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Recap of ‘Stitchers’ 3x10 “Maternis”: Saving Kirsten’s Mom Comes at What Cost?

The Stitchers season 3 finale episode 3x10 “Maternis” ended with a heart-wrenching twist and a major cliffhanger. In “Maternis”, Kirsten enlists Stinger’s help to stitch into her mother. Kirsten’s dad only seems to care about Jacqueline, so is he willing to sacrifice his daughter’s life (again) to save his wife? Ivy makes her loyalties clear and chooses a side. We finally get the answers we’ve been waiting for, but now we’re left with an even bigger question.

The season 3 finale starts with the couples happily enjoying some moments of bliss. Camsten finally spend the night together, thanks to the oxytocin filter Linus created.

Camille and Amanda also spend the night together. Amanda wants to move in with Camille. Amanda’s not worried that it’s too soon for them to become a U-haul couple. Camille is completely on board. Moving in together is the best idea Camille’s heard in weeks.

Kirsten and Cameron can’t keep their hands off each other at the lab. They make out in the elevator, but the situation at the lab quickly kills the mood.

Admiral Decker, the man Kirsten blackmailed to find the location of her mom, is at the stitch lab with a new case. The new case is so important that it required a military escort.

Commander Denise Nichols, a retired mathematician for NASA who worked on secretive projects, was found dead in her home. She died of natural causes.

Denise Nichols picked out the stitch cases. Now is their chance to find out how she did it. Unfortunately, that secret was well-guarded. Denise had a spare room, which was basically a metal box. There was no lock or keypad on the door and the metal walls are a foot thick. The Stitchers team needs find a way into the room.

Kirsten stitches into Denise, but everything is foggy. The oxytocin filter doesn’t work because Denise is 84 years old (much older than the victims Kirsten usually stitches into).

Kirsten sees Denise enter the locked room (or Faraday box, as Linus calls it). The door is voice activated. It opens when Denise says “open hailing frequency” (Star Trek reference from the original series, movie and reboot).

Kirsten sees a location of an asset listed at 18 23 7 91. She also sees Denise reading an email titled “Decision to Terminate JAS/613”. Shocked, Kirsten bounces out of the memory.

Furious, Maggie calls Cameron and Kirsten into her office. She can’t believe Cameron and Kirsten risked saving Jacqueline Stinger’s life by spending the night together and spiking Kirsten’s oxytocin level.

Kirsten brings up the emails she saw in the stitch. Maggie says Kirsten’s mother isn’t going to be terminated.

They need to wait out the refractory period before stitching into Denise again, so Kirsten and Detective Fisher go to Denise’s house. Nothing happens when Detective Fisher says “open hailing frequency”, but the door immediately opens when Kirsten says the phrase.

Denise must have known Kirsten would come to the house, so she programmed the system to recognize Kirsten’s vocal pattern.

Inside the room, Kirsten finds the algorithms for stitching. She brings them to Linus, since he’s the only one who can understand the array of numbers.

Denise was tracking Kirsten during the stitches or tracking the progress the team made mapping the brain. That must be how Denise chose their cases. However, they would need something more powerful than a quantum computer to narrow down all the cases to pick the exact case Kirsten’s mind needed next.

Camille tells Kirsten that she’s moving out. She’s going to move in with Amanda. Kirsten’s reaction isn’t the one Camille was hoping for. Kirsten points out that Camille barely knows Amanda. Moving in together could be a mistake.

Camille appreciates that Kirsten cares about her, but she doesn’t change her mind. Kirsten says she’ll miss Camille, which shows just how far their friendship has come from when they were students at Caltech and both hated each other.

Ivy calls Linus and begs him to come over one last time. Linus reluctantly agrees. When he gets there, Ivy is in tears. She tries to convince him that her feelings for him are real. He’ll understand everything soon. She really needs a friend right now.

Ivy says her father, Daniel Stinger, went crazy after he found out about the NSA’s plan to terminate Jacqueline Stinger. He’s determined to find Jacqueline before that happens.

Ivy admits that she used Linus’s NSA account to hack into Maggie’s emails. Furious, Linus tells Ivy to never call or speak to him again. Ivy cries as Linus leaves.


