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Recap of 'Stitchers' 1x07 “The Root of All Evil”: Meet Kirsten’s Boyfriend Liam

The Stitchers team is in for a huge shock when Kirsten’s boyfriend Liam appears out of nowhere in Stitchers episode 1x07 "The Root of All Evil".  The team doesn’t trust Liam, but they also have to focus on their investigation.  The Stitchers team has to figure out the identity of a Jane Doe before they can catch her killer.

The Stitchers program is a top-secret government funded project, but it doesn’t seem to pay well.  Camille lusts over a 500 dollar pair of boots that she can’t afford.  Kirsten suggests that Camille ask for a raise like a normal person would.  Kirsten also tells Camille to take shorter showers, since the hot water heater is broken.  Camille finds it incredibly creepy that Kirsten timed her while she was showering.

Camille answers the door and finds a hottie looking for Kirsten.  Camille is totally into him, but he’s already taken.  Apparently, Kirsten has a boyfriend that she never mentioned.  The girls head to work and leave Liam at the house.


At the Stitchers lab, Maggie introduces the next case.  They have a Jane Doe in her early twenties.  The body was found by hikers.  They believe this woman was pushed to her death.  They can’t find her killer until they identify her.

Camille lets the team know about Kirsten’s boyfriend.  Maggie wants to know all about Liam.  Camille describes him as drop dead delicious.  He showed up like a slice of heaven.

Those weren’t the details Maggie wanted to know.  She wants a full report from Camille about Liam.  Camille isn’t comfortable spying on Kirsten, now that they are sort of friends. 

Maggie doesn’t have any sympathy for Camille’s moral dilemma.  Camille is paid to complete her assignments, which includes vetting Liam.  Maggie doesn’t think of it as spying.  She wants Camille to protect Kirsten.  That’s what friends do.  Maggie leaves before Camille can ask about a pay raise.

Kirsten stitches into Jane Doe’s memories and finds her partying with friends in a mansion on the Fourth of July.  Jane Doe had a small dog.  She also took a selfie with an issue of Mulholland Magazine that featured the mansion on the cover. 

The Stitchers team uses issues of Mulholland Magazine to figure out whose house Jane Doe was partying at.  The house belongs to Joe and Suzanne Parks.  The Stitchers team assumes that Jane Doe is their daughter.  Detective Fisher is away on special assignment, so Maggie goes with Cameron and Kristen to talk to the Parks family. 

Camille does some snooping and goes through Liam’s stuff.  His passport shows that he’s a world traveler.  A look at his tablet tells her that Liam is a do-gooder. 

Liam comes back from his run.  He tells Camille that he spent the last year living in a hut in Peru.  Before that, he spent a year in Southeast Asia.    He’s a cultural anthropologist who wants to contribute to the places he visits. 

He’s asked Kirsten to come with him on trips, but she hasn’t taken him up on those offers.  They spend a lot of time apart.  Kirsten’s temporal dysplasia makes their long distance relationship easier.  Time doesn’t mean anything to her, so they always pick up right where they left off.  He loves that Kirsten lives in the moment.

Maggie asks Kirsten to use tact and discretion when talking to the Parks.  Maybe they should have left Kirsten outside. 

Maggie breaks the news to the Parks about the dead girl found on the hiking trial, but the Parks don’t have a daughter.  They were out of town on the Fourth of July weekend, though.  Joe was in Portland and Suzanne was in Ojai.  Joe and Suzanne don’t believe anyone had a party in their house.

Kirsten, forgetting about tact and discretion, says that she knows this is the correct house.  Kirsten demands to know what Joe is hiding.  Joe tells them to talk to his lawyer, but Kirsten won’t let it go. 

Maggie is furious at Kirsten’s behavior.  Kirsten’s knowledge isn’t foolproof.  Cameron is fast to defend Kirsten. 

