Thursday, May 5, 2016

‘Stitchers’ 2x08 Sneak Peek: Stitching Into 12 Victims in 24 Hours

In this sneak peek of Stitchers episode 2x08 “Red Eye”, the Stitchers team only has 24 hours to stitch into 12 victims.

Twelve passengers died of heart attacks on a plane. There are no connections between passengers. They were all strangers who were seated in different parts of the plane.

The clock is ticking on this case. The survivors can only be detained for 24 hours before the police press charges or let them go. The Stitchers team has to work fast before the killer walks free.

24 hours isn’t enough time to stitch into 12 people. Without taking breaks, they can stitch into 6 victims. Cameron is against the plan. It’s technically possible to stitch into six people in one day, but that doesn’t mean Kirsten can handle the strain mentally and physically.

Kirsten brushes off Cameron’s concerns. Stitching into the victims is the only way they can catch the killer.

Based on the promo for Stitchers “Red Eye”, it looks like Cameron was right. Stitching into that many victims may be too much for Kirsten to handle.

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