Saturday, February 27, 2016

Real-life Sisters Cast to Play Young Kirsten on ‘Stitchers’

There will be two actresses portraying young Kirsten in Stitchers season 2.  In season 1 of Stitchers, eleven-year-old actress Kaylee Quinn appeared in nine episodes as ‘Young Kirsten’ in flashbacks.  Kaylee will still be in season 2 of Stitchers, but it looks like they also needed an even younger version of Kirsten.

Who better to play that role than Kaylee Quinn’s real-life little sister?  Kaylee Quinn’s younger sister, seven-year-old Coco Quinn, was cast to play ‘Baby Kirsten’.  Coco was excited to get to work on the same set as her sister.  On Instagram she wrote “I can't wait to work on #Stitchers next week! I get to see where@kayleequinn3 goes and do what she does! #soexcited ! #babykirsten”.

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Random fact: Kaylee and Coco Quinn are both competitive dancers. 

Can’t wait to learn more about Kirsten’s past and see her uncover the truth about her family’s secrets in season 2 of Stitchers.

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