Saturday, May 30, 2015

'Stitchers' lab tour with Ritesh Rajan

Watch Stitchers actor Ritesh Rajan give a tour of the Stitchers lab in this video.  (Stitchers star Kyle Harris also gave a different Stitchers lab tour).

Ritesh Rajan shows us the desk where his character, Linus, works.  Linus is a bioelectrical engineer and communications technician in the Stitch lab.

Ritesh also takes us to Cameron’s desk, which has a lot of toys and gadgets.  Ritesh is jealous that actor Kyle Harris (Cameron) gets to play with the toys all day.  Ritesh just has Rubik's Cubes, as well as unicorns that the crew leaves on his desk. 

In the center of the Stitch lab is the ‘fish tank’.  Emma Ishta (Kirsten) has to spend hours in the fish tank while they are filming episodes.

The main attraction of the Stitch lab is the corpse cassette, where the victim is during the stitch.

The fish tank and the corpse cassette are definitely unique parts of the Stitchers set.

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