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Recap of ‘Stitchers’ 2x03 “The One That Got Away”: Camille’s Brother Theo Stirs Up Trouble

Things get personal in Stitchers episode 2x03 “The One That Got Away”. Camille’s older brother Theo drops in unexpectedly and Camille has good reasons to want him gone. Meanwhile, the team breaks protocol by investigating the death of Detective Fisher’s former colleague.

The episode starts with Detective Fisher going to a bar to meet with a Mulaney, a retired police Captain who he used to work with. She doesn’t show up, so Fisher calls her cell. We find out why she’s a no-show when we see her dead body. She’s been murdered.

Kirsten and Camille awake in the middle of the night when they hear an intruder in the house. Camille’s boxing lessons with Fisher are really working out for her. She sneaks up on the intruder and kicks him in the nuts. They turn the lights on and realize that it’s Camille’s older brother, Theo. He broke into their house and made himself a sandwich in the kitchen.

This isn’t a loving brother-sister reunion. Camille thinks Theo just wants money from her, despite his insistence that he just wanted to catch up with her. Camille reluctantly lets him spend the night.

At the Stitch lab, Camille is still venting about her brother’s unexpected visit. Trouble always follows Theo. Kirsten is a little worried that they left Theo in their house. Camille’s brother wouldn’t dare steal from Camille, but he may steal from Kirsten. And Camille doesn’t want anyone to start calling her Mille, which is a nickname her brother calls her. Mille is the girl Camille tried hard to leave behind in Bakersfield.

Detective Fisher had to convince Maggie to bend the rules and stitch into Mulaney. Kirsten stitches in and sees a memory of Mulaney questioning a cable guy named Furillo. She wants to know about the murder of his roommate, which took place fifteen years ago. There is a little boy listening to the conversation.

In a new memory, Kirsten sees Mulaney working on a ‘murder board’ in her apartment. She’s been investigating the Ripper case. The Ripper is a serial killer who has murdered at least eight people. There are numerous photos on the board. RFI, removed from investigation, is written by Detective Daniel Powell’s name. Kirsten bounces out of the memory when someone attacks Mulaney from behind and knocks her out with chloroform.

The investigators didn’t find the murder board in the apartment, so the killer probably took the board. She may have been murdered after getting too close to identifying the serial killer.

Maggie meets with division head Mitchell Blair at a taco cart. He’s upset that Maggie broke the rules to investigate the death of Detective Fisher’s mentor. Even though Maggie is now acting director of the Stitchers program, she doesn’t get to select the cases. Maggie is screwing with the purity of the cases. Maggie doesn’t understand, but Mitchell Blair isn’t about to explain it.

Maggie doesn’t back down from the fight. The team may have lost Detective Fisher if they refused to help him. Besides, Kirsten already stitched into Mulaney. Mitchell Blair hopes Maggie hasn’t ruined everything with this unsanctioned stitch.

Camille goes home to check on Theo before he burns the house down. Linus can’t wait to meet Theo, the mysterious older brother who Camille never mentioned before. Camille expects the worst, so she’s shocked to see Theo washing dishes in the kitchen. Theo and Linus seem to hit it off. They end up watching basketball together.

Detective Fisher, Kirsten and Cameron track down Joseph Furillo. Furillo immediately runs. Cameron, still fearless after dying and coming back to life, chases him. Furillo pulls out a knife, but that’s no match for Detective Fisher’s gun.

Furillo insists that he didn’t murder his roommate. He has an airtight alibi for the time Mulaney was killed, too. Furillo was having sushi with his parole officer. Detective Fisher quickly figures out why Furillo ran from them. Furillo has a bag of weed in his pocket, which is a parole violation. Fisher is willing to overlook that if Furillo talks.

Mulaney wanted to ask Furillo about the night his roommate, Chad, was murdered. Furillo doesn’t remember anything about that night. It was years ago and he was a major stoner back then. Furillo leaves, but Kirsten thinks he was hiding something.

Detective Fisher, Cameron and Kirsten go back to the bar. Fisher has a run-in with Detective Daniel Powell. Mulaney questioned Powell about some pills that were in Chad’s apartment. Powell doesn’t remember anything about that. Powell says Mulaney got herself killed by digging into the case even though she was retired. It was suicide by obsession. Powell escalates things further by calling Fisher a NSA puppet. Fisher shoves Powell, but other cops at the bar break up the fight.

Theo tells Linus lots of stories about Camille, including the time Camille ran butt naked through the trailer park. Annoyed, Camille explains that the trailer went up in flames because Theo started a grease fire when he made bacon at 2 AM.

Camille begs Linus to stop being so friendly to Theo. No good can come from it. Linus asks Camille to meet Theo halfway. They are interrupted when two guys knock on the door, looking for Theo. Theo owes them money. Theo hides out of sight, ready to pull out a gun. Camille lies and tells the guys that she hasn’t seen her brother.

Camille is furious. She actually started to believe that Theo really wanted to spend time with her. Instead, he was using her to hide out until he had money to pay off his debts. Camille kicks Theo out of her house.

Back at the bar, Kirsten and Cameron meet Andrew Black. Andrew is a psychologist who works as a profiler for the police. The other day Mulaney asked him to look at the Ripper case. Andrew also does a bit of analysis on Camsten. Andrew senses that Cameron and Kirsten have lots of unresolved tension.

Detective Fisher joins them and asks about the Ripper case. Andrew thinks the serial killer is in his 50’s, uneducated and from a fanatical religious background. The killings stopped for seven years because the killer found a different way to channel his rage.

