Friday, July 21, 2017

'Stitchers' 3x07 Sneak Peek: Camsten Alone After Everyone Mysteriously Vanishes

Kirsten and Cameron are the only ones left in the stitch lab in this sneak peek of Stitchers episode 3x07 "Just The Two Of Us".

Kirsten tells Cameron that the entire lab was empty after she bounced out of  a stitch. It's like everyone but Camsten vanished into thin air.

There's a cup of hot coffee on the table, so they must have just missed whatever happened.

Even the corpse is missing from the corpse cassette. Strangely, Kirsten can't remember anything about the victim. She doesn't even remember if the victim was male or female.

Cameron thinks whatever is going on is some sort of organized attack.

Stitchers episode 3x07 “Just The Two Of Us” will air July 24 at 9pm/8c on Freeform.

Stitchers 3x07 promo and sneak peeks:
Everyone except Camsten vanishes from the stitch lab in this sneak peek 
Kirsten can't find Cameron in this sneak peek

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