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Recap of ‘Stitchers’ 1x11 Halloween Special “When Darkness Falls”: Kirsten Haunted by a Ghost?

Kirsten keeps seeing the ghost of a dead college student in the Stitchers Halloween special “When Darkness Falls” episode 1x11.  Camille gets kidnapped at her own epic Halloween party.  And Detective Fisher mistakenly thinks Cameron and Kirsten are sleeping together.  This is a standalone episode, so Cameron’s presence in the Halloween episode does not tell us his fate (the summer finale left it unclear if Cameron will live or die).

Camille loves Halloween and went full out with Halloween decorations at their house.  She attempts to scare Kirsten by turning off the lights and having a creepy zombie (Zed) crawl out into the hallway, but Kirsten doesn’t even flinch.  She doesn’t do scared.  Kirsten isn’t a big fan of Halloween, either.

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Cameron and Linus show up at the house, dressed in costumes even though Halloween is still two days away.  Cameron shows up as the Grim Reaper and Linus is dressed as a cow.

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Camille has to find a new place to throw her annual Halloween party when she loses her venue.  The spooky house she was going to have the party at is being torn down and turned into a mortuary.  Kirsten makes it clear that they can’t have the party at their house.

The team has another death to investigate at the Stitch lab.  Devon, a twenty-year-old college student, was found hanging from a tree near his home.  It looks like a suicide, since the police found a note that said he was sorry for what he did.  Devon had been living alone ever since his parents died a couple years ago.

The team suspects Devon had something to do with the disappearance of Kelly, a college student who worked at a diner.  She went missing a couple days ago.

Kirsten stitches into Devon’s memories and sees him at a diner.  Devon clearly likes Kelly, but he is awkward around her.  Kirsten then sees a memory of Devon with a dead body.  That’s followed by a memory of Devon talking to himself in a mirror, saying “Why do you do bad things?  You need to stop.  Just leave her alone.”

Kirsten ends up back at the diner in another memory.  Kelly is leaving the café and Devon is watching her.  He seems to look at Kirsten when he says “Don’t try to stop me”.  He then grabs Kelly.

Kirsten quickly bounces out of the memory.  She’s freaked out because Devon looked at her and talked to her in the memory.  Cameron dismisses it as a phantom memory distortion. 

The team goes to check out Devon’s house, which is a huge mansion that Camille thinks would be the perfect place for her Halloween party.  The house is paid off and ownerless.  It’ll be grabbed by the state when Devon’s death goes public.  So Camille would be able to throw the Halloween party there before that happens.  Cameron, however, thinks that throwing a party where a kidnapper lived would be wrong on every level.

Kirsten sees someone in the house, so they all go in through an unlocked door.  While Camille is busy planning her Halloween party, Kirsten goes upstairs.  She doesn’t find anyone in the house, but she does feel a presence.

Back at home, Kirsten looks at Devon’s online profile.  She doesn’t see anything that would point to him being a murderer.  He kept to himself, wasn’t a troublemaker and did well in school.

Meanwhile, Camille whips up some impressive “Eye d’oeuvres”.  She made the bloodshot eyeballs with mozzarella, black olives and some food coloring.  Linus and Camille head out to borrow a coffin for the party.

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Kirsten is about to fall asleep when she hears a noise.  She gets up and sees Devon outside her window.  A second later, he is gone.  Kirsten goes outside with a poker and gets spooked when a black cat jumps in front of her.

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Kirsten immediately heads to Cameron’s place.  She doesn’t believe in ghosts, but she’s freaked out after seeing a dead guy outside her house.  She needs chocolate hazelnut spread to calm her down.

Cameron is worried about Kirsten.  He assures her that this Devon ghost is just an image that is lingering in her subconscious. 

Kirsten decides to spend the night at Cameron's place.  She takes his bed and Cameron takes the couch.  Kirsten has a nightmare of being in the stitch lab and the fish tank filling with blood.  Kirsten gets up and sees Devon outside Cameron’s door.

