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Recap of 'Stitchers' 1x03 “Connection”

The Stitchers team investigates the murder of a newlywed in Stitchers 1x03 “Connection”.  Cameron worries that Kirsten is getting too emotionally attached to the victim, while things heat up between Camille and Linus.

Ed Clark, the man who raised Kirsten, left everything he owned to Kirsten in his will.  Camille and Kirsten move boxes of Ed’s stuff into their place.  Kirsten isn’t interested in looking through his things, but Camille immediately starts the treasure hunt.  She’s on the lookout for anything valuable they can sell.  Clearly Camille is a woman with no personal boundaries.

Kirsten looks through photos while Camille examines an old stereo.  Kirsten finds an old photo ripped in half.  It’s a photo of Ed with Kirsten’s mom.  On the back of the photograph is the word ‘Remember’.  Kirsten wants to know who was ripped out of the photo.

Kirsten heads to the Stitchers lab, hidden deep underground beneath a restaurant in Chinatown.  Kirsten shows Maggie Baptiste the photograph and asks what the connection is between Ed and her mom.  Maggie says Kirsten’s mom and Ed Clark were just friends.  Ed Clark, Kirsten’s mom and Kirsten’s dad all helped create the Stitchers technology. 

Maggie isn’t forthcoming with information, which leads Kirsten to think Maggie is hiding something from her.  There are four possible motives: Maggie doesn’t want Kirsten to know something, Maggie thinks Kirsten wouldn’t want to know something, Maggie actually doesn’t know anything, or Maggie believes knowledge is power and wants to retain as much of it as possible.  Kirsten tells Maggie to keep the photo.  She’s already got it memorized.

Linus and Cameron offer to help Camille and Kirsten set up Ed Clark’s old stereo system.  They imply that women aren’t smart enough to hook up a stereo by themselves, which makes the girls immediately rebuff the offer.  Camille studied electric engineering and acoustic wave theory, so she’s sure she can handle setting up an old stereo.

The Stitchers team has a new case to investigate.  Lily Ross, a 25-year-old newlywed, was on her honeymoon with her husband Scott.  Lily’s body was found in an alley near the Santa Monica Pier.  She died of blunt force trauma.  There has been a rash of tourists getting robbed.  The police have questioned Lily Ross’s husband, but he was in shock and barely able to talk. 

Camille thinks it sucks that Lily was murdered on her honeymoon.  Showing her usual lack of tact, Kirsten asks why.  Dead is dead, no matter when it happens.

Kirsten’s stitch into Lily Ross’s memories is a difficult one because of the blunt force trauma.  The memories move faster than normal.  In Lily’s memories, Kirsten sees Scott Ross lie about leaving his phone at the restaurant.  She sees him talking on his phone, but she can’t hear what he is saying.  Kirsten sees someone grab Lily at the pier.  She jumps into another memory.  This time, she sees Scott tell Lily “Know what I hate about you?”  She also sees Lily find an envelope full of cash.  That’s enough money for Scott to hire a hitman to kill his wife.  Despite all the evidence pointing towards the husband’s guilt, Kirsten feels like he’s innocent. 

Back at home, Camille asks Kirsten about Linus.  Camille denies being interested in him, but clearly she’s attracted to him.  Camille and Kirsten find a cassette tape that Ed left Kirsten when she was little.

Detective Fisher interrogates Scott Ross and isn’t sure that he’s innocent, but Kirsten isn’t happy with his line of questioning.  He didn’t ask Scott about the envelope of cash or the argument Scott had with Lily.  Detective Fisher obviously couldn’t ask those questions, since they can’t say they stitched into Scott’s dead wife’s brain to access her memories. 

Kirsten thinks a guilty person would ask for a lawyer, which Scott didn’t do.  Detective Fisher isn’t convinced.  He says Scott took out a life insurance policy one week before.  When Detective Fisher leaves the room, Kirsten goes in to question Scott despite Cameron’s protests. 

Scott says both he and his wife took out life insurance policies on each other.  They just wanted to take care of each other in case anything happened.  The envelope full of cash was the money Scott used to buy Lily a diamond and sapphire necklace.  It was stolen when Lily was attacked.

When Kirsten asks why Scott said he hated Lily, Scott gets freaked out by how much Kirsten knows.  He demands a lawyer and refuses to talk.

Detective Fisher is furious at Kirsten for impersonating a cop.  She’s going to compromise the whole case. 

Cameron noticed how Kirsten almost grabbed Scott’s hand during the interrogation.  He’s worried that Kirsten is feeling residual emotion towards Scott because of the stitch.  Kirsten is projecting Lily Ross’s feelings.

Kirsten can feel that there wasn’t any anger in Scott and Lily’s relationship.  Even when Scott said that he hated Lily, Lily knew that he really didn’t.

Cameron warns Kirsten that sometimes people get hurt.  Kirsten asks if they are still talking about Lily.  Cameron seems to be worried about something else, but he isn’t explaining it to Kirsten.

At the Stitchers lab, Camille asks Linus to come over later and help set up Ed Clark’s stereo system.  Not that Camille isn’t capable of doing it herself.  She just thinks it will be faster if Linus and Cameron help.  Camille calls Linus an imbecile, but Linus looks excited to about their plans.

