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Recap of ‘Stitchers’ 1x10: Cameron Willing to Die for Kirsten

Cameron risks his life to prove that Kirsten can trust him in the season one finale of Stitchers episode 1x10 “Full Stop”.  Detective Fisher gets shot and the Stitchers team scrambles to find out who tried to kill him.  Kirsten makes a shocking discovery about her parents and her temporal dysplasia.  And Cameron makes the ultimate sacrifice to prove that he’s on Kirsten’s side.

Detective Fisher finally gets to meet Leslie Turner.  Leslie tells Fisher not to investigate Ed Clark’s murder.  They are handling it internally.  Leslie claims that Kirsten is in danger.  He orders Fisher to leave this investigation alone.

Detective Fisher doesn’t fight Leslie on it, but both Leslie and Maggie know that Fisher isn’t going to let it go that easily.

Detective Fisher wanted to have dinner with Kirsten alone, so he isn’t very social when Camille crashes the dinner.  Camille tells a hilarious story about her first and last experience with online dating.  The guy was at least ten years older than his picture and showed up in a mesh tank top, flip flops and brought his pet ferret Diego.  Diego had his own Twitter account and had more followers than Camille.

Camille and Kirsten want to know why Fisher still wears his wedding ring.  He isn't married anymore.  Cameron shows up, which annoys Fisher.  Kirsten didn’t tell him that Cameron was also coming to the dinner.  Camille and Cameron heard about the dinner and asked to tag along, so it wasn’t like Kirsten could say no.

Camille and Cameron both sense the tension and wonder if they are crashing a date.  Camille quickly drags Kirsten to the bathroom, while Cameron asks if he is interrupting something.  Fisher is in more of a mood than usual.  Fisher asks Cameron about Leslie Turner.  Cameron thinks Leslie is an enigma wrapped in a paradox dressed in a two thousand dollar suit.

Cameron is excited that he finally has a chance to grab a beer with Fisher.  Or they could share a pasta, but not like Lady and the Tramp.  Fisher isn’t amused.

In the bathroom, Camille tries to get the details about Kirsten’s love life.  Detective Fisher is Fisherlicious, but Liam’s been gone for less than a week.  The body is still warm.  Kirsten assures Camille that nothing is going on between her and Fisher.  Camille thinks Kirsten made the right choice when she turned down Liam.  If Kirsten got married, Camille would have to move out.  Also, there are plenty of ‘fishers’ in the sea.

Kirsten and Camille hear gunshots and screaming.  They rush out to find Cameron unconscious and Fisher shot.  An empty wheelchair is next to them.

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Maggie and Linus meet up with them at the hospital.  The doctor updates them on Cameron and Detective Fisher's condition.  Cameron had a concussion after he got hit in the head.  Fisher had surgery and is now in the ICU.  A bullet nicked an artery and he had a lot of internal blooding.  He is in critical condition.  The waitress who was shot didn’t make it.

Kirsten wants to stitch into the waitress immediately, but they have to wait until Cameron is awake.  He’s the only one who can pilot the stitch.

Kirsten, Camille and Linus check in on Cameron.  Kirsten is tired of waiting for answers.  She shows them the key Ed Clark hid in her mother’s tomb.  Maybe it has something to do with the shooting.  Linus asks where the safe deposit box is.  His parents have a key just like that. 

They head back to Kirsten’s house and go through all of Ed’s papers.  They find a bank statement for Century Plaza Bank.  Ed had box #613 there.

The next morning, Cameron is already back in the lab.  None of the witnesses at the restaurant could give details on the shooter, so their only chance is to stitch into the waitress. 

Cameron asks Camille to back him up during the stitch and stand by just in case.  Kirsten stitches into Helen, the waitress, and sees the shooter was a guy in a wheelchair.  Detective Fisher saved Cameron’s life by pushing him out of the way.  Cameron is shaken when he hears this.  He didn’t know Fisher saved his life at the restaurant.

Kirsten bounces out of the memory when she sees the shooter’s face.  Camille uses Linus’s computer to create a sketch of the shooter’s face and Linus acts weirdly territorial.  Since it’s his computer, he thinks he should be the one making the sketch.

Maggie recognizes the face.  The shooter is Robert Barbiero (guest star Henry Rollins).  He was the head of security for the Stitchers program twenty years ago.  He was a former Marine sniper and was hired by Kirsten’s parents.  He was very close to her parents, particularly her mother.