Meanwhile, Kirsten and Cameron work on the numbers from the stitch. Denise used to be an engineer at NASA, so she must have used trajectories. So the numbers from the stitch can be used to plot a trajectory from point A to point B, which will show them where Jacqueline was moved.

Cameron and Kirsten track Jacqueline’s location to a heavily guarded old munitions factory. Cameron comes up with an elaborate plan to get in. They can pretend Kirsten is pregnant and going into labor. Then they’ll tell the guard that they need to use the phone to call a doctor. Kirsten thinks it’s a terrible plan.

Luckily, they are immediately let in. They don’t even have to use Cameron’s lie. Commander Denise Nichols already told the guard that Kirsten and Cameron would be coming.

Kirsten’s mom is in the building. Kirsten puts her hand on Jacqueline’s pod, but the touching moment is ruined when Stinger appears. “It kills me seeing her like this,” Stinger says. He wants Kirsten to complete the mission and rescue her mother.

It’s a family reunion, but certainly not a happy one. Kirsten doesn’t consider Stinger to be her family. And Kirsten is even more pissed when Ivy appears.

Ivy didn’t come alone, though. Ivy set Stinger up. Detective Fisher and Maggie appear, guns drawn. Maggie created the story about Jacqueline being terminated to lure Stinger out of hiding.


Stinger isn’t going down without a fight. Stinger starts shooting at Maggie and Detective Fisher. During the shootout, a bullet hits Jacqueline’s pod. Kirsten rushes out amid the bullets and Stinger surrenders.

Jacqueline’s life support is failing. Stinger warns them that Jacqueline is going to die. Kirsten didn’t come all this way to lose her mother. They take Jacqueline, who hasn’t aged a bit after the accident, back to the stitch lab.

At the lab, Ivy and Linus make up. Ivy’s sorry for everything. She had to push Linus away because of her father. And to keep Linus safe, she couldn’t tell him the truth. She hopes Linus will forgive her one day. And it looks like Linus has already forgiven her. They make plans for a dinner date. Before getting debriefed by Decker, Ivy asks Linus to protect Kirsten.

Kirsten wants to stitch into her mother to fix her, but they’ve never stitched into a live person before. Plus, Kirsten’s elevated oxytocin levels make it the worst possible time to stitch.

Despite the team’s reservations, Kirsten isn’t backing down. She can’t let her mother die. She has to at least try to save her.

Cameron says Kirsten only has one shot to get this right. If things go wrong, Kirsten might die.

The Stitchers team has never stitched into a living person before, but Stinger has. So Kirsten wants to get his help with the stitch. That way, Cameron won’t repeat the same mistakes Stinger made.

Cameron is against the idea. The last time Stinger stitched, Jacqueline ended up in a coma. Kirsten almost died and she ended up with temporal dysplasia.

Kirsten doesn’t trust Stinger, but she asks him to help save her mother. Stinger demands to pilot the stitch, but Kirsten won’t let him. Cameron will pilot with Stinger directing the stitch.

Stinger promises that he won’t let Jacqueline die. Kirsten believes that, but Jacqueline isn’t the one Cameron is worried about.

So Stinger, aka Prince Charmless, comes to help wake Jacqueline (Sleeping Beauty). He genuinely seems to love Jacqueline, but does he care about Kirsten? Detective Fisher keeps an eye on Stinger. If Stinger pulls anything, Fisher is ready to take him out.

Alex, in charge of sub-bio reading, finds something strange. There is a mass near Jacqueline’s brain stem. Stinger insists that it’s fine, so Cameron reluctantly proceeds.

Linus can’t get a lock on the neurosync. Jacqueline’s mind is rejecting the stitch. Kirsten has to bounce.

Stinger says they are doing the stitch backwards. They need to switch the host and client. Stinger wants to put Jacqueline in the fish tank and Kirsten in the corpse cassette.

They don’t know what will happen to Kirsten if they go through with Stinger’s plan. Cameron calls Stinger out. Stinger doesn’t care what happens to Kirsten. Jacqueline is his priority, not his daughters Kirsten and Ivy. Cameron hits Stinger with a well-deserved punch. Stinger fights back and the two have to be separated.


Stinger asks Cameron how it felt to channel his emotional energy and get it redirected back. Cameron suddenly realizes Stinger is right. Kirsten and Jacqueline are both still alive. It’s not about the tech. It’s about the emotional energy.

