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Recap of 'Stitchers' 2x07 "Pretty Little Lawyers": Long-Lost Sister & Criminal Father

It was all about family in Stitchers episode 2x07 “Pretty Little Lawyers” and not just because of the characters. It was also a family affair for the guest stars. Salli Richardson Whitfield (Maggie) was joined by her real-life husband. Dondre Whitfield played a lawyer suspected of murder. And Kyle Harris’s girlfriend, Stefanie Brown, joined the episode as the murder victim. Family was also the main focus of the episode. A long-lost sister and a father with a criminal history are just a few of the family secrets revealed as the Stitchers team investigated the murder of a lawyer.

Kirsten’s obsession with finding her father is causing her to do some more midnight graffiti on her bedroom wall. Camille, awake for some leftover enchiladas, wonders if Kirsten will start scribbling on the bathroom wall when she runs out of wall space in her bedroom. Camille goes back to bed, hoping to dream about Jon Snow and Beyonce.

The Stitchers team meets at a law firm to investigate the death of Anna Parker, a first year associate found dead in her office. It merits the attention of the NSA because the law firm’s clients include billion dollar corporations, US government agency and entire countries.

Coincidentally, the senior partner at the law firm is a former boyfriend of Maggie’s. Maggie had a thing with Sam Lewis about twenty years ago. Sam and Maggie awkwardly catch up while Detective Fisher is amused by the whole exchange. Clearly Sam and Maggie still have some chemistry.

Nina and Cameron have breakfast together, which means a lot of flirting and not much eating. Cameron says he might fall in love with Nina, but Nina says Cameron is already smitten. Cameron gets a call from work and has to leave. He promises to make it up to Nina with a dinner date. Nina plans to make her world famous Horchata French toast for dinner. (Looks like Cameron has a thing for girls who cook breakfast for dinner. First Kirsten, now Nina.)

Camille tries to tell Linus about Anna’s cell phone records, but Linus is icing her out. He’s still upset that she lied to him about studying at the library. He wants to know why she lied, but Camille can’t tell him about Maggie’s orders to secretly get intel from Liam.

Cameron wants Ayo to do a pre-stitch physical on Kirsten. He knows something’s been going on in the last few stitches, but Kirsten is refusing to tell him about the red cap kid. Since Kirsten won’t talk, the least Cameron can do is make sure Kirsten is physically okay to stitch. Kirsten refuses the physical and starts the stitch into Anna.

Kirsten learns that Anna and four other associates were working on a personal injury lawsuit (Fugate versus Newberry Automotive). The electric car company had a problem with batteries blowing up. A mother and three kids were injured. The law firm is defending the car company.

Anna was the favorite associate of Sam Lewis, which bothered the other associates. Anna hands Sam a memo from Bonnie Newberry to the lead engineer. The memo was written before the accident, which proves that Newberry continued to make the batteries even though they could be deadly. Anna wants to tell Newberry to settle the lawsuit and stop car production. She doesn’t want more people to get injured. Anna is the only one who is worried about the moral implications. Sam says that their job is to defend Newberry, not tell them how to run their business.

In another memory, Sam Lewis and Bonnie Newberry find the memo on Anna’s desk. Anna denies taking it from Sam’s office. Anna pisses off the client by asking Newberry to settle the case. Bonnie Newberry wants Anna off the case, but Sam refuses. Anna is his best associate.

Young Cameron, the boy in the red cap, reappears in the stitch. He has something important to tell her. Before he can say anything else, Cameron moves Kirsten to Anna’s death moment. When Anna died, she got dizzy, had chest pains and everything went yellow. Looks like Anna was poisoned.

Maggie and Kirsten question Sam Lewis and Bonnie Newberry. Bonnie Newberry has an alibi for the night Anna was murdered. She was at home entertaining dinner guests. Kirsten implies that Bonnie Newberry killed Anna to protect her car company.

Sam and Maggie have a heated argument. He feels like Maggie blindsided him. Sam only agreed to the interview because he wanted to help find Anna’s killer. Maggie isn’t impressed with the winner-takes-all lawyer that Sam has become. Likewise, Sam doesn’t like how Maggie turned into an NSA hard-ass.

