Sunday, March 27, 2016

'Stitchers' 2x02 WonderCon Sneak Peek: Linus Shows Camille his New Apartment

Linus shows Camille his new tricked out apartment in this sneak peek video of Stitchers episode 2x02 titled “Hack Me If You Can”.

While Linus is showing Camille all the smart appliances in his new apartment, Linus’s parents stop by. Camille is happy to see them (In Stitchers episode 1x09 “Future Tense”, Camille was touched by how loving Linus’s parents were. Camille’s parents abandoned her when she was sixteen, so she isn’t used to being part of a family).

Linus’s parents are struggling to accept Linus living on his own. Linus’s dad thinks Linus is abandoning them. Linus’s mom wants to know if Linus and Camille are going to be living together.

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