Kirsten is ready to get stitched back into Lily’s memories, but Cameron is worried that Kirsten is getting to close to this case.  She’s have trouble separating Lily’s emotions from her own. 

Kirsten goes back into Lily's memory of the fight and finds out Lily and Scott weren’t fighting at all.  When Scott asks what he hates about Lily, the answer is ‘nothing’.  She also sees a memory of Scott giving Lily the diamond and sapphire necklace.  Looks like Scott is telling the truth.

With time running out, Cameron freaks out when Kirsten doesn’t bounce out of the memory.  Maggie reminds Cameron that Kirsten is not Marta (the previous stitcher who is now in a coma).

Kirsten finally makes the bounce after seeing the driver who drove the couple to the pier.  They need to investigate the car service LA Wheels and find the driver.

Turns out the LA Wheels lead is a dead end.  The driver has an alibi.  He was at a sports bar three miles away.

Kirsten goes to Scott’s hotel to talk to him again.  Cameron thinks it’s a bad idea, so Kirsten tells him not to come.  Instead, Cameron goes to the hospital to visit Marta. 

Maggie also comes to the hospital.  Cameron tells her that she never told him that people could get hurt with the Stitchers program.  Maggie reminds Cameron that Kirsten is different than Marta.  Cameron is worried that they aren’t different enough.  Marta couldn’t separate her emotions from the samples she stitched into.  Cameron is worried that Kirsten is doing the same thing. 

Maggie knows that Cameron doesn’t like or trust her.  But she promises that Cameron will someday look back on the Stitchers program and know that he was a part of something very important.  However, Maggie can’t promise that no one else will get hurt.

Kirsten talks to Scott Ross, who is drinking in his hotel room.  He tells Kirsten that the concierge arranged for the LA Wheels car service to bring him and Lily to the pier. 

Cameron may have good reason to be concerned about Kirsten.  Feeling residual emotion, Kirsten touches Scott’s leg.  Scott gets angry and grabs Kirsten’s arm.  He blames himself for Lily’s death.  He could have prevented her death if he had stayed with her instead of sneaking off to arrange for the hotel to send champagne up to the room as a romantic surprise. 

Linus comes over to help Camille with the stereo.  The two of the bond over their strange friendships with Cameron and Kirsten.  They realize that they don’t really know much about their friends.  They successfully hook up the stereo and start making out.

Kirsten finds Cameron in the hotel lobby and tells him about the concierge.  Lily was wearing a lot of jewelry the night she was killed, so she looked like a target.  Cameron and Kirsten use the agency’s expense account to get blinged out. 

Decked out in diamonds and expensive watches, Kirsten and Cameron ask the hotel concierge to arrange transportation for them.  The LA Wheels driver arrives and he’s the same driver who drove Lily and Scott the day she was murdered.

Kirsten sends a text to Camille.  Unfortunately, Camille and Linus are a bit occupied.  She doesn’t notice the text right away.

The LA Wheels driver drops Cameron and Kirsten off and his partner robs them at gunpoint.  Turns out there are three people involved in these robberies.  The concierge targets rich tourists and the driver drops them off where the third partner is waiting with a gun.

Who would have thought Cameron could kick some ass in a fight?  Cameron knocks out the robber with a bucket just as the LAPD arrive.  Of course, Cameron feels like vomiting afterwards.

Detective Fisher is on scene when they arrest the concierge.  There is an A.P.B. out for the driver, so it’s just a matter of time before they catch him.  Detective Fisher is impressed that Cameron took down the robber by smacking him with a bucket, but he isn’t interested in grabbing a beer with him.

Scott apologizes for lashing out at Kirsten earlier.  Kirsten sweetly tells him “You know what Lily hated about you?  Nothing.”

Camille and Linus may have slept together, but they aren’t ready to let Kirsten and Cameron know about it.  They play it cool in front of Cameron and Kirsten, though clearly something is up.

Kirsten struggles to deal with the emotions she feels when she stitches.  First she felt Peter and Julie’s love, then Scott and Lily’s love.  Kirsten wonders if love is intense connection and then heartbreaking loss.  She asks Cameron if it’s worth it.  He isn’t sure, but he thinks it’s better to have loved and lost than to have never loved at all.

Kirsten remembers Ed Clark giving her the cassette tape when she was little and he was going away for a while.  He recorded himself reading three of Kirsten’s favorite stories so that she could listen to one each night that he was gone.  He gives her permission to listen to the tape on his stereo, which she usually isn’t allowed to use.

In the flashback, Ed Clark tried to kiss Kirsten goodbye.  Kirsten pulled away from him and threw the tape in the trash without listening to it.

Back in the present, Kirsten finally listens to the tape.  On the tape, Ed Clark apologizes for leaving.  He tells her that he’ll always watch out for her, even when he’s gone.  Ed then starts to read Sleeping Beauty.

Maggie really is keeping secrets from Kirsten.  Turns out Maggie has the other half of the ripped photo.  She puts the pieces together and we see that Maggie is the person ripped out of the photo.  The back of her half of the photo also has the word ‘remember’ written on it.

In a shocking end to the episode, the previous stitcher Marta wakes up from her coma.

What do you think Maggie is hiding from Kirsten? 

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