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Recap of ‘Stitchers’ 2x08 “Red Eye”: Daisy Chain Stitching

Kirsten gets pushed to the limit in Stitchers episode 2x08 “Red Eye”. The Stitchers team only has 24 hours to stitch into 12 victims. They need to get creative to find answers before time runs out. Were these twelve deaths on an airplane coincidence or murder? Meanwhile, Cameron and Nina hit a roadblock in their relationship. And Camille comes clean to Linus about Liam.

The episode starts off at 8:14 in the morning. Kirsten calls her half-sister Ivy Brown. Kirsten introduces herself, but Ivy isn’t interested. Ivy says that she knows who Kirsten is. She tells Kirsten not to call back.

Kirsten is determined to find her dad, so she calls back and leaves a message. Kirsten reminds Ivy that they are family.

At 9:02 AM, Cameron and Nina are making out in his bed. He has to go to work, but Nina wants him to stay. She thinks he works for a video game company, so she doesn’t understand why he can’t go to work late. It’s not like it’s life or death. It seems like Cameron doesn’t have time for a relationship. Cameron asks Nina not to give up on him. He promises to make it up to her with a dinner date.

At the lab, the team investigates the deaths of twelve passengers who died on an airplane. The flight was from New York to Australia, with a scheduled stop in Los Angeles. As the plane was descending at LAX, twelve passengers died from apparent heart attacks. The cause is unknown, but chemically induced heart attacks have already been ruled out. The passengers were all strangers who were seated in different parts of the plane.

The survivors can only be detained for 24 hours before the police press charges or let them go. The killer will walk free unless the Stitchers team quickly figures out what happened.

It’s impossible to stitch into 12 people in 24 hours. Without taking breaks, they can stitch into 6 victims. Cameron is worried about the toll it will take on Kirsten mentally and physically. Kirsten insists that she can handle it. S

Even though the Stitchers team is racing against the clock, Kirsten is still preoccupied with her search for Daniel Stinger. Kirsten asks Camille how soon she can hand off Liam. Camille has some concerns about Kirsten looking into Liam’s involvement with Daniel Stinger. Liam was playing Kirsten the whole time they dated. Camille thinks Kirsten may want revenge on him.

Kirsten stitches into Annie Kane, a student. Annie was seated in the back of the plane. Kirsten sees some suspicious people on the plane. A man was looking in the overhead compartment for something. And a woman was secretive about something on her laptop.

Kirsten bounces out without much to go on. She saw pieces of things, but she has no idea if the pieces fit together.

Kirsten misses hanging out with Cameron. Now that Cameron has a girlfriend, Kirsten never sees him outside of work. Cameron invites her to have drinks with him and Nina. Kirsten says that sounds nice, but it seems like Kirsten was hoping to hang out with Cameron alone.

At 2:42 pm, Kirsten stitches into Deedee Willis. Deedee was the flight attendant who collapsed and died in the middle of the aisle. Kirsten learns that the guy looking in the overhead compartment was trying to find his passport. She also sees a guy, Jay Kovman (not a victim), doing something on his smartwatch. He tells the flight attendant that he is just setting the watch to Los Angeles time. The lights on the plane flicker and the PA system sounds weird just as the flight attendant dies.

The lights and the PA system run electronically, so Camille and Linus check out the plane for electrical issues. Linus is worried about his father, who’s having health issues. Linus has been calling his dad’s orthopedic oncologist for the last two days, but can’t get through to him. Camille offers to help in any way that she can.

Before Linus can respond, Camille’s phone rings. Linus grabs the phone and sees that Liam is calling Camille. Before Linus jumps to conclusions, Camille tells him the truth. She explains that Liam is connected to Daniel Stinger. Maggie wanted to get information from Liam. Camille wasn’t allowed to tell anyone about the Liam assignment. She was just doing her job. Luckily for Camille, Linus believes her. Looks like the Camille-Linus-Liam drama is over.

Liam calls Camille again. Camille tells Liam that Kirsten isn’t completely over him. Camille wouldn’t feel right standing in the way of any chance Liam and Kirsten have to repair their relationship. Camille says Kirsten will call Liam soon.

Camille and Kirsten have no idea that shady Liam broke into their house. While on the phone with Camille, Liam is standing in Kirsten’s bedroom. After they hang up, Liam snaps a photo of Kirsten’s bedroom wall. Liam’s name is written with the mathematical formula Kirsten created to find her father.

Kirsten takes some aspirin for her headache and stitches into Gavin. Gavin was sitting next to Tracy Green, the secretive woman with the laptop. Tracy was working on quantum computing.

Detective Fisher and Linus interrogate Tracy Green. Tracy says she was on a business trip. She designs tech for quantum computers.  She hands over her computer, but she says it crapped out before the plane landed. It’s toast. It doesn’t look like Tracy is the murderer.

