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Recap of ‘Stitchers’ 3x04 "Mind Palace": Spies & Betrayals

The team has to decipher the mind palace of a British spy in Stitchers episode 3x04 “Mind Palace”.

Kirsten quietly sneaks home, but Camille catching her doing the walk of shame. Not that it really qualifies as the walk of shame, though. Kirsten spent the night at Cameron’s place, but all they did was watch a Kubrick film, kissed and cuddled. (Kirsten and Cameron can’t get physically intimate or else it will interfere with the stitches).

The Stitchers team has to to perfect stitching and fully map the human brain to save Kirsten’s mom. Now that Camille is piloting the stitches, they can spend more time in the regions that they need to map.

Kirsten hacked into the lab’s mind map system. She wants Camille to focus on the static regions that they haven’t fully mapped yet. Camille is happy to help, especially since it involves flipping the bird to the NSA.

Kirsten wants to keep the plan a secret. Cameron would freak out if he found out, since he always worries about Kirsten’s safety. Besides, you don’t go to the boss when you want to break protocol. All they need is a body and they won’t have to wait long for that.

The team investigates the death of a John Doe, a male in his thirties. He either fell off or was thrown off the roof of a hotel. Someone shot off his left index finger. And there were terra cotta tile shards found in the wound, so his hand must have been held down.

Cameron still has the yips and can’t pilot the stitch. The team makes tons of “performance anxiety” jokes at Cameron’s expense.

Kirsten stitches into John Doe and Camille pilots her into the symbols and imagery area of the brain that the team hasn’t fully mapped yet. Kirsten is in some sort of symbolic art gallery. Cameron demands that Camille move Kirsten, but Camille refuses.

In the art gallery, Kristen sees a swan, sword, four toys soldiers marching underneath an apple tree and a gold snake. She also sees a cow with another golden snake wrapped around it.

John Doe has a tattoo that shows he was in the British Royal Marines. And he has encrypted his memories to an image-based language.

Just as the death moment is about to occur, the golden snake lunges at Kirsten. She quickly bounces out of the memory.

Cameron is furious at Camille for ignoring his orders during the stitch. He wonders if he made a mistake trusting her. She stayed in the unmapped area of the brain longer than Cameron wanted. Kirsten jumps in to take the blame. The whole thing was her idea.

The team realizes that John Doe built a mind palace. It’s a memory technique for people who need to keep their secrets secret. John Doe must be a spy.

Cameron, still upset, tells the team that he’s going rogue. A concept Kirsten and Camille are familiar with. Kirsten chases after him. She apologizes, but Cameron is still upset that Kirsten came up with a secret plan instead of asking him for help. He already told her that she needs to trust him. He has a history of seeing people he cares about in bad situations.

Kirsten wonders if they should break up. She doesn’t want to cause him more pain than happiness. Cameron says he’ll try to be less of a helicopter boyfriend, but doesn’t want Kirsten to go rogue without him again.

Kirsten and Cameron go to the British Consulate to talk to MI6 member Dexter Abbott. Dexter won’t tell them anything about the John Doe unless he gets something in return. A MI6 agent, Chloe Marks, was arrested by the LAPD for drunk and disorderly conduct. He wants them to get her out.

So Detective Fisher asks his ex-wife Stephanie for a favor. Stephanie pulls some strings and gets Chloe released from jail.

Abbott tells Cameron that John Doe’s real name is John Harrington. A few months ago, he was in Los Angeles working on a case. Abbott can’t show Cameron the case file, claiming it’s already been scrubbed.

Harrington brought his wife, Belinda, to Los Angeles with him. Belinda was abducted. Harrington paid the ransom, but her body was never found. They know she was dead because her finger was shot off and mailed to Harrington.

Harrington wanted to find her killer, so he went rogue. Abbott brought Chloe to Los Angeles to find him.

Meanwhile, Chloe tells Kirsten that Abbott and Harrington were partners.

Back at the Stitch lab, Linus figures out the golden snake in Harrington’s memories is Belinda. ‘Belinda’ is old high German for ‘bright serpent’. So was Harrington attacked by his dead wife?

