Friday, July 17, 2015

Kyle Harris Lip-Syncs ‘Stitchers’ Quotes Using Dubsmash

Kyle Harris (Cameron) had some fun lip-syncing Stitchers quotes using Dubsmash.

Camille has the best one-liners on Stitchers, so it makes sense that Kyle Harris would want to dub her lines.  He tackled Camille’s line “You wanna use my laptop to hack into the LAPD’s data server?  That’s … help me, what is the world I’m looking for?  Illegal” from the pilot episode “A Stitch in Time” and he totally nailed it.

Kyle Harris also took on Linus’s hilarious response to going back to Camille’s place and hooking up her stereo.  That scene was from episode 1x03 “Connection”.

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