Monday, January 9, 2017

3 Things Ritesh Rajan Wants on Season 3 of ‘Stitchers’

Actor Ritesh Rajan, Linus on Stitchers, shared three things that he wants to see on season 3 of Stitchers.
  1. Deeper and darker cases and murders. He wants complicated and scary stitches.
  2. The bromance between Linus and Cameron to grow. We got sprinkles of that bromance in season 1 and 2, but he wants to see full fledged bromance in the upcoming season.
  3. Linus outside of the Stitch lab. Ritesh wants to flex his muscles a little bit. He has a martial arts background, so he’d like to bring that to the show.

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What do the other Stitchers actors want to see in season 3? Damon Dayoub, Detective Fisher, wants to see Cameron in the tank. And Sarah Davenport, Ivy Brown, wants to see a big family reunion between Ivy, Kirsten and their parents.

I’d love to see Linus using his martial arts skills against some bad guys. Camille has been working on her fighting skills. How awesome would it be to see both Camille and Linus in a fight scene?

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