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Recap of ‘Stitchers’ 2x01 “2.0”: Leslie Turner is Murdered

We see a new Kirsten and Cameron in the Stitchers season 2 premiere episode “2.0”. Kirsten is emotional for the first time, while Cameron has suddenly become fearless. The team deals with the murder of Leslie Turner (the director of the Stitchers program) and Maggie is a suspect in his murder. Also, Kirsten recalls a childhood memory that casts suspicion on her dad.

Here’s a quick summary of where we left off in the season one finale (for a more in-depth overview, read the recap for Stitchers 1x10). Detective Fisher was shot when he heroically pushed Cameron out of danger at a restaurant. Cameron may have seen the license plate of the assassin, so he used potassium methochloride to stop his own heart.  If he’s temporarily dead, Kirsten can stitch into his mind.  The plan was to restart Cameron’s heart with defibrillators, but Cameron flatlined.  We were left unsure if Cameron would live or die.

Starting where we left off in the season 1 finale, Ayo continues to use the defibrillators on Cameron, who is unresponsive.  Ayo tells Chelsea to call the time of death. Kirsten begs Ayo to keep trying to revive Cameron. Kirsten has a meltdown, unable to accept that Cameron is dead. As Kirsten sobs over Cameron’s body, Cameron moves. Cameron tells Kirsten that it’s too bad she didn’t get the license plate number because he isn’t going to kill himself again.

Kirsten stays with Cameron in the hospital. Kirsten asks if Cameron remembers anything from the stitch. Cameron dreamed that Kirsten was an angel and he was a hero, which was a reference to the Halloween episode. So it turns out the whole Halloween special episode was actually Cameron’s dream.

Cameron wants to know what Kirsten saw in his head during the stitch. Kirsten saw only images of herself in Cameron’s head. She knows that Cameron loves her. Before she can answer his question, he falls asleep.

Camille and Linus are also struggling to deal with Cameron’s near-death experience. They’re worried about Kirsten, who showed emotions for the first time. Camille says Kirsten is usually bitchy, but Linus diplomatically says Kirsten is usually emotionally reserved.

Linus tries to convince Camille that the experience has changed him, too. He’s been a jerk to her lately. (Linus had a tantrum when Cameron trained Camille to be his backup. Linus thought he was more qualified to pilot the stitches). Linus doesn’t want to live in his parents’ home anymore. It’s time for him to grow up.

Leslie Turner (the director of the Stitchers program) and Maggie argue about Cameron almost dying. Maggie blames Leslie, but he refuse to accept the blame. After all, he didn’t stick the needle in Cameron’s arm. Cameron made that choice on his own.

Maggie is convinced that Leslie Turner is the biggest threat to the Stitchers team. Three months ago, Leslie told Maggie to lie to Kirsten about the real purpose of the Stitchers program. Maggie thinks her whole team deserves to know the truth. Is the purpose of the program to develop technology to accelerate the human brain? Maggie demands to know what he is keeping from her. Things escalate and Maggie accuses Leslie Turner of killing Ed Clark (the man who raised Kirsten after her father abandoned her).

Leslie Turner doesn’t admit to or deny killing Ed Clark. He gives a vague answer, saying that saving the world is messy. Sometimes people get hurt or killed. Leslie is willing to kill a few people to save six billion people. Maggie, on the other hand, would kill if it meant saving her team.

Cameron, Kirsten, Linus and Camille visit Detective Fisher in the hospital. Before Detective Fisher got shot at the restaurant, he was about to tell Kirsten that Leslie Turner ordered him to stop looking into Ed Clark’s murder. Detective Fisher thinks he was getting too close to the truth. He suspects that Leslie killed Ed Clark.

Furious, Kirsten storms out of the hospital and heads straight to Leslie Turner’s apartment. She’s too late to get any answers from him, though. Kirsten finds Leslie dead on the floor. Someone shot him.

The murder of Leslie Turner throws the Stitchers lab into chaos. NSA agents swarm the lab and interfere with the Stitchers team. Captain Stamperson, who immediately clashes with the team, has a power struggle with Maggie. Maggie doesn’t back down, stating that the stitch lab is under her authority until a new director is appointed.

The Stitchers team needs to act fast to figure out who murdered Leslie Turner. There was no sign of forced entry, so Leslie probably knew the killer. Kirsten needs to stitch into Leslie’s brain, but the team is worried after her complete meltdown when Cameron almost died.