During the stitch, Kirsten has to direct her residual emotional energy to her mother. Then it will be redirected back to her. All the love Kirsten has for her mother will act as the emotional burst of energy needed to wake Jacqueline up.

Kirsten immediately agrees to the risky approach. Cameron kisses Kirsten and tells her he loves her. He gives her a an open channel, so she can hear everything. She won’t be alone. The team watches silently while Cameron seals Kirsten in the corpse cassette.


Stinger says Kirsten’s love is going to save her mother, just as Cameron’s love is going to save Kirsten.

They start the stitch and Kirsten screams in pain. It feels like her head is exploding. Kirsten has vasodilation in her cranial blood vessels because her body temperature is too high. They need to lower the temperature in the cassette, as if Kirsten is a corpse.

That solves one problem, but Linus find another. Kirsten has a mass in her brain, similar to the mass near Jacqueline’s brain stem.

Stinger admits that the mass is a cluster of nanobots that he injected in Kirsten when she was a child, so she could stitch into her mother. That’s how the stitch technology worked back then. Detective Fisher and Maggie are horrified that Stinger would do that to his own daughter. Cameron realizes the nanobots are why Kirsten doesn’t remember her dreams.

Kirsten, Jacqueline and Denise are all connected. The algorithm Denise used to pick the cases was tuned to Kirsten’s brain. Denise didn’t pick the cases herself. The data arrays were an exchange of data in both ways to and from the nanobot cluster in Kirsten’s brain. Kirsten’s brain chose the cases it needed for further mapping the brain. The human brain is the most powerful computer of all.

Since both Kirsten and her mother have the nanobot cluster, they can communicate on a quantum level. So in the memory loop when Kirsten’s mom said “You can’t help me if you’re stuck in here”, Kirsten’s mom was actually talking to her. Now the team has to reopen that channel.

Kirsten focuses all her love for her mother, Cameron and friends (Camille, Linus and Detective Fisher). She channels that love into her mother and her mother appears. It’s time to bring Jacqueline home. Cameron forces the bounce and the stitch ends.

Stinger rushes over to Jacqueline. Kirsten successfully pulled her mother out of endless sleep. Stinger promises to never leave Jacqueline. Cameron rushes over to Kirsten to make sure she’s okay. He pulls Kirsten out of the corpse cassette and asks for his mom to come check on Kirsten.

Honestly, Stinger doesn’t seem all that concerned about Kirsten. He doesn’t leave Jacqueline’s side to check on Kirsten. So much for the happy family reunion he kept talking about. Guess Cameron was right about Stinger’s priority being Jacqueline and not his daughters.

The team anxiously awaits news on Kirsten’s condition. Maggie comes back with bad news. Kirsten doesn’t remember anything. Something happened during the stitch and the latter part of Kirsten’s long-term memory was affected. They don’t know if the memory loss is permanent.

Kirsten doesn’t remember anything from the last 2 years. She doesn’t remember the Stitchers program or Cameron.

Detective Fisher, Linus and Camille all tell Cameron to go talk to Kirsten. Cameron can’t face her. He blames himself for what happened to Kirsten. Nothing that his friends say will convince him otherwise. Cameron tells the team to leave him alone.

Kirsten, who was watching from another room, comes in. She asks if Cameron is okay. She doesn’t remember if they’ve met, so she introduces herself.

Although something happened to her memory, she remembers meeting Cameron when they were kids. Cameron was in the hospital for heart surgery. Kirsten remembers how nice Cameron was to her.

In a heartbreaking moment, Kirsten asks Cameron how his heart is. “It hurts a little,” Cameron says with tears in his eyes. Kirsten grabs his hand and promises that it will be okay one day.


After Cameron leaves, Kirsten tell someone “I will never forgive you for what you’re making me do to him”.


What did you think of the Stitchers season 3 finale “Maternis”? After such an amazing cliffhanger, I’m hoping for a season 4 of Stitchers. Can’t wait to find out who Kirsten was talking to at the end of the episode. Is someone forcing Kirsten to lie and pretend to have memory loss? Kirsten finally saved her mother, but Cameron was left heartbroken. Did you get the answers you were waiting for? What did you think of the cliffhanger? Any thoughts on who Kirsten was talking to at the end? Leave your comments and theories below!

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