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‘Stitchers’ 3x01 Recap: Kirsten’s Father is a Killer

Stitchers is back for season 3 and it is better than ever. The Stitchers team scrambles to rescue Kirsten from the memory loop of her mother in the Stitchers season 3 summer premiere episode 3x01 “Out of the Shadows”. Kirsten faces losing her team when Blair tries to reassign everyone. She also learns that her father murdered someone just to send her a message. And Camsten takes a huge step forward in this episode.

“Out of the Shadows” picks up right where the season 2 finale “All In” ended. Kirsten is still stuck in the memory loop that her dad trapped her in. Desperate, the team attempts to reboot the Stitch lab. Hopefully, that will bounce Kirsten out of the stitch.

Even if the team successfully bounces Kirsten out, things won't end well for the team. “When this is over, win or lose, they’re gonna disappear us. You know that, right?” Camille tells Cameron. Cameron won’t care what happens to him, though. All he cares about is saving Kirsten.

After the total system power down, Kirsten’s blood pressure drops. Ayo warns the team that Kirsten is crashing.

The attempt to save Kirsten fails. The team reboots the lab, but Kirsten is still trapped in the memory loop.

The Stitchers team is focused on saving Kirsten, but they’ve also got personal issues to deal with. Maggie is desperate to see her son, who is currently recovering in Germany at an Army medical center.

And Linus is freaking out. Linus’s dad went into surgery, but now Linus is locked in the Stitch lab with no way to call his parents. Blair put the lab under total lockdown. Maggie can’t help, either. She already asked Blair to let Linus call out, but he won’t budge. Maggie is sympathetic, though. The bond between a parent and a child is like entanglement.

That gives Linus an idea that will help save Kirsten: quantum disentanglement. The Stitch lab’s quantum computer is entangled with Daniel Stinger’s (Kirsten’s father) quantum computer. They are bonded like parent and child. So they need to disentangle.

They don’t need to know where Stinger’s computer is because entanglement is not dependent on proximity. They just need to know what trigger Stinger used to entangle Kirsten.

Kirsten’s sister Ivy might know something, but Blair dismisses that idea. They already interrogated Ivy. They even hooked her up to a polygraph. “Maybe you geniuses didn’t ask the right questions,” Camille tells Blair.

Maggie demands that Blair release Detective Quincy Fisher, who is under guard in the interrogation room because he didn’t cooperate with the NSA agents. Fisher was there when they interrogated Ivy and they need to know what questions Ivy answered.

Blair reluctantly has Fisher brought in. Fisher, bloody and bruised, is lead into the room in handcuffs. “You should see the other guy,” Fisher says when asked if he’s okay. “I’m serious. You should see the other guy,” he repeats with a wink. He’s right. You don’t want to mess with Fisher. The other guy is carried out on a stretcher behind them.

Fisher says Ivy was never asked about the entanglement. She was only asked where her father is. So Linus goes back to question Ivy, this time to ask her the right questions.

Linus, still worried about his father, tells Ivy why he’s desperate to save Kirsten and get out of the lab. His father had surgery a couple days ago. The NSA agents took his cell phone and won’t let him call out, so he has no idea how his father is doing.

Ivy doesn’t know how her father triggered Kirsten’s entanglement, but she does have a way to help Linus. She hands over her smart watch, so Linus can call his parents.

The Stitchers team comes up with a new plan to save Kirsten. They are going to hijack the hijacking signal. If they can isolate the signal, then they can force disentanglement and make Kirsten bounce. Blair doesn’t have confidence in the new plan, but this gamble is the only gamble Cameron has.

Linus uses Ivy’s smart watch to call his mom, but he gets the worst possible news. Linus’s father died two days ago. Linus missed the funeral, which was yesterday. Linus sobs while Camille holds him. “I loved him so much,” Linus says as he breaks down.

Linus doesn’t have time to grieve, though. Linus and Camille have to isolate the memory. Once they isolate the signal, they need to route it to Cameron’s station. “Let’s go get our girl,” Cameron tells the team.

