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Recap of ‘Stitchers’ 2x09 “The Guest”: Liam is Murdered

Kirsten finally meets her half-sister Ivy Brown (played by actress Sarah Davenport) in Stitchers episode 2x09 “The Guest”, but can Kirsten trust her? Mitchell Blair puts an end to Kirsten’s search for her father. It looks like Liam will lead her to Daniel Stinger, but Liam is murdered before he can talk.

Maggie’s not having a good day. Someone leaked information about their murder investigation to the press. Maggie asks Detective Fisher where the rest of the team is.

The Stitchers team is dealing with a lot of personal issues today. Cameron’s dealing with girlfriend issues. Camille’s with Linus at the hospital. And Detective Fisher won’t say where Kirsten is. He wants Maggie to have plausible deniability when Mitchell Blair finds out what Kirsten is up to. He knows Blair won’t approve of the family reunion Kirsten is having.

Ivy Brown knocks on Kirsten’s door, but this isn’t a warm family reunion. Ivy doesn’t even want to come in. She just came to say that she won’t tell Kirsten where their father is. She also wanted to see what Kirsten looks like. Kirsten looks like her mom, which make Ivy dislike Kirsten even more.

Their dad, Daniel Stinger, left Ivy and her mom to be with Kirsten’s mom Jacqueline. Kirsten reminds Ivy that she was also abandoned. Her father left when she was eight.

Ivy still remains bitter, though. Ivy didn’t have a relationship with her dad for years and she blames Kirsten for that. Ivy refuses to tell Kirsten where their father is hiding. Ivy is convinced their dad is being hunted by the NSA because the government wants to exploit his work.

Kirsten tells Ivy that their father killed three people. She shows Ivy her NSA badge. The NSA is hunting for Daniel Stinger. If Ivy doesn’t help Kirsten locate their father, then they will be attending his funeral.

Ivy reluctantly stays. She assures Kirsten that their dad isn’t a murderer. Kirsten lists all the people their dad has murdered. The head of the Stitchers team, Ed Clark (the man who raised Kirsten) and Kirsten’s mother. (The death of Kirsten’s mother was accidental. When Kirsten’s mom was injured in a car accident, Daniel Stinger tried to use the Stitchers technology to save her. Unfortunately, it ended up killing her.)

Ivy got a different story from their dad. Daniel Stinger told Ivy that his technology was meant to change the world. Now he has to lay low because dangerous people are after him.

Interestingly, their dad already warned Ivy that Kirsten would find her. Their dad made her promise not to tell Kirsten where to find him. He will find Kirsten himself when she is ready to hear the truth.

Kirsten is surprised by those words. In season one, the mystery lady who sent Kirsten a message via a stitch also said the same thing. Kirsten asks if that message was from Ivy, but Ivy doesn’t know what she is talking about.

Ivy agrees to tell Kirsten where their father is hiding, but only if they both share their secrets. Ivy wants to know about their father’s technology. He refused to tell her exactly what the Stitchers technology does. All Ivy will say is that their dad is west of Mississippi. Kirsten won’t get an exact location until she explains the Stitchers technology.

Kirsten tells Ivy that the technology is used to solve murders. To give it some context, Kirsten decides to explain the murder case that the Stitchers team is currently investigating. She starts off by describing Cameron. Cameron is currently having girlfriend problems. Nina has been freezing him out after cancelled dinner twice.

Kirsten explains that Cameron is endearing when he’s not pissing her off. That makes Ivy smile. She immediately picks up on Kirsten’s feelings towards Cameron.

Kirsten describes the current murder case to Ivy. The Stitchers team is investigating the death of 26-year-old Josh Langston. Josh may have known his killer. He used an app called ZipCouch, which allows users to find places to spend the night. Denise Buchwald, a swimsuit model from Iowa, was supposed to show up to crash at Josh’s place. Only the Stitchers team found out Denise doesn’t exist. It was a fake profile.

Josh is the son of Senator Jefferson Langston, who is a friend of the Stitchers program. Mitchell Blair wants a tight lid kept on the investigation. He doesn’t want any details about the case leaking out to the press. Mitchell Blair also orders Kirsten to stop her unauthorized search for Daniel Stinger. And he doesn’t want Kirsten to have any contact with Liam Granger. From now on, only Mitchell Blair will search for Daniel Stinger.

When Kirsten stitches into Josh, she sees him cleaning his apartment. Abby Newton, a girl who used the ZipCouch app to spend the night at his place, is at the door. Kirsten quickly finds out that Josh isn’t the Boy Scout he appeared to be. Josh has a hidden camera in the living room. Josh uses that camera to watch women undress.

