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Recap of 'Stitchers' 2x04 “The Two Deaths of Jamie B”: Flesh-Eating Nanobots

In Stitchers episode 2x04 “The Two Deaths of Jamie B”, the team works a case involving a man who appears to have two death memories. Things seem to fizzle out for Camsten, while things heat up between Linus and Camille.

Last episode, Kirsten learned that Leslie Turner was keeping Ed Clark’s body on ice. At the start of this episode, Kirsten and Camille find a place to put Ed’s ashes. Kirsten is glad she could honor Ed’s wish to be cremated. Now she is focused on finding her father, Daniel Stinger, and bringing him to karmic justice.

Linus needs a new place to stay, since Camille’s brother Theo stole all his appliances. Linus turns to his best friend Cameron and shows up with a suitcase. Linus asks to stay with him for three or four months. Cameron isn’t happy about having Linus as a roommate. After a disastrous college experience with a roommate who viewed clothing as optional, Cameron decided to never have a roommate again. It’s hard to say no to his best friend, so he reluctantly lets Linus move in.

Things are awkward between Kirsten and Cameron at the stitch lab. (Last episode, Cameron told Kirsten how he felt about her. She needed more time to figure out how she felt about him, though).

Camille is furious when she finds out her brother stole all Linus’s stuff. Camille asks if he has renters insurance, but Linus doesn’t even know what that is. Camille promises to pay Linus back, but Linus won’t let her.

The Stitchers team investigates the death of a John Doe found in a dumpster. The man died from repeated blunt force trauma. He was restrained during the attacks. Also, his fingerprints were burned off about a year before the attack.

Kirsten stitches into the victim’s memories and learns that he goes by the name Jamie B. He works as a bag boy at the Green Basket Supermarket. Jamie B is kind to customers and jokes with his manager. Kirsten can tell that he isn’t a spy or a criminal. In the memory, Kirsten sees a little boy wearing a red baseball cap. (The same little boy she saw in Captain Mulaney’s memories in “The One That Got Away”).

Kirsten goes into another memory hot spot. She can’t see faces because Jamie was blindfolded, but some men are beating up Jamie. They demand that he give them something, but Jamie doesn’t know what they are talking about. Cameron tells Kirsten to bounce out of the death memory.

Suddenly, Kirsten ends up in another death memory. This time, Jamie is drowning. This other death memory occurred earlier than the beating death. Now the Stitchers team doesn’t know if Jamie B was beaten to death or if he drowned. It’s as if he died twice. According to the medical examiner’s report, no water was found in Jamie’s lungs. Jamie died from blunt force trauma.

Cameron and Kirsten go to the Green Basket market to get some answers. They talk to the store manager Mr. Hughes. He tells them that Jamie B wandered into the market eight months ago. Jamie didn’t seem to remember anything. He just kept repeating the name ‘Jamie B’. Hughes gave him a job and let him live in the back of the market. The only things he left behind were clothes and a notebook.

Kirsten hugs Mr. Hughes and comforts him. She reminds Hughes that he was there for Jamie when no one else was. Cameron is surprised to see Kirsten’s kind act. He’s used to her not showing any emotions.

Camille seems a bit tired of her lack of a role on the Stitchers team. She basically stands around holding a tablet, though she occasionally saves everyone’s lives. Looks like Maggie is ready to give Camille some more responsibilities, though.

Kirsten and Cameron have some wine and pizza while they look over Jamie B’s notebook at Cameron’s apartment. Cameron asks Kirsten why she hugged Hughes. Kirsten saw Hughes as a father to Jamie. Kirsten could related to that. Ed Clark took care of Kirsten after her dad took off. She never told Ed how grateful she was. Now he’s dead and it’s too late. She waited too long to tell him how she felt.

Cameron and Kirsten almost kiss, but Linus interrupts them. He bursts out of the shower raving about Cameron’s tea tree body wash. After that interruption, Kirsten makes a quick exit.
Linus isn’t a Camsten fan, causing the first ever fight between Linus and Cameron. Linus doesn’t believe that Kirsten really needs time to figure out her feelings. He just doesn’t see Cameron and Kirsten working out as a couple.

Kirsten goes to Detective Fisher for help finding her father. Since Ed’s house was originally her father’s house, she wants to look through all the boxes left in the garage. Fisher offers to help. Since Kirsten’s dad left in a rush, maybe he didn’t cover his tracks well.

Kirsten asks Fisher how he knew that he loved his wife. Fisher still seems bitter about his wife leaving him. His wife thought he was 51% cop and 49% husband, so he may not be the best person to ask for love advice. However, he tells Kirsten that it is hard to find someone that you connect with. It’s more rare than you’d think.

They find an old tux that was tailored by Nardini’s in Beverly Hills. Kirsten wants to track down the tailor and ask about her father.

Meanwhile, Cameron flirts with Nina, a girl who works at a comic book store. She’s as big of a comic book fanatic as Cameron, so they have a lot in common. Cameron gives her his number so she can call him when The Incredible Hulk #102 comes in.

Kirsten stitches back into Jamie B’s memories. This time, she sees Jamie talking to a woman in a research lab. Jamie was a scientist for MeriCorp Energy, an oil company. Kirsten then goes into the memory of Jamie underwater.

The Stitchers team starts to piece things together. MeriCorp was working on the technology to clean oil spills with hydrocarbon-eating nanobots. Jamie accidentally reprogrammed the nanobots to consume carbon instead. Since carbon is in living tissue, these nanobots could be used as a weapon. They would destroy humans, animals and insects. The nanobots would self-replicate until they ran out of food, leaving nothing but gray goo.

