thousand dollars for a photo of her and an unidentified man. The paparazzo assumed Coco was cheating on her husband with this mystery man.

Coco speaks in Chinese to Mei Ling and Kirsten is shocked that she can understand what they are saying. Kirsten is able to synthesize the meaning because she is in Coco’s memory.

Coco and Mei argue about Coco sneaking out to meet the mystery guy. Mei can’t protect Coco if she sneaks away. Coco threatens to fire Mei. Upset, Mei goes to the dressing room next door.

Kirsten then goes into Coco’s death memory.  Coco knocks on Mei’s door. She apologizes for going out without her. She promises to explain everything soon. When Mei doesn’t respond, Coco opens the door. She finds Mei passed out on the floor. As Coco rushes over to Mei, a man grabs Coco from behind. He throws her and she hits her head on a table. As she loses consciousness, the attacker asks “where is he?” Kirsten bounces out of the memory. All she knows is that the attacker was a Chinese man.

Detective Fisher is tasked with bringing Mei Ling in for questioning. Fisher reassures her and tells her not to be scared. She’s not under arrest. They just need to find out who Coco was seeing. Mei indicates that she is hungry, so Fisher offers to take her to a Chinese restaurant. Unfortunately, Fisher was being a little too nice. His guard is down, so Mei easily handcuffs him to a bike rack and runs off.

Camille and Liam meet up at the gym for a bit of sparring. Liam is impressed with Camille’s skills. Liam learned Krav Maga from an American friend who was his mentor. His mentor believed that a person should be able to defend his family. Liam worked with this mentor all through grad school. Liam gets a bit on edge when Camille asks if he is still in touch with his mentor. Is Liam’s mentor Kirsten’s father, Daniel Stinger?

Liam is interested in Camille. He can’t stop thinking about her. Liam asks Camille out for dinner.

Detective Fisher is in a bad mood when he gets back to the stitch lab. He doesn’t want to talk about Mei escaping from his custody. Maggie lets the whole lab know that Mei handcuffed Fisher to a bike rack. Everyone's amused except Fisher.

Fisher and Kirsten look at some photos of Mei. In one of the photos, they spot the paparazzo that was blackmailing Coco. He works for the biggest paparazzi agency in Hollywood. Of course, Kirsten can’t resist getting a few digs in about Mei’s escape from Fisher.

Detective Fisher and Kirsten go to the paparazzo’s apartment, but they are too late. He’s already dead. Looks like the murderer took his camera, too. They weren’t the only ones to come looking for him. Mei Ling is already there. This time, Fisher doesn’t let her get away. He takes her to the lab for interrogation.

Alex, from the stitch lab, serves as translator. Mei Ling denies knowing who killed the paparazzo. She refuses to answer any more questions. Maggie has no authority over her.

Detective Fisher decides to interrogate Mei alone. Fisher levels with her. He knows she can speak English. He also knows that she didn’t escape to avoid prison. She wants revenge. Mei, speaking English to Fisher for the first time, says that she wanted justice. Coco was like a sister to her. It was her job to protect Coco.

Mei said she wasn’t passed out from drinking too much that night. Someone had poisoned her water. The Chinese authorities are due to show up in sixteen hours, so time is running out for Fisher to help find Coco’s killer.

Mei has no idea who Coco’s lover is or who tried to kill her. She doesn’t think it was Coco’s husband. He’s an old man who was banking on her talent. Coco was a profitable investment to him. He wouldn’t have killed her. Mei reluctantly asks for help finding Coco’s killer.

Kirsten gets one step closer to finding her father. She calls another Elizabeth Brown. Elizabeth died six years ago, according to her mother. Kirsten asks Elizabeth’s mother if Elizabeth knew Daniel Stinger. Elizabeth’s mother hangs up without answering, which Kirsten takes as a ‘yes’.

Linus wants to take Camille out to dinner at Spinella’s. Camille’s got plans with Liam, so she lies and says that she has to study for a test. Linus offers to cook dinner for her. She can study at his place. Camille lies again, telling him that she needs to study in the reference section of the Cal Tech library.

Detective Fisher and Mei show up at Cameron’s place and ask to spend the night. Cameron only has one door in his apartment, so Fisher can make sure Mei doesn’t run away again.

Cameron is nervous about the dinner with Nina and Kirsten. Cameron tells Nina that Kirsten used to be socially awkward. Kirsten comes to the door and she has an awkward exchange with Nina. They both keep talking over each other.

Dinner turns out to be a success. Kirsten’s skills in the kitchen are limited, so she made pancakes. Nina makes a Doctor Who reference, saying that she can make fish fingers and custard for dinner. Neither Nina nor Kirsten is a foodie like Cameron.

Nina admits that she’s happy Kirsten can’t cook. Kirsten can’t be perfect at everything. Kirsten says she’s far from perfect, but that’s not the impression Nina got from Cameron. Cameron told Nina that Kirsten is brilliant, accomplished and tall. Cameron loves working with Kirsten. Cameron’s embarrassed, but Kirsten says she also loves working with him.
Nina goes to the bathroom, leaving Cameron and Kirsten alone. Kirsten gives her approval to Cameron. Nina is lovely. If Nina makes Cameron happy, then Kirsten is good with the situation.

Kirsten left her bedroom door open and Nina sees Kirsten’s ‘Daniel Stinger investigation board’. Cameron looks a bit disturbed by it, especially because Kirsten wrote on her wall instead of on paper. Cameron realizes Kirsten’s obsession is worse than he thought.

Detective Fisher and Mei Ling bond over pizza. Fisher tries to convince Mei that Coco’s death wasn’t her fault. Mei was drugged. Mei says that excuse won’t matter to Coco’s husband.