The Stitchers team goes through the personal possessions of the victims. They don’t find much except toothbrushes and earbuds. Camille notices that all the victims were traveling to Australia. That means the victims were all carrying passports. Kirsten wants to help, but Cameron forces her to rest.

Cameron’s phone rings and Kirsten answers it. Nina is surprised that Kirsten picked up. Cameron’s too busy to come to the phone and Nina doesn’t want to leave him a message.

Nina set up a romantic dinner at Cameron’s place, but Cameron forgot to cancel. Nina blows out the candle and storms out.

Meanwhile, Kirsten suddenly has a nosebleed. She quickly wipes away the blood before anyone notices.
Linus has a video chat with his dad. His dad’s test results were not good. Linus is close to tears as he offers to figure out treatment options for his dad. His dad doesn’t want Linus to worry. He knows Linus left twelve messages for the doctor. He wants Linus to live life and worry about things he can control. He tells Linus to focus on his work.

Kirsten stitches into Matt Calter, an Australian commodities broker. Matt was looking in the overhead compartment for his passport. He finds his passport on the floor and he puts it in his pocket. Kirsten bounces out of the memory and tells the team that Matt’s passport was next to his heart when he died.

The Stitchers team looks through the passports at one in the morning. They don’t see anything unusual about the passports. Camille borrows Detective Fisher’s knife. She cuts the cover of the passport to reveal the RFID chip inside. Maybe someone used the RFID chip to trigger the heart attacks.

Cameron is worried that Kirsten is burning out, so he decides to hot swap the bodies. Kirsten will stitch into two victims consecutively without bouncing out. Kirsten will have two minutes in each victim. Basically, they are doing one stitch with two samples. Kirsten will spend one minute in stasis in-between the two samples.

Kirsten stitches into Ramon Hernandez. Kirsten sees a nervous guy writing a love letter. He signs his name ‘Jay’.

Cameron moves Kirsten into stasis. Kirsten’s blood pressure rises as she panics. She’s in a void and it’s scary. She’s not alone, though. Young Cameron appears to help her. He holds her hand while she cries.

Young Cameron gives Kirsten some advice. She needs to see all the victims memories at the same time. We see young Kirsten wearing a daisy chain crown on her head. Kirsten remembers that her mom made her that daisy chain. Young Cameron says the daisy chain is the answer to stitching into multiple victims at the same time.

Kirsten stitches into the next victim, but there is nothing to see. Linus realizes that he didn’t map the memory properly. Cameron is upset that they wasted the stitch, but Camille jumps in to defend Linus.

Kirsten bounces out of the memory, but she passes out in the tank. When she comes to, she tells the team that they can stitch into all five victims at the same time if they daisy chain the subjects. They’ll be able to see the entire passenger section of the plane from all perspectives at once.
Camille steals some optogenetics harnesses from Caltech. They daisy chain the victims and Kirsten stitches in at 5:37 AM. Kirsten finds out that two passengers swapped identities before the flight. Vincent Grant paid Jay Kolden to swap identities. Vincent is a high-tech arms dealer on the FBI’s most wanted list. Vincent paid Jay to go to prison in his place. Vincent told Jay to keep the passport in his pocket (near his heart).

On the plane, Vincent used his smartwatch to set a timer for 45 seconds. He used an electrical charge strong enough to cause an instant heart attack. Jay Kolden was the real target. The other victims were collateral damage.

The Stitchers team cracked the case, but five minutes too late. The passengers were already released. The team thinks Vincent will flee the country on a different flight. Kirsten remembers seeing a symbol on Vincent’s smartwatch. Linus did a semester abroad, so he immediate recognizes it as the Tokyo Metro System logo.

Detective Fisher and Kirsten race to LAX just as Vincent is about to board a flight to Japan. Fisher grabs Vincent, but Vincent threatens to use an electrical charge again. People nearby with passports will die. Plus, Fisher also has a RFID chip in his LAPD ID card.

Kirsten sees Tracy Green near her. Kirsten grabs Tracy’s expensive computer and uses it to smash Vincent in the head. She successfully takes down Vincent, but totally destroys Tracy’s computer.

Cameron gets home, sees the candles and bottles of wine on the table, and realizes that he forgot to call Nina to cancel dinner. He texts Nina and offers an apology breakfast, but she declines.

Kirsten is exhausted. She’s ready to sleep for three days straight, but her phone rings. Kirsten’s half-sister, Ivy Brown, changed her mind. Now she wants to meet Kirsten.

So what did you think of Stitchers episode 2x08 “Red Eye”? Kirsten stitching into multiple victims at the same time was intense! And Liam’s one step ahead of the Stitchers team. They may have been playing him for information, but it looks like he’s doing the same thing. Breaking into Kirsten’s house? What is he up to?

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