Saturday, June 20, 2015

Kyle Harris Talks ‘Stitchers’ 1x04: Cameron’s Neighbor is Murdered

Kyle Harris (Cameron) gives a preview of what’s to come in Stitchers episode 1x04 “I See You”.

Cameron gets annoyed that his upstairs neighbor keeps stealing his magazines.  Cameron used to live in that upstairs unit.  His neighbor never took Cameron’s name off the mailbox, so their mail always gets mixed up. 

Kirsten advices him to ‘man up’, so Cameron goes upstairs to demand his magazines back.  Instead of getting his magazines back, he finds his neighbor dead on the floor.

Cameron gets paranoid over the possibility that he was the intended target.  The Stitchers team doesn’t know for sure, so the gang has a stakeout at Cameron’s apartment.  (The episode is sort of like Hitchcock’s Rear Window).  The Stitchers team spies on the neighbors across the street to find out why Cameron’s neighbor was murdered.

Do you think someone is trying to kill Cameron?

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