The team gives Kirsten a new badass suit, the Rev 2, to replace the old Catsuit. It’s reinforced with padding and Kevlar panels. Hopefully, Kirsten will feel stronger when she wears the new suit. If she feels stronger, then she’ll be stronger.

Leslie Turner’s dead body is placed in the corpse cassette. Kirsten stitches into Leslie’s memories, but she can’t see much. His memories are a mess and his mind map is fragmented on all three axes. Maybe Leslie trained his mind to make his memories completely unstitchable.

Kirsten can smell incense, which is a new development. Kirsten never had sense memory in a stitch before. Kirsten gets nausea in the memory. She bounces out of the memory and immediately throws up in a trash can.

Kirsten, Cameron and two NSA agents go to Leslie’s apartment to do some investigating. Kirsten cracks the code to get into Leslie’s panic room, but someone’s already been in there. Leslie’s computer hard drive is missing. Cameron snaps a photo of the federal inventory control sticker on the computer and sends it to Camille.

Camille is busy keeping Detective Fisher company in the hospital. Detective Fisher refuses to let the nurse give him a sponge bath. Camille gets Cameron’s text, so she tells Detective Fisher to keep the nurse busy. Detective Fisher reluctantly agrees to the sponge bath while Camille uses the nurse’s computer to investigate the control sticker photo Cameron sent her.

Kirsten and Cameron eat habanero potato chips while waiting to hear back from Camille. Kirsten wonders why she suddenly has emotions now. When Kirsten's father stitched her into her mother, it caused the temporal dysplasia. Kirsten no longer had emotions. Maybe stitching into Cameron rebooted her. If stitching into a live person broke her, then stitching into another live person may have fixed her.

Camille does a bit of digging and finds out Leslie’s computer was listed as ‘destroyed’ fifteen years ago. She found a shipping address, so Cameron and Kirsten decide to head over there. The NSA agents refuse to let them go. Captain Stamperson has ordered Cameron and Kirsten back to the stitch lab.

There’s no way Kirsten and Cameron can take on these two armed agents, so Cameron outsmarts them. He asks for help carrying the computer, then locks them in the panic room. Kirsten is shocked, but Cameron isn’t worried. This is the new and improved Cameron 2.0.

Kirsten and Cameron arrive at the locked building. Cameron immediately climbs the pipes to get to the roof. He enters from the roof and then lets Kirsten in. Cameron 2.0 is fearless and reckless. Kirsten starts missing the old Cameron. The feeling’s mutual. Cameron misses the old Kirsten.

They find a empty room, but clearly something big used to be bolted to the floor. The room is buzzing with static electricity.

Two security guards approach with their stun guns drawn. Kirsten and Cameron pretend to be NSA agents, but they obviously don’t have the badges to back up their claim. Cameron taunts the guard. Kirsten, worried about Cameron’s heart, jumps in front of him and gets hit by the stun gun. Cameron punches a guard, so he gets tased anyway.

Kirsten and Cameron end up handcuffed in a police station. Since they can’t go anywhere, they have a heart-to-heart. Kirsten can’t believe how reckless Cameron is being. He recently stopped his own heart. He could have gotten seriously hurt when he was tased.

Cameron explains why he’s been acting different. He feels free now. He died and then he came back from the dead. He has a second chance at life. He isn’t going to live in fear anymore.

Kirsten tells Cameron that they met when they were kids. Kirsten was in the hospital after her mom’s accident and Cameron was in the hospital for his heart surgery. Cameron doesn’t remember meeting her, but apparently he told Kirsten that her mom was going to be okay. Cameron is sorry that he was wrong about her mom, but Kirsten thinks there’s nothing to be sorry about. Cameron was very sweet to a scared little girl.

Maggie arrives at the police station. She’s so irritated at the two of them that she’s tempted to let them stay in jail for the night. They broke protocol, assaulted a security guard, broke into a building and got arrested.

Despite all that, Kirsten and Cameron are rewarded with official badges. Maggie had asked Leslie about badges for weeks, but he refused to let her issue them. Now that Leslie is dead, Maggie has the authority to issue them official badges. The badges should come in handy when Kirsten and Cameron are out in the field.

Kirsten and Cameron, dubbed Bonnie and Clyde by Linus, head back to the stitch lab. Linus re-indexed Leslie Turner’s memories, so Kirsten attempts to stitch back into Leslie’s memories.

