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Recap of 'Stitchers' 3x09 “Kill It Forward”: 'Murder for Hire' Daisy Chain

The team delves into the dark world of assassinations in Stitchers episode 3x09 “Kill It Forward”. The intense episode was reminiscent of Hitchcock’s psychological thriller film noir Strangers on a Train. Actress Salli Richardson-Whitfield, Maggie Baptiste on Stitchers, was also the director of this episode. And actress Allison Scagliotti, Camille Engelson on Stitchers, once again showcased her amazing singing voice.

The Stitchers team is ready to confront Ivy after finding out she was behind the young Cameron anomaly. Ivy thinks she’s going to have some sister bonding time. Instead, she finds Kirsten, Cameron and Linus waiting to confront her.

They admit to breaking into Ivy’s house and looking at her computer. Ivy can’t believe they broke into her place, but Cameron points out that Ivy broke into Kirsten’s mind.

They know Ivy was behind the Cameron anomaly that trapped Kirsten in the memory loop and left Kirsten in a coma for three days. Ivy almost killed Kristen.

Ivy says she did it because Kirsten made their father leave again. Ivy believed Daniel Stinger when he promised they would be together as a family. After Kirsten called the NSA and Stinger took off, Ivy took control of the Cameron avatar. She didn’t create it, though. The Cameron avatar was supposed to make Kirsten trust Stinger.


Ivy denies that she is still working for Stinger. She kicked him out of her house when he showed up a few weeks ago. Unfortunately for Ivy, Linus no longer trusts her. After spending weeks defending Ivy, he no longer believes her.

Ivy promises that it will all make sense one day. Ivy knows that she messed with Kirsten’s head, but she spent every day since then trying to make it up to her. Kirsten doesn’t care. Ivy stabbed her in the back. She doesn’t consider Ivy to be her friend or sister anymore. Kirsten kicks Ivy out of the house, telling her to run back to Stinger. They are now enemies.

At the lab, Kirsten and Cameron confront Maggie about the surveillance photos of Ivy nd Stinger. Maggie’s not happy that Kirsten fought with Ivy about Stinger. Kirsten may have scared Stinger away. Maggie reminds Camsten that they are after Stinger, not Ivy.

Kirsten is sick of putting her life on the line every day without getting something in return. She wants to know where her mother is. Otherwise, she won’t stitch anymore. “No mom, no stitch,” Kirsten threatens Maggie.

Kirsten storms out of Maggie’s office and Cameron chases her. Cameron completely supports Kirsten. If she stops stitching and leaves, then Cameron will leave with her.

The Stitchers team has a new case to investigate. Maggie is forced to make a deal with Kirsten. If Kirsten helps with the new case, then Maggie will tell her where Jacqueline Stinger is.

Leslie Addams, a professional volleyball player in her 20s, was found dead on the beach where she had an upcoming tournament. She was stabbed in the back.

Leslie didn’t get along with her teammate, Monica Chamberlain. However, the police cleared Monica as a suspect. She was seen at a pre-tournament party at the time of Leslie’s death.

Kirsten stitches into Leslie and sees how much Monica and Leslie hated each other. At a press conference, Leslie didn’t just steal the spotlight. She totally destroyed Monica.

In another memory, Leslie catches Monica using steroids. Monica threatens Leslie’s life and tell her to keep quiet about the steroids.

That’s motive for murder, but in the death memory Kirsten sees that the murderer is a man in his 20s. The hipster guy looks nervous. He pulls out his phone and Kirsten sees a green pepper logo on the browser. The guy pulls out a knife and records himself stabbing Leslie.

Camille tracks the logo down to the darknet, a hub for illegal online activity. There’s a paying audience for crime. So are they looking at a thrill-kill club? Unfortunately, the site is untraceable.

The killer and contractor never have to meet. There are some paramilitary hit men, but it doesn’t look like that’s the case for this murder. The hipster guy in the stitch was nervous. Definitely not a professional hit man.

The murderer used a very distinct knife that was oval at the end. Camille does some digging and finds out the murder weapon was a throwing knife.

Maggie brings Detective Fisher up to speed on the Ivy situation. Fisher encourages Maggie to tell Kirsten and Cameron the truth, but Maggie refuses. She wants to use all her resources, but she refuses to put Cameron and Kirsten in danger. Keeping the team safe is more important than catching Stinger.

Detective Fisher still hasn’t decided if he’s moving to Washington, D.C. with his ex Stephanie. Maggie tells Fisher that the team doesn’t work without him. They wouldn’t be able to replace Fisher with another LAPD cop. The team needs him.

A second body comes in to the stitch lab. This time, the victim (Tim Carson) is a talent agent in his 30s. He was shot in a parking lot.

Kirsten stitches into Tim and learns that he had gambling debts. He was also the talent agent for a magician named Heretic. Kirsten recognizes Heretic as the man who murdered Leslie.

Heretic and Tim had a fight. Heretic wanted out of their contract, but Tim refused.

In the death memory, an “average Joe” films himself shooting Tim. Before bouncing out of the memory, Kirsten sees the bumper sticker on his SUV. Apparently, the hit man has a kid at Acton Middle School. With that information, Camille is able to identify the murderer as Patrick Richmond.

So in both cases, someone wanted the victim dead and someone else did it.

Detective Fisher and Camille go to question the magician, Heretic. He throws a knife at Fisher, but Fisher’s full of surprises. He’s got mad knife throwing skills. Fisher grabs the knife in mid-air and throws it back at Heretic.


Back at the lab, Kirsten and Linus interrogate Patrick Richmond. Patrick, in his 30s, is a father with no arrest record. He’s unemployed and is in the middle of a custody fight over his two daughters.