Cameron comments on Kirsten’s double expresso and Kirsten accuses him of always judging her. Cameron is just worried about Kirsten. He wants her to feel comfortable confiding in him. Kirsten assures him that she knows she can talk to him. Nothing is ever going to change that.

Detective Fisher finds out that Anna was poisoned with oleander. Someone slipped the liquid form of oleander in Anna’s ice tea. Cameron immediately spits out his ice tea, worried that his tea is also poisoned. Cameron isn’t seeing yellow halos, so the team isn’t worried about him.
The Stitchers team thinks one of the other associates murdered Anna, so they interrogate all of them. Unfortunately, the whole team comes up empty-handed. The lawyers refuse to answer any questions.

The team has to work late and sort through boxes of records. That’s a problem for Cameron, since he has dinner plans with Nina. Linus thinks solving a murder is more important than a date, but Kirsten encourages him to go on his date with Nina. She doesn’t mind working longer to cover for him.

Kirsten and Linus have to sort through a mountain of paperwork. The lawyers have buried them in the paperwork to screw with them. They look for any papers that show who was in the office around the time Anna was poisoned.

Linus turns to Kirsten for romance advice. He thinks Camille is seeing someone. Kirsten doesn’t think Camille is seeing anyone, though. She’s sure Camille would tell her if she was dating someone new.

Cameron comes back to help sort through the paperwork. He couldn’t let Linus and Kirsten do all the work.

Meanwhile, Camille and Liam hang out again. Liam pushes Camille to invite him in for a nightcap. Liam is about to kiss Camille when Camille brings up Kirsten’s search for her father. Liam is surprised. He wants to know why Kirsten is suddenly looking for her dad. Liam offers to help look. He can be helpful and resourceful if he’s motivated. Liam kisses Camille, but they are interrupted when Kirsten comes home earlier than expected.
Kirsten flips out when she finds Camille and Liam hooking up in the kitchen. Kirsten just defended Camille to Linus, and now she finds out Camille has been seeing her ex behind her back. Camille is apologetic. She didn’t mean for Linus or Kirsten to get hurt. Liam isn’t going to apologize, though. Liam feels a real connection with Camille. Besides, Kirsten was the one who broke up with him. He doesn’t have to justify himself to her. Liam grabs Camille’s hand and Kirsten leaves.

Back at the stitch lab, Linus says that phone records show Anna called the plaintiff who was suing Newberry. Maggie immediately notices that Kirsten and Linus are angry at Camille. Camille tells Maggie that Kirsten caught her with Liam.

Kirsten stitches back into Anna. Anna saw Randall Cooke making out with a woman in the break room. Kirsten can’t see who the woman is, but the woman is wearing a charm bracelet.

In another memory, Kirsten sees the other associates talking about Anna behind her back. Camille, stressed over her secret Liam assignment, goes off. Camille rambles about Anna just doing her job, but clearly Camille is talking about herself. Camille never gets credit for protecting her friends and always having their backs. She’s just doing her job.

Kirsten sees the young Cameron in the stitch again. Young Cameron drops a bombshell on Kirsten. He says she has a sister. Apparently, Daniel Stinger had a daughter with his first wife. Kirsten’s half-sister’s name is Ivy Brown.

In another memory, Sam Lewis goes off on Anna for pushing Newberry to settle. Anna thinks it’s wrong to let Newberry cars keep killing people, but Sam doesn’t care. Anna’s actions to help the plaintiff could get them sued or disbarred. Sam sees an email on Anna’s computer. It looks like Anna scanned the incriminating memo and emailed it to the LA Times.

This new memory makes Sam Lewis look guilty, so Maggie goes to talk to him. Maggie accuses Sam of murdering Anna. Sam denies it, but he tells Maggie that the email to the LA Times was never sent. The email was just a draft. And Anna swore that she didn’t write it. Anna thought someone was trying to sabotage her.

