Sunday, June 7, 2015

Cameron Falling in Love With ‘Weird Robot Girl’ Kirsten Clark

Taking a break from filming the finale episode of Stitchers in Kirsten’s house, Kyle Harris (Cameron) hinted at the upcoming chemistry between his character Cameron and Kirsten Clark. 

Kyle Harris was first attracted to Stitchers because of the banter between Cameron and Kirsten.  They’ve never been outsmarted before meeting each other and they love to hate each other. 

Any romance in Cameron and Kirsten’s future?  It’s a lot of “will they/won’t they” and “should they/shouldn’t they”.  Kirsten is void of emotions when she first joins the Stitchers program.  Cameron knows he is falling in love with this weird robot girl.  She doesn’t understand empathy. 

As Kirsten stitches and takes on the emotions in each memory, she becomes more human.  Cameron has to figure out his feelings for her.  He has to decide if his responsibility for her is being confused as romantic feelings.

Kyle Harris doesn’t have a lot in common with his character, but he can relate to Cameron’s compassion.  He’ll do anything for his friends.  That’s the only similarity he has with his character though.  Cameron is a total Comic-Con, Star Trek fanboy.

Things start to get more serious and the stakes will get higher in episode 1x05 of Stitchers (“Stitcher in the Rye”).  The Stitchers team is dealing with things above them and they could get in serious trouble.

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