Cameron’s brush with death makes him realize that he needs a backup at the lab.  He decides to train Camille in case something happens to him.  Camille and Cameron discuss the stitch technology.  Camille wonders why Kirsten is the only one who is good at stitching into memories.  Cameron says the digital handshake between Kirsten and the stitch system is perfect.  It’s like the lab was tuned to her brain pattern.

They used test stitchers when they first started the program.  Marta was the only one who stitch, but she wasn’t good enough.  Finding out why Kirsten is so good at stitching could allow them to roll out the Stitchers program worldwide.

Linus, seething with jealous, tells Cameron that Camille isn’t qualified to pilot the stitches.  He thinks Cameron should have chosen him. He is the second most senior.  He has PhDs in bioelectric engineering and neurosystems.

Cameron disagrees.  Stitching requires finesse and a feel.  Cameron doesn’t think Linus has that. 

Kirsten goes to the bank to look in Ed’s safe deposit box.  The bank requires her signature, so that they can match it to the signature they have on file.  The bank tells her that the signature doesn’t match.  Kirsten remembers Ed asking her to sign her name when she was little.  Kirsten had signed the card as Kirsten Stinger, but Ed asked her to use his last name.  It’d make it easier in the future, but hopefully she wouldn’t ever have to find out why. 

Kirsten asks to try again and she signs her name the way she did when she was younger.  This time, the signature matches.  Kirsten opens the safe deposit box and finds the ‘K’ reference book that was missing from Ed’s bookshelf.

Kirsten skims through every page and even shakes the book, but she can’t find anything.  She shows the book to Cameron.  Cameron notices a flash drive hidden in the binding.

Kirsten and Cameron watch a video on the drive.  It’s a video of Kirsten’s father.  When Kirsten was little, her father used her and her mother as test subjects for the Stitchers technology.  Her mother was in a coma and her dad was desperate to use the stitch algorithm to save her life.  He stitched Kirsten inside her mom’s brain, but something went wrong during the stitch.  Her mom died and Kirsten’s brain was damaged.  Kirsten's father, crying, told Kirsten how sorry he was.

Kirsten realizes that she wasn’t born with temporal dysplasia.  Her dad gave it to her by stitching her into her mom.  That was what killed her mom.  Kirsten always thought her mom died in a car crash.  The car crash must have caused her mom’s coma.  Her dad didn’t know that the stitch couldn’t be performed on a living person. 

Cameron wonders if guilt drove Kirsten’s dad to leave her with Ed.  Kirsten remembers waiting at the window the night her dad left her.  She hoped her dad would turn around before getting in the taxi, but he didn’t.  She wanted to see his face to understand what he was feeling.

Maggie and a team of agents storm Robert Barbiero’s place and find him dead.  He was stabbed multiple times, but there isn’t much blood on the floor.  He must have been killed somewhere else.

Linus shows up at Camille’s house.  He can’t believe Cameron chose her to pilot the stitches.  Camille thought Linus would be happy for her.  She tries to assure him that he isn’t being edged out, but he blames her for not sticking up for him.  He storms out after accusing her of not having his back.

Maggie brings Robert Barbiero’s body to the stitch lab.  His long term memory is already degraded, but his short term memory is still good.  Kirsten stitches into his memories and sees him in an alley.  He’s on the phone with a woman who hired him to kill Fisher.  The woman showed up at the restaurant, which threw him off.  That’s why he wasn’t able to successfully kill Fisher.

Kirsten also sees Barbiero outside the restaurant before the shooting.  He was talking to someone in a black sedan.  The person in the sedan wanted to call off the hit on Fisher because Kirsten was in the restaurant, but Barbiero refused.  He was confident that Kirsten won’t get hurt in the shooting.  He didn’t save her at the Santa Monica Pier just to kill her now. Kirsten realizes that Barbiero was the one who turned on the carousel right when Kirsten and Cameron were about to be killed.  (In Stitchers “Connection” episode 1x03, Kirsten and Cameron were held at gunpoint at the pier when they tracked down a murderer who was robbing tourists).

Kirsten wasn’t able to make out the license plate on the car, but maybe Cameron did.  He walked past the car on his way to the restaurant.  However, Cameron doesn’t remember seeing them.

Surprisingly, Kirsten is able to access a long term memory from Barbiero.  This memory must have stuck because of its significance.  Kirsten sees a younger Barbiero in the same room with her and her mother.  Young Kirsten draws a picture for her mom.

