Saturday, July 15, 2017

'Stitchers' 3x06 Sneak Peek: Linus Gives Cameron Relationship Advice

Linus gives Cameron relationship advice in this sneak peek of Stitchers episode 3x06 "The Gremlin and the Fixer".

While playing video games, Cameron and Linus talk about Kirsten's mom. Cameron didn't know Maggie would move Kirsten's mom after he let her location slip. Cameron is defensive, saying he didn’t have a choice. Maggie ordered him to tell her.

"Of course. Otherwise she'd shoot you," Linus says. However, Cameron violated Kirsten's trust. Linus says that's a big deal.

Cameron already tried apologizing to Kirsten. Linus tells Cameron to try harder. "Say nice things. Do nice things. Just be nice."

Linus also talks about his girl problems. Ivy's been acting strange. He knows something is going on, but he doesn't know what.

episode 3x06 “The Gremlin and the Fixer” will air July 17 at 9pm/8c on Freeform.

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