It looks like one of the associates is the murderer, so Kirsten and Cameron question them all. Jen, Randall, Morgan and Christine aren’t intimidated by the accusation. They smirk as Kirsten and Cameron present the evidence. The Stitchers team knows one of the other associates placed the call to the plaintiff. It couldn’t have been Anna, since her cell phone records show her placing a takeout order at the time the call was made. One of the associates was trying to discredit Anna.

Randall questions Cameron’s moral high ground. He did some research on Cameron and found out about Cameron’s dad. Turns out Cameron’s dad, James Miller, is in jail for a three billion dollar Ponzi scheme. Cameron’s dad has fourteen more years to serve at Lompoc prison. Randall accuses Cameron of living in a fancy loft and spending all that stolen money.
Cameron is ready to take Randall down, but Kirsten drags him out of the room before he can throw the first punch. Cameron says his father isn’t even in his life anymore. Cameron’s money is from his mom’s side of the family. Cameron changed his last name after his parents divorced. “I’m not my father” Cameron tells Kirsten.

He doesn’t have to convince Kirsten, though. She already knows that Cameron is a good person. Having a bad dad is something they both have in common. They both have criminal, absent, and pathetic fathers. The only difference is that Kirsten desperately wants to find her father. Cameron wants to forget his.

Linus rushes over with good news. He found a smoky gun in the record boxes. And Detective Fisher found the oleander source.

Linus, Kirsten and Cameron order the associates to hand over their keycards. Only one person was in the building on Tuesday at 3AM when Anna was murdered. The keycard logs show that Christine was there that night. And Detective Fisher found the shrub used to poison Anna. The shrub is in Christine’s yard.

Randall tells Christine not to say anything. Kirsten realizes Randall and Christine were the ones making out in Anna’s memory. Christine suspects that Randall took her keycard and made the call to the plaintiff. Randall always hated Anna.

Randall says they have zero proof. He denies poisoning Anna with oleander. Randall should have kept his mouth shut. The Stitchers team never mentioned that Anna was poisoned with oleander. Only the murderer would know that.

Sam Lewis comes in and Randall asks him to be his lawyer. Sam tells Randall to go elsewhere. Randall grabs a letter opener and holds it against Kirsten’s throat. Randall says that he didn’t mean to kill Anna. He just wanted to make her sick. He was trying to protect their client. Anna was going to ruin the case. Sam taught Randall to win cases at all costs.

Kirsten knocks Randall into a bookshelf. Randall collapses to the floor as books fall on him. Cameron, always quick with a pun, says “Poor guy. They’re gonna throw the book at him”.

Sam Lewis blames himself for Randall’s actions. Sam focused too much on winning. Now Sam realizes that Anna was right about the moral obligation to make Newberry stop manufacturing dangerous cars. Sam convinced Newberry to settle the case. At least no one else will get hurt by the faulty batteries. Sam’s starting to act like the guy Maggie used to love, not the winner-takes-all lawyer he became.

Camille and Linus are surprised to see Samir Ahluwalia, Linus’s father, enter the law firm. A lawyer comes over and assumes Linus came to sign a medical power of attorney document. What’s going on with Linus’s dad?

Camille and Maggie are waiting for Kirsten at the house. Maggie explains that it was her orders for Camille to get close to Liam. Maggie suspects that Liam is working with Kirsten’s father. She wanted Camille to use Liam to find Daniel Stinger. Kirsten is shocked that her relationship with Liam and the proposal may have been fake. Maggie thinks Liam was setting Kirsten up for something.

What happens next is up to Kirsten. Camille can keep working Liam for information. Or Camille can back off and they can find another way to find Kirsten’s father. Kirsten doesn’t want Camille to keep seeing Liam anymore. It’s too dangerous. Kirsten wants to do it herself.

What did you think of Stitchers “Pretty Little Lawyers”? Can’t believe Kirsten has a sister. Do you think Kirsten will be able to find Ivy Brown? Kirsten’s sister may be the key to finding her father. And Liam seemed a little too interested when Camille brought up Kirsten's father. Will Kirsten be able to get Liam to talk?

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