Jamie kept the nanobots secure, but someone tried to get the code from him. During the confrontation, Jamie fell into the water. Jamie almost died, but somehow he survived. Jamie suffered memory loss and ended up as a bag boy in Green Basket market.

Kirsten and Cameron go to MeriCorp to get some answers. As they wait in the lobby, Nina calls Cameron. While Cameron is chatting with Nina, Kirsten talks to someone who claims that she is Jamie B. Her full name is actually Jamison Barrett. She works on nanobot technology at the lab. Kirsten follows Jamison to her office. Cameron doesn’t notice until Kirsten is already gone.

In Jamison’s office, Kirsten sees a photo of Jamie B. Jamison says that is actually Dr. Steven Benning. He disappeared over a year ago. The police assumed he ran away from his life because of work-related stress.

Another woman, Naomi, bursts into the room. (Naomi is the woman Kirsten saw in the stitch). Naomi orders Jamison out of the room. Kirsten tells Naomi that she has the encryption code that will unlock the nanobots. Naomi acts like she has no idea what Kirsten is talking about. Kirsten tells her to call if she wants to make a deal.

Camille texts Theo to meet at her house. She comes home to find Theo partying with his friends. Camille demands that Theo return all of Linus’s stuff. Theo says Linus should thank him for teaching him to be less trusting. Theo thinks it’s ridiculous that Camille is giving him orders.

Camille’s boxing lessons come in handy. She slams Theo’s head against the table and knocks him to the floor. She then pulls out her NSA badge. Theo’s no match for a badass Camille.
Linus reviews the security camera footage from the Green Basket market, but he can’t find the little boy in a red hat anywhere on the tape. Kirsten is positive that she saw him, but it looks like he was never really there.

Naomi calls to make a deal with Kirsten. Detective Fisher plans to arrest Naomi as soon as she hands over the money for the encryption code. First the team has to crack the code. Dr. Benning was listening to jazz music while programming the code. They figure out the song was “Kiss Me Now”. They convert the notes the corresponding numbers, which gives them the encryption key.

Kirsten waits for Naomi at a restaurant. Cameron and Detective Fisher watch from across the room. Cameron asks Detective Fisher what a guy should do to bust out of the friend zone. He isn’t even sure if the girl likes him or not. Cameron can’t tell if it is real love or just deep friendship.

Detective Fisher isn’t eager to give more relationship advice, but he says it’s different for everyone. In his personal experience, some people make better friends than couples.

Naomi shows up and leads Kirsten to the alley out back. Naomi won’t hand over the cash until she has proof that the code works on the device at the lab. Kirsten decides to go with her. Kirsten is gone by the time Cameron and Detective Fisher race outside.

Camille surprises Linus by showing up in a monkey vomit green van filled with all of Linus’s appliances. She successfully kicked Theo’s ass. Camille thanks Linus for being so sweet and overly trusting. That allowed Camille to put Theo in the rearview mirror.

Caught up in the moment, Linus kisses Camille. He quickly apologizes, but no apologies were needed. They kiss again and end up getting busy in the bedroom.
At the MeriCorp Energy lab, a burly man forcefully pushes Jamison Barrett into the lab. Jamison and Kirsten watch as Naomi activate the nanobots. Now that the code worked, Naomi is ready to kill Jamison and Kirsten. The burly guy pulls out a gun. The buyers of the flesh-eating nanobots don’t want any complications. It’s now clear that Naomi was the one who had Dr. Benning killed. She wanted to capitalize on Dr. Benning’s mistake and sell the flesh-eating nanobots as a weapon.

Before the burly guy can pull the trigger, Kirsten’s nanobots take effect. The Stitchers team infected the USB drive that both Naomi and the guy touched. Naomi and the burly guy collapse and are knocked unconscious when their brains short-circuit. Kirsten wasn’t affected because the nanobots were reprogrammed to avoid Kirsten’s DNA. The effect is temporary and both of them will be fine, though they will have to face murder charges.

Jamison and Dr. Steven Benning were romantically involved. Distraught, she asks what Steve was like after he lost his memories. Kirsten and Cameron do their best to comfort Jamison. Kirsten says Dr. Benning was kind and loving. He never forgot about Jamison. He kept a notebook and wrote her name over and over in it. That’s why everyone assumed his name was Jamie B.

Cameron hums the jazz song Dr. Benning used to program the encryption code. Crying, Jamison says that song was playing the first time the two of them kissed.

Cameron takes Kirsten home and the two of them talk on the porch. Kirsten knows it isn’t fair to make Cameron wait for her. She doesn’t want things to be awkward between them. Cameron’s her best friend and she wants to protect their friendship. Cameron is disappointed that Kirsten just sees him as a friend.
Cameron doesn’t take long to move on from Kirsten, though. Nina, the girl from the comic book store, stops by Cameron’s apartment to personally give him The Incredible Hulk comic. The two of them go out to dinner together.

Tracking down Daniel Stinger’s tailor was dead end. The tailor died five years ago and didn’t leave any records behind. Not all hope is lost, though. Kirsten finds a wedding napkin in the pocket of the tux. The napkin is from the wedding of Elizabeth and Daniel Stinger. Weird, since Kirsten’s mom’s name was Jacqueline. Kirsten is left with even more questions.

What did you think of Stitchers episode 2x04 “The Two Deaths of Jamie B”? It wasn’t a good episode for Camsten fans. I was surprised Linus didn’t support Camsten. It was a good episode for Camus fans, though. Looks like Linus and Camille’s on-again, off-again relationship is back on. What do you make of the wedding napkin that said Kirsten’s dad married a woman named Elizabeth?

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