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'Stitchers' 3x02 Recap "For Money or Love"

The Stitchers team investigates when a woman is found dead in her boyfriend’s pool in Stitchers episode 3x02 “For Love or Money”. Lots of romance in this episode. Camsten is going strong. We get some new relationships, too. Camille flirts with the new medical examiner and Linus is into Kirsten’s sister Ivy.

Cameron stops by Camille and Kirsten’s house to see Kirsten, but Kirsten isn’t home. Camille’s disappointed that Cameron didn’t bring her breakfast, or at least a latte.

Camille is quick to ask for details on the Camsten hookup. She warns Cameron to take things slow. Kirsten is an emotional virgin. This is Kirsten’s first real relationship where she’s connected and available.

The Stitchers team gets to work investigating the death of Sabine Cole. Sabine’s boyfriend, Nic Comenko, woke up and found Sabine dead in the pool.

Sabine is the daughter of a New York City investment banker, but Sabine’s been living in Los Angeles with her wealthy boyfriend.

Kirsten stitches into Sabine and enters a bunch of steamy memories. After numerous memories of Sabine and Nic having sex, Kirsten finally hits a memory hot spot, though the memory is foggy. Kirsten sees Sabine meeting a guy in New York. Sabine agrees to spy on Nic in exchange for money. The man gives Sabine an encrypted phone so she can pass him inside information about Nic’s father’s business.

Kirsten doesn’t think Nic is the one who killed Sabine, though. The team finds out Nic’s father, Viktor Comenko, just landed a contract with the Russian military. They wonder if he is a suspect. He has the motive, but he wasn’t even in the country.  He’s become paranoid after three attempts on his life. He never leaves Russia and he’s always surrounded by private security.

While the team works on the case, Linus is preoccupied with Kirsten's sister Ivy. Linus still believes in Ivy, even though Maggie doesn’t trust her. He stops by the school she teaches at so he can thank her for giving him her smart watch. He didn't get the news he wanted, but at least he called his mother after his dad died.

Linus asks Ivy if she’s still working with her father. Ivy immediately says no. “He made me think there was this big plan to get the family all back together, but Kirsten was right. He’s absolutely psychotic.”

Linus asks Ivy out on a date. They agree to have dinner together that night.

Back at the lab, the team decides to question Nic some more. Nic is the only person his father trusts. Unfortunately, he doesn’t know much. He loved Sabine. He didn’t even know she was spying on him. The team can’t hold him in interrogation, either. Since Nic’s father is powerful, he gets the Russian embassy to intervene. Nic will be sent back to Russia right away.

Kirsten and Cameron go to Nic’s house to find the encrypted phone and messenger bag Kirsten saw in the stitch. They find the phone, but all the unlock codes Kirsten heard in the stitch fail. One more failed attempt and everything on the phone will automatically delete.

Maggie sends Camille to meet the new medical examiner. The medical examiner, Amanda Weston (played by Youtube star Anna Akana), is just as snarky as Camille.

Camille asks Amanda to rush the DNA results on Sabine, but Amanda refuses. That would just bring questions and unwanted attention to the super secret NSA program. After a flirtatious exchange, Camille writes her phone number on Amanda’s hand.

Detective Fisher does some digging into Sabine’s family. Sabine’s parents made some bad investments. They are broke, but still keeping up appearances. Sabine had motive for spying on Nic in exchange for money.

Maggie orders Linus to crack the code and get into the encrypted phone. Linus has a date, but Maggie doesn’t care. Kirsten and Cameron, who also have dinner plans (and were about to have “the talk”), also have to cancel their date.

Linus goes to tell Ivy that dinner is cancelled. Ivy, whose super power is pattern recognition, is intrigued by the phone code Linus has to unlock. Despite Maggie’s earlier warnings not to trust Ivy because she’s Daniel Stinger’s daughter, Linus lets Ivy help him with the code.

Ivy figures out the code is a rolling cipher. They crack the code and find the last number Sabine called.

Meanwhile, Kirsten and Cameron search for Sabine’s messenger bag. Kirsten heard carousel music in the memory. They narrow it down and realize the Sabine must have left the bag somewhere in Griffith Park. They manage to track the bag down, but they have to crawl through mud to get it. So much for their romantic dinner plans.

Camille gets a call from Amanda (the new medical examiner). Amanda has the DNA results back, but she doesn’t want to tell Camille over the phone. She texts Camille to meet her at a bar.

Camille heads to the bar and is surprised to find out Amanda moonlights as a DJ. Amanda says the DNA results only showed Nic and Sabine’s DNA. That’s info Amanda could have told Camille over the phone, but then Camille wouldn’t be at the bar drinking whiskey with her.