In another memory, Josh sets up the camera again. He gets a text from Denise, the fake profile from the ZipCouch app. She’s supposedly at the door. The hidden camera isn’t on when Josh answers the door. There’s no girl at the door, though. A guy in a clean-room suit shoots Josh. There was no evidence left behind.

Kirsten and Ivy take a break from storytime to get some food. Ivy finds some cheese in the fridge and asks if it’s safe to eat. Camille put a note on the cheese that threatens death to anyone who eats it. Kirsten tells her to go for it. Camille is trying to teach Kirsten boundaries, but Kirsten is actually the one who bought the cheese. They also dig up some old olives. They grab a bottle of wine and toast to more answers than questions.

Kirsten tells Ivy about Camille. Camille found some negative reviews about ZipCouch. The reviews had a lot of anger directed at the CEO Nick Mero. The reviews were from a dummy account, but Camille can track down the IP address.

Kirsten tells Ivy that Camille is tough, but she can always count on her. The whole Stitchers team is like family. At the lab, Linus tells the team that his dad’s surgery got pushed back again. Linus wants it over, so his dad can focus on getting better. Camille knows how to comfort Linus and Linus’s mind immediately jumps to sex. That’s not what Camille had in mind, though. She was thinking more along the lines of comfort food. She and Linus go crush chocolate in the break room.

Cameron’s still getting radio silence from Nina. He’s also upset that Kirsten never told him that Liam was back. Kirsten tried to tell Cameron before, but he was always running off with Nina. Kirsten slips up when Cameron asks if she is okay with him and Nina. Kirsten says she ‘was’ okay, and Cameron immediately notices that she used past tense. Flustered, Kirsten runs off. Cameron looks pleased. It doesn’t seems like he’s over Kirsten completely.

Ivy also realizes that Kirsten likes Cameron. Kirsten says that she isn’t focused on other relationships. She’s just focused on finding her father. Ivy thinks it’s a bit sad that Kirsten’s whole life revolves around her search for Daniel Stinger.

Kirsten shows Ivy her bedroom. Every wall in the room is covered with clues and mathematical equations to find her father. Ivy wonders if she should be worried about Kirsten.

Ivy asks if Kirsten’s desperation to find Daniel Stinger is because she misses him. Kirsten asks what their father is like. Ivy describes him as smart, driven and relentless. She thinks Kirsten is a lot like their father.

Ivy defends their father for abandoning them. Ivy believes everything their father did was motivated by love. Kirsten isn’t buying it. She can’t see abandonment and murder as a crazy kind of love.

Ivy asks about the red cap on the wall. Kirsten says it represents an informant. Kirsten suddenly remembers when she stitched into Josh earlier that day. Josh and Nick were in a meeting. Josh wanted to be a VIP host. During the stitch, young Cameron (the red cap kid) came back. Linus immediately puts up a firewall to isolate the anomaly, but he gets hit with a bigger firewall in return.

Kirsten thanks young Cameron for helping her out of the void. Young Cameron tells her that the time for secrets is almost over. Everything in her life has been a test. Someone will ask Kirsten a specific question. Kirsten’s answer will tell if she is ready for the truth.

Back in the present, Kirsten wonders about Ivy’s motives. Ivy keeps asking about the Stitchers technology. Kirsten asks if this is the test. Ivy doesn’t know what Kirsten is talking about, so Kirsten changes the subject. Kirsten tells Ivy more about the murder investigation.

Kirsten and Cameron meet with Nick (ZipCouch developer and CEO). Nick thought making Josh a VIP host would help publicity, since Josh was a Senator’s son. Nick wants to know when the press will find out about the murder. Nick owns 50% of ZipCouch shares. When word gets out, he and his investors will lose money. He also has to put new security measures in place to protect the app users.

Kirsten gets a text from Liam. Cameron asks Kirsten what the endgame is. What will she do when she finds her father? Kirsten wants to bring him to justice and burn him for what he did. Cameron doubts Kirsten will be able to arrest her own father when she is face-to-face with him.

Cameron is worried that Kirsten is losing herself. She’s risking everything and everyone who cares about her. Kirsten explains why she can’t give up the search. She has to look her father in the eye and know in her heart that she’s not him.

Kirsten meets up with Liam and immediately starts with the questions. She wants to know where her father is, but Liam denies working for him. Kirsten begs him, if he ever truly cared for her at all, to tell her where he is. Liam quickly leaves without telling Kirsten anything.

While Kirsten is telling Ivy about this earlier meeting with Liam, we see Liam watching them from outside Kirsten’s house.

