Wednesday, September 27, 2017

'Stitchers' Cancelled After 3 Seasons: Cast Reacts

Bad news, Stitchers fans. After three seasons, Freeform has decided to cancel Stitchers. The Stitchers cast took to social media to say goodbye to the show and thank the fans for all the support. (Sign the petition here to get Stitchers picked up by another network!)

Kyle Harris (Cameron) tweeted this photo of himself with Emma Ishta, Ritesh Rajan and Damon Dayoub. Kyle wrote "If I had this to do again And the evening were new again I would spend it with you again But now the curtain falls."

Emma Ishta (Kirsten) shared this photo of Kyle Harris, Ritesh Rajan and Damon Dayoub holding her up. She wrote "Today we say goodbye to what has been a huge part of my life for the past 3 years -The Little Show that Could - @stitcherstv . I want to thank our creator and show runner Jeff Schecter, our executive producers @jonathanbaruch and Rob Wolken, Steve Minor and @freeformfor taking a chance in a completely unknown actor with hardly any experience. You have given me the opportunity to grow exponentially as an actor but more importantly as a human. I am so grateful. And to our fans: THANK YOU. It has been a delight and honor to create this show for you. Your enthusiasm and passion is unparalleled, thank you for believing in us. To the next chapter! P.S. See how they catch me when I fall? @kyleharris @damondayoub @teshrajan".

Stitchers tv show cancelled, Emma Ishta, Kyle Harris, Ritesh Rajan and Damon Dayoub

Ritesh Rajan (Linus) tweeted "Thank you to everyone for a wonderful opportunity. I will miss all of you. To all the fans, we couldn't have done it with out you. ❤️❤️❤️".

Damon Dayoub (Detective Fisher) tweeted "The @StitchersTV chapter has come to a close. thank you to all our fans for making this job that much more fulfilling. See you soon".

Sarah Davenport (Ivy) tweeted "Cannot say THANK YOU enough for being involved with #Stitchers. Thx to all: creators, writers, directors, crew, cast, FANS. Love, forever."

Cameron Britton (Tim) tweeted "Three seasons to some, for me its three years of my life. Kyle Emma Ross Sola Chelsea Andrew Ritesh Salli Allison Damon and Jeff, thank you."

Ross Kurt Le (Alex) shared this photo taken on the Stitchers set. He tweeted "Thanks for the opportunity and the memories guys. #Stitchers #freeform".

Stitchers executive producer Jeffrey A. Schechter tweeted "Our amazing cast and crew are the real heroes of this adventure. And thanks @FreeformTV for giving me the chance to tell 3 yrs of stories."

He also tweeted "Sadly, it's true. #Stitchers is done. But the energy, love, and support of our fans is something that I am grateful for & will never forget."

The Stitchers writers tweeted " Thank you for allowing us into your homes for three amazing seasons. We are beyond blessed to have been on this journey with you."

If you love Stitchers, please don't give up. Sign the petition to get Stitchers picked up by another network. And keep tweeting with the hashtags #SaveStitchers and #Stitchers. Tweet @TheCW , @AmazonVideo , @SYFY and @FXNetworks to ask them to pick up Stitchers.


  1. oh no. that sucks. it wasn't bad & it ended on a cliffhanger. boo. can't they do a wrap up episode like that weird halloween episode they did

    1. Yeah, it really sucks. I definitely need some answers after that cliffhanger. Doing a wrap up episode is a great idea.

      I know it's probably a long shot, but I'm keeping my fingers crossed that the petition works and another network picks up Stitchers.