Monday, December 19, 2016

Sarah Davenport Wants a Family Reunion for ‘Stitchers’ Season 3

Sarah Davenport, the actress who plays Ivy Brown on Stitchers, was asked what she wants to see for Stitchers season 3.

Sarah Davenport wants to see what kind of damage Ivy could do in the Stitchers lab. Not necessarily damage against the Stitchers team, but Ivy knows some stuff.

She’d also love to see a big family reunion, maybe with a mom, dad and two sisters.

And finally, Sarah wants Linus to find some love.

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Watch what Stitchers actor Damon Dayoub (Detective Fisher) wants to see for Stitchers season 3.

Do you also want to see everything that Sarah Davenport wants for Stitchers season 3? It would be interesting to see a family reunion with Kirsten’s parents. That family has a lot of deep, dark secrets. Hopefully Kirsten will be able to figure out what her dad is hiding.

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