Patrick signed up with the website “All In”. It’s a crisscross murder business for people who can’t afford a hitman. It’s a twisted pay it forward, where people agree to murder strangers in exchange for having someone else killed.

Once you sign up, there’s no backing out. Otherwise, All In sends a compliance officer. And the penalty is death. So the hits are livestreamed to prove that the missions are completed.

Patrick wanted someone to kill his ex-wife. She married a rich guy and moved out of state. They’ve been fighting for custody of their kids.

Luckily, the Stitchers team gets to the ex-wife in time to stop Monica. Monica was about to hit Patrick’s ex-wife with her car.

The Stitchers team has stopped this daisy chain, but not the All In app. Linus has a plan to completely shut down All In. If they sign up for All In, then they will be assigned someone to murder. When they refuse to go through with the hit, a compliance officer will come. Then they can find out who is running the website.

Detective Fisher and Cameron immediately shoot down the idea. It’s too risky. Unfortunately, Linus accidentally signs up Camille as a hit man. He was simulating the sign up for demonstration purposes. When he entered the last field on the form, it automatically signed Camille up.

Camille is understandable upset at Linus. Linus is also screwed, since he put down his name as the person Camille wants dead.


The All In app assigns Camille to kill a Los Angeles county judge. Maggie acts fast and gets the judge in protective custody.

A SWAT team is assigned to guard Camille and Linus at the lab. They should be safe, since they are in a government facility that’s 20 stories under a Chinese restaurant.

Camille gets a call from an Unknown caller. Camille tries to back out of the agreement, but the All In customer service rep says the penalty for reneging on the contract is death. Not Camille’s death, though. Someone else. Linus and Camille frantically call their friends to warn them.

Camsten and Amanda are possible targets, but it’s actually Detective Fisher who gets approached. Kate Ronan, played by actress Elaine Hendrix, is the woman behind All In. Kate voluntarily surrenders to Fisher. Fisher takes her to the interrogation room in the lab.

Turns out Maggie has a complicated history with Kate. They both worked together on CIA black ops. They haven’t seen each other in twelve years.

Maggie accuses Kate of using All In to tempt broken people to do each other’s dirty work. She’s been busy with extortion, kidnapping and murder.

Kate doesn’t see it that way. She’s doing contract killing, just like she and Maggie used to do for the government. Most people want to get rid of someone, but they don’t have the power and money to make it happens. Kate thinks she’s making the playing field even.

Kate remembers that Maggie almost got her killed years ago. Maggie was the team leader and planned the mission. Their safe house got overtaken. Kate didn’t get to the pickup point in time. She made it just in time to see Maggie and the rest of the team get airlifted out. She knows Maggie saw her from the helicopter, but Maggie left her behind.

Maggie defends herself. If she had waited for Kate, the whole team would be shot down. It would have created an international incident. Maggie trusted that Kate could take care of herself.

Kate isn’t swayed by Maggie’s argument. Maggie broke the cardinal rule by leaving a team member behind. Maggie says she’s haunted by that every day.

Maggie leaves the interrogation room upset. Detective Fisher gives her a pep talk. Maggie is nothing like Kate. He doesn’t think people are doomed to repeat the same mistakes. Everyone is in control of their own fate.

Kate escapes from her handcuffs and kills the NSA guard with his own gun. Kate, Maggie and Fisher get in a shootout in the lab. This is a suicide mission for Kate, but it’s worth it for her to see Maggie dead.

Luckily for Maggie, Fisher has her back. The two of them shoot Kate before she can kill Maggie.

Kate was willing to sacrifice her own life out of hatred for Maggie. At one point, Kate trusted Maggie and Maggie betrayed her.

Maggie doesn’t want the same thing to happen with Kirsten. Kirsten jokes that it would be a long shot, since she doesn’t like guns. Maggie intends to hold up her end of the deal. Kirsten’s mom is in a secure facility. Maggie will take Kirsten to see her mom, but she needs a few days. It’s for Jacqueline’s own safety. Maggie asks Kirsten to trust her one last time and Kirsten agrees.

Camille goes to a bar to play the guitar and sing to Amanda. Camille sings the song “Until You Find Me” (cover of a song by TeamMate. Check out the song “Until You Find Me” by TeamMate here). It’s a song about life, death and the moments that you realize who and what really matters. Camille’s romantic gesture works. Looks like Camille won Amanda back.

And the Camsten relationship finally takes a step forward. Linus created a working oxytocin filter, so Cameron and Kirsten can finally get intimate. The two of them spend the night together.


Detective Fisher’s relationship with Stephanie ends when he makes the decision to stay in Los Angeles instead of moving to DC. Maggie keeps Fisher company and they have a drink together.

Daniel Stinger is waiting for Ivy when she comes home. Ivy tells Stinger that the NSA wants to terminate Jacqueline.

Stinger asks why Ivy had a changed of heart. Last time they talked, she didn’t want to have anything to do with him. Ivy tells him things have changed. Kirsten, Linus and the rest of the Stitchers team hate her. Stinger is the only real family she has.

Stinger doesn’t know if he can trust Ivy. If the team is icing Ivy out, then how does she know the NSA plans to kill Jacqueline? Ivy says that she used Linus’s NSA account to hack into Maggie’s emails.

And that’s exactly what Stinger wants to hear. “You’re the daughter I always wanted,” he says before hugging her.

What did you think of Stitchers episode 3x09 “Kill It Forward”? Do you think Ivy is playing her father or is she really helping him? Leave your thoughts and comments below!

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