Tuesday, June 16, 2015

'Stitchers' Sneak Peek 1x03: Camille Asks Linus for Help

Camille takes up Linus on his offer to set up their old stereo system in this sneak peek of Stitchers 1x03 “Connection”.  In another sneak peek for Stitchers 1x03, we saw Kirsten and Camille get offended by the implication that girls aren't smart enough to set up a stereo system. 

Looks like the girls had a change of heart.  They want Linus and Cameron to come over after all.  The stereo has 16 sockets, which makes for 298 possible tube to socket connections.  Camille makes it clear that she is capable of setting it up, but it’ll be faster with his and Cameron’s help.  They’ll get wine in return for their help.

Before leaving, Camille clarifies that she doesn’t think Linus is an idiot.  He’s more of an imbecile. 

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