Luckily, Linus has found them a lead.  He tracked down the dog Kristen saw in Jane Doe’s memories.  He found the dog at the Bel Air animal shelter.  The dog was chipped, so they were able to find out the owner's name was Brenda Miller, also known as Bentley.

Kirsten and Cameron go to Bentley’s apartment.  Finally alone, Cameron asks Kirsten about Liam.  Kirsten describes Liam as her sort-of boyfriend.  He travels a lot, but long distance isn’t hard for her.  Everything is fine when he is there and she never misses him when he is gone.  Kirsten is the ultimate no strings attached girlfriend.

Cameron and Kirsten find a collage showing Bentley’s obsession with the lifestyle of the rich.  Kirsten also inspects Bentley’s toilet.  It won’t flush because Bentley hid a ton of expensive jewelry in the toilet tank. 

There have been a string of break-ins near Mulholland, but they don’t have any leads until they can link the jewelry to the burglaries.  They decide to talk to Bentley’s friend, Sadie Morgan, who works at a high-end spa in Beverley Hills.

Liam texts Kirsten with dinner plans, so Camille frees up Kirsten’s schedule.  Kirsten can’t stitch into Bentley until the refractory period is over and Cameron can go talk to Sadie Morgan without her.  They’ll call Kirsten if they need her help. 

Liam is really playing the role of the perfect boyfriend.  While Kirsten was at work, Liam fixed the water heater. 

Liam wants to have dinner at home and Kirsten is a little disappointed that they aren’t going out.  Is she feeling some residual emotion from stitching into Bentley’s memories?  Kirsten is wearing makeup and new clothes.  She also went on a shopping spree and bought stuff for Liam. 

Maggie is annoyed that Camille helped Kirsten spend more time with Liam.  Camille was supposed to dig up dirt on him.  Camille did do the required snooping, but she found nothing.  Liam Granger seems totally clean.  Liam is like the love child between Brad Pitt and Mother Teresa.  She’d be all over Liam if Kirsten wasn’t dating him.  Camille gives Maggie some photos of Liam.

Linus volunteers to help Cameron talk to Sadie.  He’s never been to a spa before and he wants them to get mani-pedis.

The spa doesn’t seem cooperative, so Linus pulls out a badge he got at Comic-Con.  Linus and Cameron relax in massage chairs while they wait for Sadie.  Cameron wants to talk about Liam and Kirsten, but Linus isn’t an expert on women.

Sadie admits to breaking into houses to party, but she never stole anything.  Sadie would give Bentley information on the spa clients who were out of town.  Bentley would disarm the alarm systems.

They got caught when they partied at Joe and Suzanne Parks house.  Joe came home and Bentley was trapped in the house for hours.

Kirsten and Liam are busy making out, so Kirsten misses Cameron’s numerous calls.  Cameron comes over to get Kirsten.  Liam joins them, shirtless.  Cameron reluctantly tries Liam’s risotto.  Unhappy with Liam and Kirsten together, Cameron finds the risotto undercooked.

Cameron doesn’t like how different Kirsten is around Liam.  Kirsten is acting like more of a Betty and less of a Veronica.  Of course, that would make Cameron Jughead.

Cameron is worried Liam is a threat to the Stitchers program, but Kristen thinks she can have it all.  Why can’t she have Liam and still be a stitcher?

Liam gives Cameron and Kirsten dessert to go, wrapped in foil swans.  Poor Cameron holds his foil swan as he watches Kirsten and Liam kiss.

Kirsten stitches into Bentley’s memories again.  The night of the party, Bentley tried on jewelry in the closet.  Bentley hides and watches a man and woman have sex in the bedroom.  Bentley videotapes them and uses the videotape as blackmail.

Kirsten enters another memory of Bentley walking her dog.  Bentley meets up with the person she is blackmailing.  Bentley demands more money.  Bentley gets in a physical fight with the person and gets pushed off the cliff.

It is time for Kirsten to bounce out of the memory.  In an awkward moment for Cameron, Kirsten messes up her bounce password “I Heart Linus” and says “I Heart Liam”.