Against Kirsten’s wishes, she is redirected to Barbiero’s memory in the alley.  Barbiero is on the phone with the woman.  She is talking to Barbiero, but her words are really a message for Kirsten to hear in the stitch.  The woman tells Kirsten not to repeat anything she says.  Leslie Turner knows Ed Clark was murdered, but he won’t give details.  Why?  Everyone Kirsten trusts is lying to her.  The woman can’t prove this now, so she wants Kirsten to keep working with the Stitchers program.  When Kirsten is ready to hear the truth, she will find her.

After the woman finishes the message, Barbiero is stabbed in the alley.  Kirsten quickly bounces out of the memory and Maggie wants to know what Kirsten saw and heard.  Kirsten lies and says that she didn’t see anything.

Kirsten and Cameron check in on Detective Fisher at the hospital.  Fisher is still on life support. 

Maggie wants Cameron to find out what Kirsten saw in the stitch, but Cameron refused.  Kirsten tells Cameron that Barbiero was killed and used as a message machine to send a private message to her.  The woman knew Kirsten would stitch into the body, so Barbiero was told things that only Kirsten was meant to hear.

Since Cameron walked past Barbiero in front of the restaurant, Kirsten asks who Barbiero was talking to.  Cameron doesn’t remember.  He reminds Kirsten that he had a concussion.  Kirsten accuses him of not trying hard to remember, even though Cameron wants to catch whoever shot Detective Fisher.

Frustrated, Cameron asks when Kirsten will learn to really trust him.  Kirsten wants to trust him, but she doesn’t feel like she can after everything that has happened.

Cameron can think of one way to prove that Kirsten can trust him, but it’s dangerous.  If he really did see a license plate and the guy Barbiero was talking to, then Kirsten will be able to stitch into his memories and find it.

Kirsten can only stitch into dead people, so Cameron gets a syringe of potassium methochloride at the stitch lab.  It will stop his heart and he will be dead for four minutes.  Ayo can jumpstart his heart to bring him back to life.  Camille can pilot the stitch.  Linus doesn’t think Camille is ready to do that.  Camille isn’t on board, either.  Cameron had heart surgery when he was little.  What if his heart can’t take this?

Cameron wants to do this to protect all of them.  Detective Fisher was targeted first, but any of them could be next.  None of them are safe.

Maggie won’t let Cameron take this risk, but Leslie Turner shows up and supports Cameron’s plan.  There is a continuing threat to the program and stitching into Cameron’s brain is the key to finding out how deep it goes.

Maggie thinks using Cameron like that is barbaric and unethical, but Leslie is in control of the Stitchers program.  It’s his call.  Linus, Camille and Kirsten all refuse to go through with Cameron’s plan.

While everyone is arguing, Cameron injects himself with the potassium methochloride.  Before Cameron loses consciousness, he tells Kirsten that he needs to keep her safe.

The Stitchers team rushes to start the stitch.  They place Cameron in the corpse cassette and Camille takes over.  Kirsten stitches into Cameron’s memories.  They are all memories of her, including the time she kissed him after a stitch and the time she thanked him for not being a nobody.  Kirsten finally sees how much Cameron cares about her.  Kirsten had no idea how he felt.  

Camille finally pilots Kirsten to the memory outside the restaurant, but the memory is blurry and distorted.  It’s useless.  Even though Cameron is clinically dead, he is not actually dead yet.  So his brain is pushing back and causing the distortion. 

Kirsten gets pulled into a memory of Cameron in the hospital after his heart surgery.  Young Cameron wanders around the hospital and sees young Kirsten.  Young Kirsten is painting her mom’s nails while her mom is in a coma. 

Young Kirsten is sure her dad will be able to help her mom.  Young Cameron comforts Kirsten and touches her arm.  He tells her to trust him.  Her mother will be okay.

Time runs out and Kirsten has to make the bounce.  Ayo uses the defibrillators on Cameron, but he is unresponsive.  Kirsten screams for Cameron to wake up.  We hear him flatline as the screen goes black.

We are left with a huge cliffhanger for season one of Stitchers.  Cameron proved himself by making the ultimate sacrifice for Kirsten.  Is Cameron really dead?  Cameron’s heroics showed Kirsten that she can trust him.  She finally saw how much he cared for her.  While Cameron and Kirsten’s relationship took a step forward, Linus and Camille’s relationship took a step back.  Do you think it was fair for Linus to take his anger out on Camille when Cameron chose her to be his successor?  Why would anyone want Detective Fisher dead?  Do you think Cameron is going to live?

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