Monday, April 18, 2016

‘Stitchers’ 2x05 Sneak Peek: Liam’s Back!

Remember Kirsten’s ex-boyfriend Liam? He proposed to Kirsten in season one. Luckily for Camsten fans, Kirsten didn’t accept his proposal. Looks like Liam is back for Stitchers episode 2x05 “Midnight Stitcher”. Check out this sneak peek of Liam and Camille at the gym.

Liam wants to be sparring partners with Camille. Camille is hesitant because of Kirsten’s history with Liam. Camille eventually gives him her number.

It doesn’t look like Liam is into Kirsten anymore. He says things are “completely, completely not happening”.
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Liam is a bit shady. When Kirsten turned down Liam’s proposal, we saw Liam talking on the phone to someone about the rejected proposal. Liam asked what Plan B is. Do you think Liam using Camille? Is Camille his Plan B? Comment below with your theories.

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