Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Chad Lowe Director of ‘Stitchers’ 2x08

Pretty Little Liars director and actor Chad Lowe is now a Stitchers director.  Chad recently directed episode 2x08 of Stitchers.

Chad Lowe is no stranger to Freeform (formerly ABC Family) television shows.  He appears on PLL as Aria Montgomery’s dad (Byron) and has directed numerous episodes of PLL.  He has also directed several episodes of Fox’s Bones.

Andrew Zuber, a writers’ assistant on Stitchers, tweeted this photo of Chad on the set of Stitchers:

We will see an airplane in the episode that Chad Lowe directed.  Chad shared this behind-the-scenes spoiler photo with the caption “All in a days work. #directing #stitchers”.

Stitchers BTS photo episode 2x08 airplane on set

Chad finished directing the episode by thanking the cast and crew.  “That's a wrap for me directing #Stitchers for @FreeformTV! Thanks to the wonderful, talented, hard working cast and crew!” Chad tweeted.

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