Fisher asks if Coco’s husband really loved Coco. Mei doesn’t know anything about love. Love is forbidden for bodyguards. Love would be a danger to her safety and the safety of her employer.

Fisher knows what it’s like to be lonely. For him, his lack of a love life is a distraction. Fisher’s ex-wife didn’t like that Fisher was a relentless cop. She wanted him to change or else she would leave. Mei says Fisher just needs to find someone more understanding. Fisher’s already working on that. Fisher and Mei split the last piece of pizza.

Liam walks Camille to her house after their dinner at an expensive Italian restaurant. Liam asks if Kirsten is still friends with Cameron. He also wants to know if Kirsten is seeing someone else. Despite his questions, he insists that he is over Kirsten.

Liam leans in to kiss Camille. He’s willing to stand there all night, so Camille also leans in and they kiss on the porch. Camille doesn’t let it get any further, though. She pushes him away after the kiss.
The next morning at the stitch lab, Linus is in a bad mood. That may have something to do with Camille, who didn’t show up for work. Cameron is annoyingly chipper. Maggie’s CIA background means that she’s good at reading people, so she immediately knows Cameron’s in a good mood because he spent the night with Nina.

Kirsten stitches back into Coco. Coco has a jade pendant which is a strong emotional token. Kirsten sees Coco with an older man at a greenhouse. It’s not her lover, though. It’s her father. Her father insists that he is innocent. Coco wants to believe him, but she doesn’t know if she can.

The team finds out that Coco’s father, De Deshei, was sent to prison for insider trading. He should be in a Chinese prison instead of a Chinese nursery.

Kirsten is positive that Coco’s father is working as a gardener at the Chinese nursery in Arcadia. In Coco’s memory, De says that he was set up. He gives Coco her great-grandmother’s the jade pendant. He warns Coco that some people may threaten her to find out where he is hiding. He wants her to tell them where he is.

Kirsten sees the little boy in the red cap again. This time, the kid takes off his cap and tells Kirsten to stay quiet. The mystery kid is Cameron as a kid. The Stitchers team freaks out when they lose contact with Kirsten. The young Cameron tells Kirsten not to say anything, since everyone in the lab will hear her. He can hear her thoughts, so she doesn’t have to say anything out loud.

Young Cameron says he is construct created by a friend of hers. This mystery friend cares about Kirsten, but can’t tell her who he/she is. Kirsten asks if it was Cameron, but he can’t tell her that yet. So why does he look like a young Cameron? He took the form of someone she subconsciously trusts. That means she’s predisposed to trust him, too. Kirsten denies that he is real, but he has proof. Something is waiting for Kirsten on her doorstep. Once she sees it, she’ll know he’s real. Kirsten bounces out of the memory. She tells the team about Coco’s father, but says nothing about the kid in the red cap.

Maggie calls Detective Fisher to tell him about De Deshei. Detective Fisher and Mei Ling race off the to nursery. Unfortunately, they aren’t the only once heading that way. Coco’s murderer finally unencrypted the paparazzo’s photos. Now the murderer also knows De Deshei is at the Arcadia nursery.

The murderer gets to De Deshei first. He flashes a police badge and claims he’s with the National Police Agency. He says De Deshei was framed by his business partner, Mr. Wu. De doesn’t believe Wu would frame him, but the murderer actually works for Wu. Wu sent him there to kill De.

Fisher and Mei arrive at the nursery. It’s two against one, so it isn’t long before Fisher slaps cuffs on the murderer.

Cameron and Kirsten arrive after the fight. They find out the murderer is Bo Cheng. Bo was pretending to be a police officer, but he was actually sent to cover up Wu’s insider trading.

Kirsten comforts De Deshei. She says Coco wasn’t ashamed of him anymore. Coco knew he was innocent. De doesn’t believe Kirsten, so she gives him the jade pendant and repeats the quote that she heard he said in Coco's memory: “Hearing a hundred times is not the same as seeing once”. De cries when he realizes Coco really did believe that he was innocent.

Fisher tells Mei that she is officially cleared of charges, now that Bo Cheng is in custody. Mei still feels responsible for Coco’s death. Fisher says that you can’t win all the time when you protect people for a living. Mei needs to forgive herself. She can’t let this moment define the rest of her life.

Fisher and Mei say goodbye with a promise to go out for Chinese food if Mei ever makes it back to Los Angeles.

Cameron was impressed by the kindness that Kirsten showed De Deshei. Kirsten’s been unpredictable lately, so he didn’t know what to expect. Cameron asks if Kirsten saw the boy in the red cap in the stitch again. Kirsten doesn’t answer. Cameron’s worried about her, especially after seeing the wall in her bedroom. Kirsten tells him that she can take care of herself. He should go take care of Nina instead.

Linus confronts Camille about her lies. He knows she wasn’t at the library last night. He spent two hours cooking dinner for her. He didn’t want her to be hungry while she was studying. He drove to Cal Tech to bring her the food, but she wasn’t there. Camille continues the lie, telling him that she was in a private study room in the back. Linus doesn’t believe her. He asks her, point blank, if she really was at the library. Camille admits that she wasn’t.

Kirsten finds a package on her porch. It contains the quote from Coco’s memory “Hearing a hundred times is not the same as seeing”.

What did you think of Stitchers episode 2x06 “The Dying Shame”? Didn’t expect that young Cameron was the mystery boy in the red cap. Who do you think is the friend that created the young Cameron? The episode wasn’t good for Camsten or Camus. It has been interesting to see things play out between Liam and Camille, though. Camille is playing Liam, but does anyone else think Liam might also be playing her? Comment below with your thoughts on the episode!

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