The team reconvenes at the Stitch lab and none of them are happy to be working so late. Camille is drunk from all the whiskey she drank with Amanda. And Detective Fisher was on a date with his ex-wife Stephanie.

Kirsten and Cameron show the team the messenger bag they found. It’s filled with bags of coke. The team also finds out who Sabine was calling. She’s been calling a guy named Jack, but the team can't question him. He was found dead behind a Manhattan pizzeria.

The next morning, Linus picks up Camille for work. He overhears Camille’s telephonic flirtation with Amanda. Linus encourages Camille to go for it, but Camille hesitates. It takes Camille a while to trust people. “Everyone deserves to be trusted until proven otherwise,” Linus tells her. Camille knows that’s a horrible policy, but she considers it.
Kirsten stitches into Jack. He was basically running an insider trading scheme. He would get inside info from Sabine about Viktor’s business and then he would buy shares.

Kirsten gets drawn into another memory. A guy, who Kirsten nicknames Bulldog, beats Jack up. Jack finally admits Sabine was giving him inside information. Bulldog wants Jack to get Sabine to plant drugs on Nic. Sabine refuses, so the Bulldog kills Jack. Bulldog must have also killed Sabine.

So what was Bulldog trying to accomplish by planting drugs on Nic? Nic would be detained by the police and his father would leave Russia to help him. So killing Sabine was part of the plot to kill Viktor. Viktor is probably already in Los Angeles. If the Stitch team doesn’t act fast, both Nic and Viktor will end up dead.

Viktor must have hired a local security team to protect them in Los Angeles, so the team has to hack into Russian bank accounts to see who Viktor hired.

Kirsten brings Ivy into the lab to help them. Ivy used to work in banking, so she has years of experience with the international banking system.

Maggie still doesn’t trust Ivy, despite Linus’s insistence that Ivy join the team. Maggie asks the rest of the team for their opinions.

Cameron, who is extremely protective of Kirsten, doesn’t think it’s a good idea for Ivy to be there. Camille normally wouldn’t trust Ivy, but after Linus’s speech she has a change of heart. She repeats what Linus said earlier, that people deserve to be trusted unless proven otherwise.

So Maggie reluctantly lets Ivy help. Ivy finds out which security firm Viktor hired. The security team was dispatched to the Santa Monica airport, so that must be where Viktor and Nic are heading.

The Stitchers team arrives just in time. They stop Bulldog, who is posing as a homeless man, from killing Viktor.

Back at the Stitch lab, the team discusses the case. Viktor was targeted by a competitor who lost out on the Russian military contract. The competitor thought killing Viktor would reopen negotiations.

Maggie also addresses the Ivy situation. Maggie accepts that the team is split about Ivy’s loyalties. However, the team’s priority should be to protect themselves.

Now that Maggie has been promoted, she’s going to spend more time in Washington taking over Blair’s duties. Maggie needs to appoint someone to run the lab when she’s not around. Much to Camille’s disappointment, Maggie chooses Cameron to lead the team.

Camille goes to Maggie’s office to ask why Cameron was picked instead of her. Too bad Camille sided with Linus about the Ivy situation. That screwed her out of the promotion.

Maggie needs the lab to be run by someone who will protect the team. Trusting everyone until proven otherwise is a horrible policy. It’s a policy that will get people killed. (Can't argue with that). Camille realizes she made a mistake. “Yes, you did,” Maggie tells her.

Camille heads to the bar to meet up with Amanda, even though she previously said she couldn’t make it. Amanda is happy to see her and they kiss.
Cameron has been worried about Kirsten ever since she heard something that he never said in the memory loop of her mother. He’s not sure if something is wrong with Kirsten or if Daniel Stinger hacked in with the “You can’t help me if you are stuck in here” message.

Cameron is also worried that one of Sabine’s memories was foggy. His concern is the main reason he want to have “the talk” with Kirsten.

Kirsten brushes off Cameron’s concerns until she hears his reasons. Cameron cares about Kirsten deeply. He needs to know why she heard things in the memory Stinger trapped her in. He wants to make sure Kirsten is safe, but he needs to know Kirsten trusts him. He wants to believe that she does, but he’s not sure.

Kirsten finds a way to show Cameron that she trusts him. And she doesn’t need to say a single word. Kirsten shows Cameron where her mother is. Camsten hold hands while they look at Kirsten’s mom. “Good talk,” Cameron says.
What did you think of Stitchers episode 3x02 “For Love or Money”? Do you like the developing relationship between Amanda and Camille? How do you feel about Ivy and Linus getting closer? Loving all the Camsten moments? Loved how Kirsten showed Cameron that she trusts him. Leave your thoughts and comments below!

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