In the memory loop, Kirsten is happy to finally be reunited with her mom. Cameron, talking through Kirsten’s mom, tells Kirsten to leave. Kirsten refuses, even if that means death. She wants to be with her mom forever.

The team realizes the entanglement is still holding, so Camille tells Cameron to take a harsher approach. So Cameron, speaking as Kirsten’s mom, tells Kirsten that she doesn’t want to be with her. She yells at Kirsten to leave, saying “I was happy before you came in my life … You ruined everything”.

Kirsten cries, telling her mom that she loves her. You can’t help me if you are stuck here, her mom says. “I don’t love you!” After that heartbreaking moment, Kirsten disentangles and bounces from the memory.

Kirsten sobs as she climbs out of the fish tank. She collapses into Cameron’s arms, telling him the horrible things her mom said. Cameron quickly tells her that he was the one who said those things, not her mom. It was the only way to get Kirsten to bounce.

Furious, Kirsten slaps Cameron. She faints immediately after, but Cameron catches her.

Camille’s earlier warning to Cameron turned out to be right. Blair immediately orders the NSA agents to “arrest them all”.

Kirsten sleeps for 18 hours straight and wakes up in her own bed. Her sister Ivy is there, too. Ivy tells Kirsten that Cameron saved her. Blair, the NSA sci-fi villain, arrested everyone on the Stitchers team.

Kirsten confronts Blair and demands her team back. Blair refuses, saying he’s going to relocate her “warrior scientist friends”. He’ll provide her with a more trustworthy team instead.

Blair is busy preparing for a meeting with his boss, Admiral Decker. Kirsten refuses to continue stitching without her team, so Blair does his best to change her mind.

Blair tells Kirsten about Project Grasshopper. The goal of Project Grasshopper was to accelerate the evolution of the human brain. It was a success. Turns out you actually can speed up evolution. And that would have a profound effect on the world. If world leaders knew what their counterparts were thinking, it could end conflict, war, hunger and poverty.

The lab accident involving Kirsten’s mom actually evolved Jacqueline Stinger’s brain. Unfortunately, they were not able to recreate that result on other test subjects. If they stitch into Jacqueline’s brain, then they can map it completely. “We’re saving the world, Ms. Clark,” Blair tells Kirsten.

The cases the Stitchers team has been working on are training missions. Once they perfect the stitch technology, then Kirsten can complete her rescue mission and pull her mom out of endless sleep.

Kirsten and Ivy sneak back into the Stitch lab, expecting it to be empty. They are surprised by Tim, who is in the lab using the 3D printer. The three of them come up with a plan to rescue the rest of the Stitchers team.

They track Ivy’s smart watch and find the specific NSA facility the team is being held in. Kirsten creates a fake photo ID with the name Nora Dublin. The real Nora Dublin has security clearance and is a high ranking NSA commander in Cairo. Tim uses the 3-D printer to create fingerprints to fool the biometrics scanner.

Kirsten goes to the NSA facility posing as Nora Dublin. She tells the guards that she is there to transfer the prisoners in detention block AA-23 (Star Wars reference!).

The guards call to confirm the transfer with Blair, but Kirsten reroutes the call to Tim. Tim, while eating snacks, does a pretty good impression of Blair. The fingerprint scan fails a couple times, but the third time is the charm. Kirsten finally makes it to detention block AA-23.

Kirsten goes in expecting the worst, but the team isn’t cuffed or tortured. They are all hanging out in a nice room. Cameron is even cooking crepes. Camille knew Kirsten would come to rescue them, so Fisher has to pay up after losing the bet to Camille.
The team attacks the guard outside the room and Cameron puts on the guard’s uniform. They do feel bad about that, though. They tie up the guard and leave him with a plate of crepes and a note that says ‘sorry’. So at least he’ll get some good food when he is finally untied.