The Stitchers team interrogates Jessica Grey, the founder of rival app Futon Friends. Jessica admits to leaving the negative reviews about Nick, but she isn’t apologizing for it. She calls the ZipCouch app poorly designed. Nick is a hack who stole all her ideas.  Nick is a serial entrepreneur. He creates numerous apps, each one failing within the first few months.

Nick even stole an investor from her. Caleb Jenkins, an investor with deep pockets and majorly connected, decided to invest in Nick’s company instead of hers. Caleb recently reached out and expressed regret at investing in Nick’s app. Caleb promised to infuse Jessica’s company with millions of dollars once he got his investment money back from Nick.

Kirsten tells Ivy that the team went to see Caleb, but it was too late. Someone shot him twice in the chest.

When Kirsten stitches into Caleb, she sees that Caleb and Nick had an argument. ZipCouch is the #1 app in the nation, but Caleb hasn’t seen a dime in return. Caleb dug up some dirt on Nick. Nick has numerous failed ventures. Nick has a bad habit of losing investors’ money. Caleb demands scheduled payout immediately and Nick asks for two more weeks.

In Caleb’s death moment memory, Kirsten sees Caleb get shot by the same man in a clean-room suit.

Back in the present, Linus’s dad is about to undergo surgery. Camille stops by with Indian sweets. As usual, Linus’s parents are happy to see Camille. Linus’s dad especially appreciates the gulab jamun.

Linus cries after his dad is taken away for the surgery. Linus associates crying with weakness, but Camille tells him that he’s never been more of a man than he is right now.

Ivy is running out of patience. She enjoyed hearing about the murder investigation, but now she wants to know exactly what their father’s technology is.

Kirsten is saved from answering when Detective Fisher calls. He says the ZipCouch murder just went public. ZipCouch is shutting down immediately. Nick will have a press conference in thirty minutes.

Kirsten tells Ivy that the murders were leaked to the press. Kirsten suddenly realizes that something doesn’t make sense. Nick claimed that he owns 50%, but Caleb had a 75% stake in the company.

Ivy uses Kirsten’s computer to access Nick’s financial records. Ivy is a computer teacher at an elementary school, but she used to work in banking. They find the smoking gun and go to the press conference.

Nick can’t ensure the safety of the ZipCouch users, so he’s taking it offline at midnight. Nick lets the media asks questions and Kirsten jumps in. She asks if the investors will get their money back. Nick says investing has risks. When valuation drops to zero, there’s nothing left to return.

Kirsten asks how that’s possible when Nick had 26 different investors. In fact, Nick funded the app at 3000%. He raised more money than was needed. When the app failed, he would be able to keep the money.

Nick didn’t expect the app to be so successful. So Nick sabotaged the app by murdering a host, which would force the app to close. Detective Fisher arrests Nick for the murder of Josh and Nick.

Cameron gets a visit from Nina. Nina wants more from Cameron. She knows Cameron and Kirsten have something special. She knows Kirsten is amazing, but she’s amazing too. Nina refuses to be second best. She tells Cameron to make a choice. Does he want the girl in his mind or the girl standing in front of him?
Cameron breaks the hearts of Camsten fans by choosing the girl standing in front of him. He was worried that Nina would never talk to him again. This conversation is real and open. He never realized before how much he needs that. Nina and Cameron kiss.

Maggie tells Kirsten that investigators found dozens of clean-room suits in Nick’s storage unit. Nick would have killed more investors if the Stitchers team hadn’t caught him.

Kirsten tells Maggie about Ivy Brown. Maggie doesn’t look happy, but she says they’ll deal with it later.

Kirsten thanks Ivy for her help on the case. Kirsten gets a call from Liam. He promises to tell her everything she needs to know about her father. Kirsten tells Ivy that she’s meeting up with her ex-almost fiancé. Kirsten was careful to describe the murder case without explaining that the Stitchers technology allows her to see the memories of the dead victims. Now Kirsten has a way of finding her father without spilling the Stitchers secret.

Ivy is surprised that Kirsten is leaving before they share their secrets with each other. Kirsten realizes that they are forcing the trust thing. Kirsten leaves, but she hopes they can get together soon.

Kirsten goes to meet Liam. Liam calls and says he’s just around the corner. Liam says “Wait, no” and Kirsten hears gunshots. She rushes to the nearby alley and finds Liam dead.

What did you think of Stitchers episode 2x09 “The Guest”? Kirsten and her half-sister Ivy Brown have a lot in common. They both share a love for black coffee, like statistics and are not huggers. Can we really trust Ivy, though? Ivy seems a little too interested in the Stitchers technology. And who do you think killed Liam?

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