Kirsten goes to a memory from 15 years ago. A woman in a pod bangs on the glass. Someone says “Get her out of there”. It had something to do with Project Grasshopper, which was a failed experiment.

Cameron pilots Kirsten back to the moment Leslie Turner was murdered. The memory is still unclear with overlapping images. Kirsten sees Maggie’s argument with Leslie and then sees Maggie shoot Leslie. Kirsten announces to the team that Maggie was the one who killed Leslie.

Maggie immediately denies killing Leslie. The NSA agents point their guns at Maggie. Maggie, who used to be an assassin for the CIA, easily grabs a gun from one of the agents and uses him as a human shield. Camille tells Kirsten that there is a Mexican standoff in the middle of the lab.


Kirsten goes into the memory again. The pieces of the memory move out of sync, so now Kirsten can’t be sure if Maggie really was the shooter. Cameron, Camille and Linus all work together to rotate the pieces like a 3-D jigsaw puzzle. It works, but there are only 6 seconds left. Kirsten smells incense again. She bounces out of the memory before she can find out who the shooter is. She’s sure it wasn’t Maggie, though.

Kirsten’s still processing the emotions she’s feeling after Detective Fisher got shot, Leslie Turner got killed and almost losing Cameron. Camille’s got the perfect solution. Home-cooked baked ziti and red wine always puts things in perspective. Kirsten and Camille are on stitch lab elevator when Kirsten suddenly stops the elevator at 163 meters. She saw that level in Leslie’s memories.

They get off the elevator and enter a freezing cold room. In the center of the room is a dead body. Not just any dead body, though. It’s Ed Clark.

Maggie and Cameron join them. Kirsten is furious that Ed Clark’s body has been hidden there ever since he was murdered. Cameron realizes that he accidentally helped Leslie Turner with this plan. Cameron had a theoretical conversation with Leslie about a drug protocol that would allow them to stitch into a body that was past the four day viability limit. Although Cameron didn’t know about Ed Clark’s body, Kirsten blames him for using Ed Clark as a guinea pig in his experiment.

Kirsten also directs her anger towards Maggie. Maggie had told her that Ed Clark’s body was cremated and his ashes were sent to a distant sister. Maggie insists that she didn’t know Ed Clark’s body was kept in the lab. Leslie Turner kept it a secret from everyone. Kirsten is determined to get answers. She’s going to stitch into Ed’s body.

Kirsten stitches into Ed Clark’s last available memory. In the memory, Ed is fighting with someone. “You’ve done enough. I won’t let you. She’s suffered so much already” Ed says to someone. Kirsten smells incense again. Whoever killed Ed Clark also killed Leslie Turner.

Kirsten gets the NSA agents to back off by convincing them that the team isn’t in danger. Ed Clark died three months ago because he was trying to protect her. There was a fight and Ed’s gun went off. Barbiero was the one who shot Detective Fisher. Leslie Turner was murdered because he was moving an asset that the killer wanted. The person who killed Barbiero said they would come for Kirsten when she was ready to know the truth. There’s nothing anyone can do until that happens.

Kirsten is still pissed at Cameron for keeping the drug protocol a secret, though Cameron insists that he didn’t know what Leslie Turner was doing. Cameron reminds Kirsten that he died for her. He has no reason to lie to her, but Kirsten isn’t ready to trust him. Everyone, including Maggie, Leslie and Camille, has secrets.

Cameron insists that he doesn’t have any secrets. He asks what Kirsten saw when she stitched into him. Kirsten doesn’t tell him that she saw Cameron’s memories of her. Cameron points out that Kirsten is keeping that a secret from him.

At home, Kirsten pulls out a “World’s Greatest Dad” mug. The mug triggers a childhood memory of her dad drinking coffee from the mug. Little Kirsten tells her dad that he has shaving cream on his neck. Her dad dabs the shaving cream on her nose. He says it smells like sandalwood.

Back in the present, Kirsten drops the mug in shock. Is her dad’s shaving cream the same incense she smelled when Leslie Turner and Ed Clark were murdered? Does Kirsten suspect her dad murdered them?

What did you think of the season 2 premiere of Stitchers? Stitchers is going to be different now that Kirsten no longer has temporal dysplasia. However, that might mean we’ll get more Camsten scenes, since Kirsten can now feel emotions. And now Kirsten is regaining her childhood memories, which brings up new questions. Do you think Kirsten’s dad murdered Leslie Turner and Ed Clark?

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