On their way out, Cameron apologizes to Kirsten for ruining her memory of her mom. Kirsten is grateful that Cameron saved her, but she hates that she’s stuck remembering her mom that way. It wasn’t really her mom, but it was real to Kirsten. Cameron says Kirsten needs to save her mother. Then Kirsten can make new memories.

The team doesn’t get far. They only make it out the door before agents hold them at gunpoint. The team gets locked up again, but only for a short time. Blair calls the team back to the Stitch lab.

Blair calls the team in to do a personal stitch. His twenty-seven-year-old son, Nathan, was killed in a hit-and-run. Blair needs to know if it was an accident or if his son was murdered.

Maggie, who has a son of her own, is quick to offer her help. The rest of the team refuses, though. Kirsten wants to use the situation as leverage to get pardons for the team. And Linus doesn’t have sympathy for Blair, either. Blair didn’t care when Linus’s father died and Linus missed the funeral.

Both have good points, but Maggie reminds the team that they are better than Blair. She orders Kirsten to suit up.

Kirsten stitches into Nathan and sees a sweet memory of Blair reading Treasure Island to an eight-year-old Nathan. Kirsten then moves into another memory of Nathan. This time, Nathan and Blair are arguing. Nathan wants to get married, but Blair doesn’t approve of his girlfriend. That was the last time Blair saw his son alive.

Kirsten enters Nathan’s death memory and has a horrifying revelation. Nathan was murdered by her father. Kirsten’s dad killed Nathan, knowing Kirsten would stitch into him. He wanted to give Kirsten a message.

“Blair wants to kill your mother. Don’t trust him,” he warns Kirsten. He wants Kristen to find out where her mother is. Then they can save her by themselves. “I don’t think you’re a bad person for calling the NSA. Daddy loves you so much,” he says.

Kirsten bounces out of the memory and denies seeing anything, but Blair doesn’t believe her. He pulls a gun on Camille and threatens to kill her if Kirsten doesn’t tell him the truth. It takes a lot more than that to intimidate Camille, though. “Don’t tell this asshat anything,” Camille tells Kirsten.

Kirsten doesn’t want Blair to kill her roommate/BFF, so she tells him that her dad killed his son. She asks Blair if he plans to kill her mother.

Blair doesn’t admit to that, but he does promise to find Kirsten’s psychopathic father and kill him. He’s also going to reassign the Stitchers team members. He even threatens to take Ivy away if Kirsten refuses to work for the Stitchers program.

Kirsten once again impersonates Nora Dublin, this time to arrange a secret meeting with Blair’s boss Admiral Decker (Secretary of Defense). Kirsten threatens to go public about the Stitchers program and the billions of dollars used to develop it. She’ll stay quiet if Blair is reassigned and Maggie is promoted to run the Stitchers program. Kirsten also wants to know where her mom is.

Kirsten’s threat works. The Stitchers team is reunited and everything is back to normal in the lab.

Kirsten stops by Cameron’s place. Cameron tells her that Nina broke up with him. She left him a note. While the Stitchers team was in lockdown for three days, Nina waited for Cameron to come home. Nina loves Cameron, but she can’t wait for him anymore.

Cameron isn’t heartbroken by the breakup. He loved Nina, but he wasn’t in love with her. He tells Kristen that he would have waited for her forever if she was still trapped in the memory loop.

Kirsten tells Cameron that everything makes sense when she’s with him. Cameron and Kirsten kiss. A real kiss this time, not a kiss caused by residual stitch emotions.

The long-awaited Camsten moment is cut short when Kirsten asks what Cameron meant when he, as Kirsten’s mother in the memory, said “You can’t help me if you are stuck in here”. Cameron never said that, though. So who said it?

A lot of intense drama and revelations were packed into the Stitchers season 3 premiere. Blair may be a sci-fi villain, but Kirsten’s dad murdered Blair’s son in cold blood just to give a message to Kirsten. His willingness to kill makes me wonder how many other people he has killed. Can Kirsten trust him? Leave your thoughts and comments about Stitchers 3x01 “Out of the Shadows” below!

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