Theo shows up at Linus’s apartment and asks to spend a few days there. He apologizes for the argument with Camille. They love each other, but they drive each other crazy. Linus is sympathetic, since he’s on the outs with his father after moving out of his parents’ house. He agrees to let Theo stay for a couple nights.

Back at the Stitch lab, Camille finds a pattern in the victims the serial killer chose. All the victims had jobs that required them to be responsible for other people’s lives (pilot, surgeon, bus driver, etc).

Camille isn’t happy to learn that Theo is camping out in Linus’s apartment. Linus believes that Theo feels bad about the fight. Linus begs Camille to come over for dinner. Maybe she’ll view her brother in a different light.

Kirsten stitches back into Mulaney’s memories. Mulaney found a pill bottle in the crime scene photos, but no pills were entered into evidence. Kirsten then enters the memory of the first crime scene. Kirsten sees Furillo steal his roommate’s pills.

The Stitchers team bring Furillo in for interrogation. He admits to stealing the pills. He wanted to sell them, but it turned out the pills were Zoloft. The pills didn’t have a street value. Furillo remembers that his roommate got the prescription from a hack shrink, Dr. Kukra.

Maggie benches Cameron after learning about his daredevil behavior chasing Furillo. He’s stuck at the lab, so he looks into the Ripper’s pattern. The profile from the police psychiatrist, Andrew Black, doesn’t match the Ripper’s behavior.

Camille agrees to have dinner with Linus and Theo, but dinner doesn’t go well. They haven’t even started eating before all hell breaks loose. Theo brings up the loser guys Camille used to date. Camille reminds Theo that she’s changed everything about herself since leaving Bakersfield, but Theo won’t stop harassing her. Theo brings up the time Camille ripped off a church collection plate.

Camille loses it when Theo says that you can take the girl out of the trailer but you can’t take the trash out. Camille gets that Theo is pissed about his own life, but that isn’t her fault. Theo blames Camille for leaving and forgetting about him.

Camille reminds Theo that she did everything for him when their parents abandoned them. He was her older brother. He should have taken care of her. Instead, Camille was the one helping whenever Theo screwed up.

Theo calls Camille a stuck up b*tch, which pushes Linus over the edge. Linus demands that Theo treat his sister with respect. Theo’s ready to throw down with Linus, but Camille steps between them and asks Linus to take her home. Linus tells Theo to be gone by the time he comes back home.
Detective Fisher and Kirsten track down Dr. Kukra, who drives cabs in Los Angeles after his medical license got revoked. They find his cab near a storage unit. In the storage unit, they find boxes of medical records from his former patients. Unfortunately, Kirsten also finds Kukra’s dead body in the storage unit.

Cameron goes back to the bar to see psychologist Andrew Black to ask about the profile. Andrew said the serial killer was full of rage. The crime scene would have been bloody and sloppy. It doesn’t match the Ripper, who used chloroform and posed the bodies of the victims. Cameron and Andrew Black go to Cameron’s apartment to further discuss the case.

Detective Fisher and Kirsten find Kukra’s cell phone in the cab. They check incoming calls and Fisher recognizes the number of the bar. He calls and asks the bartender if anyone used the phone that night. Detective Powell grabs the phone and tells Fisher that Andrew Blake made a call earlier that night. He tells Fisher that Cameron is with Andrew.

Detective Fisher calls Cameron. Before Cameron can answer the phone, Andrew pulls out a gun. Cameron realizes that Andrew Blake is the Ripper. Andrew claims that he killed out of kindness. His victims were all tortured souls like a depressed pilot and a suicidal surgeon. Andrew brought them peace and protected the innocent people they may have harmed.

Andrew stopped killing for seven years because he started working for the police. Mulany wouldn’t stop digging, so he had to get rid of her. Now, Andrew has to kill Cameron. Cameron’s already died once before, so he’s not scared of dying. Cameron wrestles the gun away as Kirsten and Detective Fisher rush in.

Camille calls Linus and thanks him for having her back. Linus comes back to his apartment to find it completely stripped. Theo stole everything from the apartment. Linus doesn’t tell Camille what Theo did, though.

Kirsten is worried about Cameron’s reckless behavior. She’s afraid Cameron is overcompensating to impress her. His impulsiveness has nothing to do with her, though. After dying and coming back to life, Cameron wants to live without fear.

On that note, Cameron admits his feelings toward Kirsten. Her response is a bit of a letdown. Kirsten has been struggling to deal with the flood of emotions and feelings now that she no longer has temporal dysplasia. She doesn’t know how or what she feels. Cameron understands that Kirsten needs more time to figure things out.

Detective Fisher goes back to the bar and gets a hero’s welcome. Fisher and Powell make peace. Catching Andrew Blake was a team effort. It isn’t too late for Powell to be a better detective.
When Kirsten asked Linda Edwards (hacker Ellie) for advice on finding her father last episode, Linda told Kirsten to use her strengths. Kirsten decides to work on a mathematical equation that will help find her father.

What did you think of Stitchers 2x03 “The One That Got Away”? What do you think Mitchell Blair meant when he talked about the purity of the cases chosen for the Stitchers team to investigate? There’s still a lot the team is left in the dark about. Loved seeing more of Camille's backstory and it was nice to see Linus stand up for Camille. And it was great to see Cameron tell Kirsten how he felt. Kirsten not returning his feelings was disappointing, though. Still think there’s hope for Camsten?

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