Kirsten thinks Joe Parks was having an affair.  Bentley tried to blackmail him, so he killed her.  Maggie arranges for the LAPD to question Joe Parks.  They find texts between Bentley and Joe Parks sent a week before Bentley was murdered. 

With the case wrapped, Cameron is ready to celebrate.  He wants the team to have dinner at his place, but Camille and Kirsten have plans.  Liam is going to cook for them. 

Linus was planning to adopt Bentley’s dog, but the shelter has bad news for him.  Bentley’s dog hates men.  The dog turns into a Tasmanian devil and attacks when men are around.  Feeling dejected, Linus decides to have a bro night with Cameron.

During bro night, Linus realizes Cameron is jealous of Liam.  Cameron denies any jealousy.  He’s just worried about Kirsten.  Liam suddenly showed up after two years.  Cameron doesn’t want Kirsten to get hurt. 

Linus does an internet check of Liam Granger and has bad news for Cameron. Liam really is that perfect. 

Linus and Cameron decide they need a real bro night, not the faux bro night that they are currently having.  Their bro night consists of beer, pizza and video games.  They invite Tim, the engineering manager at the Stitch lab who never liked Cameron.  Tim may not be good friends with them, but he can crush a beer can on his head and he’s awesome at video games.

Linus attempts to crush a beer can with his head, but he falls off the couch.  Linus ends up icing his head.  Cameron and Linus decide to take a break from woman and abstain from sex.  Tim doesn’t think Cameron and Linus are getting any, anyway.  That comment gets Tim kicked out of bro night.

Kirsten and Camille’s relationship got off to a rocky start, but they are starting to act like real friends now.  Kirsten bought Camille the boots she was obsessing over. 

Kirsten has a realization about Bentley’s murder.  Bentley’s dog was with her the night of the murder, but the dog didn’t bark.  That means the murderer is a woman.  Camille and Kirsten bail on Liam’s dinner, citing an emergency at the video game company they work for. 

Kirsten and Camille break into the Parks’s house to find evidence.  Breaking in would make the evidence inadmissible in court, but Kirsten plans to tell Maggie about the evidence.  Maggie could then get a warrant and ‘find’ the evidence again.

Kirsten goes through Suzanne’s jewelry.  She remembers seeing the same jewelry on the woman having sex in Bentley’s blackmail video.  Kirsten realizes that Suzanne Parks was the one having an affair.  Suzanne framed her husband for the murder.  She knew if the video came out, her husband would divorce her and leave her with nothing.  So she killed Bentley and pinned it on her husband.

Suzanne catches Camille and Kirsten in her bedroom.  Suzanne offers them money and jewelry to buy their silence.  When that doesn’t work, Suzanne pulls out a gun.  Kirsten uses the jewelry box as a weapon and throws it at Suzanne.

Maggie is annoyed that Camille and Kirsten went back to the house, but they did a good job.  Camille asks for a raise again.  She writes a number on her hand.  Maggie laughs and agrees.  Camille realizes she should have asked for more money and tries to add a zero, but Maggie tells her not to push it.

Maggie and the agency director Leslie Turner meet to discuss Liam Granger.  Liam’s credentials check out.  He received a postdoc fellowship in emerging third world countries. 

Maggie did find something interesting in the photo of Liam accepting his award.  Leslie and Maggie recognize someone in the background.  Leslie promises to take care of it and Maggie agrees to keep an eye on Liam.

Liam gushes over Kirsten, calling her an unexpected, beautiful mystery.  She is beautiful just the way she is, without layers of makeup and fancy dresses. 

Liam proposes to Kirsten, who is completely shocked.  We will have to wait until next week to find out Kirsten’s answer.

Do you like Liam or are you a Camsten shipper?  Do you think Kirsten will accept Liam’s marriage proposal?  And given Maggie’s reaction to the award photo, do you think Kirsten can trust Liam?

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