Kirsten, armed with a kitchen knife, wakes Cameron up.  Cameron goes out, but doesn’t see anyone in the hall.  He’s still convinced Kirsten is seeing Devon’s ghost because of work induced stress.  Kirsten asks Cameron to stay with her.  In an adorable Camsten moment, Kirsten falls asleep in bed next to Cameron.

Detective Fisher wakes Cameron up with an early morning phone call.  He found out that Devon worked as a temp at Archer medical school’s cadaver lab.

Kirsten is jumpy when they get to the cadaver lab.  She denies that the case is getting to her.  She didn’t get much sleep because Cameron snores.  Detective Fisher assumes Kirsten and Cameron are sleeping together, but that is TMI for him. 

Detective Fisher and Cameron are disgusted by the dead body in the cadaver lab, but Kirsten doesn’t seem to be affected.  The dead body isn’t Kelly, but Kirsten finds Kelly’s cell phone in the dead body.  On the phone they see a photo of Kelly, clearly kidnapped, held in a sealed room.

The Stitchers team realizes that Kelly has been left in the sealed room for 54 hours.  Camille does some calculations.  The carbon dioxide in the sealed room will kill Kelly in 124 minutes.

Kirsten is ready to stitch back into Devon, but Maggie is concerned about Kirsten’s emotional stability.  Cameron told Maggie that Kirsten has been seeing Devon’s ghost.  Kirsten stitches into Devon anyway and finds out Kelly is being held in Devon’s basement.

Detective Fisher and the Stitchers team race to Devon’s house.  They find Kelly tied up and cut her loose.  Luckily, she is still alive.  She’s dehydrated, but she’ll be okay.

Camille goes through with her plan to throw an epic Halloween party at Devon’s house.  Camille is dressed as a vampire space princess, Linus is an intergalactic rock star, Cameron is the Flash and Kirsten is an angel.

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Kirsten promises to dance with Cameron after she goes to the bathroom to get some pixie dust out of her eye.  Upstairs, Kirsten ends up in the room where she saw Devon talking to himself in one of his memories.  She doesn’t see the mirror he was looking at.  She finds a photo of Devon with his identical twin brother.

Kirsten is suddenly grabbed by Gavin, Devon’s twin brother.  Kirsten realizes that Gavin is the person she’s been seeing, not Devon’s ghost.  All those times Kirsten thought Devon was talking to her in the stitch?  She was actually seeing Gavin talk to Devon and it only looked as though he was talking directly to her.

Gavin tries to strangle Kirsten, but she fights back and gets away.  Kirsten runs downstairs and announces that there is an evil twin upstairs in a secret room.  Everyone thinks she is joking and keeps partying.  Linus and Cameron fail to get anyone to leave the party, so Camille shuts it down by telling people that Stephen King is signing autographs outside.

They call Detective Fisher and suddenly realize Camille is missing.  They hear her screaming.  Kirsten manages to get into the secret room, but Cameron and Linus are locked out.  Kirsten cuts Camille free, but they are trapped in the secret room with Gavin.

Gavin admits that he killed his twin brother Devon.  Devon wanted Gavin to let Kelly go.  Gavin had kidnapped Kelly because Devon liked her.  He considered Devon’s crush on Kelly to be a betrayal.

Kirsten tells Gavin that she is just like him.  She knows that it isn’t easy being different.  When she was a kid, no one wanted to be around her.  Not even her parents.  While Kirsten talks, she inches Gavin towards a spot underneath a pulley.  Kirsten causes the pulley to crash down on Gavin and tells him that she is nothing like him.

Detective Fisher shows up to arrest Gavin.  He tells the team that Gavin’s existence was completely off record.  He points out that the team trespassed and illegally broke into Devon’s house for a Halloween party, but he won't arrest them as long as they invite him to next year’s Halloween party.

What’d you think of the Stitchers standalone Halloween episode?  It was a cool episode to hold us over until season 2 of Stitchers starts in 2016.  And holiday-themed episodes are always fun.  Did you like the Camsten moments in the episode?  What’d you think of everyone’s costumes?  Was the Halloween Stitchers episode everything you wanted it to be?

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