Cameron and Kirsten go home, ready for another night of Kubrick films and cuddling. Their plans change when they find Chloe, sporting a black eye, waiting for them in Cameron’s apartment.

Chloe says Abbott hit her when she asked about his relationship with Harrington. Cameron offers to let Chloe stay at his place for the night.

Things are weird between Camille and Linus. Camille is still pissed that she lost the promotion because she sided with Linus and Ivy instead of Maggie. Linus wants to get past all that. Ivy is really important to him. He’s sorry things didn’t work out for Camille, but he doesn’t think that’s his fault. He really wants Camille to get to know Ivy. He invites her to join them for drinks.

Camille tells Linus that she’s dating Amanda, the new medical examiner. Camille already has a date with Amanda, but she reluctantly agrees to make it a double date. Amanda and Camille will cook dinner for Linus and Ivy. Camille just asks that Linus keep quiet about her love life. She doesn’t want to become an in-lab meme.

So Linus and Ivy come over for an awkward double date. Camille and Linus both go into protective mode. Linus tells Amanda not to hurt Camille. Amanda isn’t intimidated by Linus’s tough guy act. Amanda’s a medical examiner, so she knows nine different ways to kill Linus and make it look like a natural death. If Linus doesn’t back off, she’ll show him number eight.

Meanwhile, Camille is in the other room telling Ivy that she doesn’t trust her. Camille’s not going to let Ivy hurt Linus. She thinks Ivy is using Linus to get inside information on the Stitchers program. Ivy says that she isn’t like her father. She doesn’t have ulterior motives.

Back at Cameron’s place, Camsten get a call from Maggie. Abbott lied to them. Harrington never had a Los Angeles file. They take Chloe to Kirsten’s house, where Abbott can’t find her. (Kirsten’s house is still under Ed Clark’s name). Amanda and Chloe bond over bottles of wine.

The team goes back to the Stitch lab. Kirsten realizes the cow in Harrington’s memory was a Dexter cow (a miniature breed). So the cow represents Dexter Abbott. And the cow was standing on terra cotta, which is the same tile from the hotel roof. So Abbott was also on the roof the day Harrington was killed.

Detective Fisher confirms the ballistics. Harrington was shot with Abbott’s gun.

Kirsten and Cameron rush back to the British consulate. Abbott, injured, shoots at them and passes out. Cameron pushes Kirsten to safety. Abbott isn’t dead, but he’s taken to a hospital and sedated.

At the lab, Linus creates a filter to interpret Harrington’s mind palace images. After getting shot at, Cameron is over the yips. He needs to be in control of his own mind. He takes back his role piloting the stitches and Kirsten stitches back into Harrington.

The filter works and Kirsten sees Harrington’s memories. She sees his wedding. Abbott is a guest at the wedding. Kirsten sees the swan and sword on a family crest. The wedding took place on March 4, which is why there were four marching soldiers in the mind palace.

Kirsten realizes Belinda and Abbott were having an affair. That’s why the gold snake was wrapped around the cow in the mind palace.

Belinda and Abbott killed Harrington together. They were both on the roof that night. Belinda wanted her family ring back. That’s why she shot Harrington’s finger off.

As Kirsten approaches the death memory, she realizes Belinda is Chloe.

Belinda’s first plan was to disappear. That plan failed because Harrington never gave up on her. So plan B was to seduce Abbott and get him to kill Harrington.

Camille texts Amanda to warn her about Chloe/Belinda, but Amanda doesn’t see the text. Camille rushes home. Before she can get Amanda out of the house, Belinda realizes she’s been caught. She grabs a knife and attacks Camille.

Good thing Camille took all those krav maga classes. Camille fights back and Amanda bashes Belinda on the head.

After the fight, Camille lets her guard down. Camille isn’t used to letting people in. That’s not how she raised herself to be, but she is ready to let Amanda in. It’s scary, but also exciting. “My life makes sense with you in it,” Camille tells Amanda.

Cameron notices a buzzing sound coming from the locked cabinet in Maggie’s office. Immediately after, he got a stitch alert. He thinks there is a device that’s connected to how the cases get picked. Cameron gets Linus to break the cabinet lock and retrieve the device.

Now the team will know where their cases come from. They can pick the cases that will help them save Kirsten’s mom.

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