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Recap of 'Stitchers' 3x03 "Perfect": Killer Love Dolls

Camsten goes through a rough patch in Stitchers episode 3x03 “Perfect”. Meanwhile, the team investigates the death of a divorce lawyer who had a lot of enemies. And what do love dolls have to do with it? Plus, actress Allison Scagliotti (Camille) showcases her voice and musical talents.

Camille comes to work hungover. She had a little too much whiskey partying with Amanda, the new medical examiner.


Camille is definitely having a bad morning. Camille is pissed when she finds out Linus has a crush on Ivy. Maggie basically bitch slapped Camille for saying she trusted Ivy. Camille can’t believe she violated her own judgement and lost a career changing promotion, all so Linus could date Ivy. “We are not okay,” Camille tells Linus.

Cameron comes in with a new case for the Stitchers team. They need to investigate the death of Mark Broden. Cameron asks Camille to give the team a run down on the case, but Camille is still bitter that Cameron got promoted. Besides, Cameron didn’t even give her time to review the file.

Cameron can’t handle the presentation, though. Camille reluctantly takes over. Mark Broden was a 43-year-old divorce lawyer. Mark was shot to death in his Beverly Hills penthouse while he was sleeping. There was no sign of a struggle or forced entry. Mark recently went through a divorce of his own. His fashion model ex-wife Barbara is a possible suspect.

Cameron is still worried about Kirsten’s stitch issues. Kirsten brushes off his concerns again and Cameron snaps at her. He’s under a lot of pressure with his new responsibilities, getting hate from Camille and worrying about Kirsten’s life. He could use support from Kirsten, not attitude. Kirsten apologizes and promises to be more supportive.

Kirsten stitches into Mark and sees a lot of potential suspects. First up is “The Ex”. She accused Mark of having an affair. “Give me a divorce or I will kill you,” she threatens him.

The next memory is again at Mark’s penthouse, but he is arguing with a different women. The team calls her “The Mummy” because her face is covered with bandages. She also accuses Mark of cheating.

In the final memory, Kirsten sees Mark making out with a third women. Mark thinks this third woman is perfect, so she’s dubbed “Miss Perfect”. Kirsten has issues in this memory, just like in the last case. Kirsten’s heart rate increases as she is flooded with oxytocin (the love hormone).

When Kirsten moves towards the death memory, she has trouble breathing. Her oxygen levels are critical. Meanwhile, Cameron is also struggling with the stitch. His hands keep shaking and he’s sweating.

Kirsten tells the Stitchers team that Mark died of asphyxiation. So someone shot Mark after he was already dead. As Linus says, someone must really hate the guy.


Detective Fisher and Camille question Mark’s ex-wife. Mark never thought she was good enough. He made her change her clothes, hair and makeup. She even got a boob job for him, which ended up ruining her modeling career. And after all that, Mark had an affair with her plastic surgeon.

When Detective Fisher presses her, she admits that she shot Mark. She thought he was asleep and had no idea he was already dead.

The team still has to find out how Mark died. He may have been poisoned or had an allergic reaction to something. The next person on the suspect list is Dr. Sophia Torres, plastic surgeon to the stars. She was the one Mark had an affair with.

Linus figures out why Kirsten is having trouble in the stitches. Kirsten’s brain chemistry changed after she escaped the memory loop. Kirsten’s oxytocin levels are high because of Cameron. Oxytocin levels rise for the first six months of a relationship. The more physically intimate Kirsten and Cameron get, the more the stitches will get messed up.

Linus is working on a filter, but he tells Camsten to slow down. They can hold hands, cuddle, share a bed and take short walks on the beach. Anything more could mess with Kirsten’s ability to stitch. Kirsten has to stitch to save her mother, so Cameron and Kirsten are forced to spend the night apart. With no way to relieve the pressure, Cameron sees a lot of cold showers in his future.

Detective Fisher goes back to Mark’s penthouse to investigate some more. Fisher finds a suspicious bottle of coconut water. The coconut water explodes out and splashes Fisher in the face. He immediately calls Camille and asks for a decontamination unit to come to the penthouse.

Turns out the coconut water was laced with a bacterium. The same toxin used to create Botox. When ingested, it can cause paralysis, asphyxiation and sometimes death. The team wonders if Doc Hollywood (Dr. Sophia Torres) is the one who laced the coconut water with Botox.

The next morning, Kirsten and Cameron go to Doc Hollywood’s office. Surprisingly, there are no patients in the waiting room. Dr. Torres isn’t sorry Mark is dead. Kirsten realizes Dr. Torres is “The Mummy” from the Mark’s memory.

Dr. Torres had her face completely redone to please Mark. Mark wanted her to be “perfect”. After all the pain and plastic surgeries she went through for him, he didn’t find her attractive. Now her career is ruined. No one will ever trust a plastic surgeon that looks like her.

Kirsten steps out to take a call from Camille. The toxicology screen came back and Dr. Torres can’t be the killer. There was no evidence of botulism in Mark’s body. Dr. Torres may have poisoned the coconut water, but Mark didn’t drink it.

When Kirsten goes back in, Dr. Torres is holding a syringe against Cameron’s neck. She admits to putting Botox in the coconut water. Dr. Torres threatens to inject Cameron with Botox unless they let her walk out. She’s no match for Camsten, though. Cameron and Kirsten quickly take her down and arrest her.

That leaves “Miss Perfect” as the last suspect. Kirsten stitches into Mark again. This time, Camille pilots the stitch. (Cameron asks her to take over, since he keeps shaking during the stitches).

In the stitch, Mark is in bed with Miss Perfect. As Mark struggles to breath, he shoves Miss Perfect in a hidden space behind a painting. Mark then collapses on his bed and dies.

Detective Fisher and Camille rush to Mark’s penthouse to save Miss Perfect. They don’t need to worry about saving her though. She was never alive to begin with. Miss Perfect is a love doll.

At the stitch lab, they realize the doll has audio and video recording capabilities. The doll may have recorded what happened. So Cameron and Kirsten go to Valley of the Love Dolls to ask for the recording.

Valley of the Dolls is run by a husband and wife team. Sam Underhill creates the dolls and his wife Julie is the visionary. Sam also has a jealous, violent side. One time Sam beat up a guy who made a comment about Julie’s looks.

Sam and Julie show Kirsten and Cameron around, but they refuse to hand over the recording without a warrant. They mention that the employees were annoyed at Mark. Mark was constantly making last minute changes and demanding enhancements for the love doll. However, Sam insists that none of the employees are killers.

Camille has a date, so she wants the house to herself. She invites Amanda over. The two of them play the guitar and sing “Until You Find Me”. (Love that Stitchers featured Alison Scagliotti’s beautiful singing voice and musical talent).

Kirsten goes to Cameron’s house to spend the night. It doesn’t take long for them to get in an argument. Cameron doesn’t feel like Kirsten is on the same page as him. “I just don’t think your heart is breaking like mine is over the fact that we physically can’t be together,” he tells her.

Upset, Kirsten ends up at her sister Ivy’s house. They do some sister bonding while they eat takeout food and talk about guys. Ivy suggests makeup sex for Camsten, but that unfortunately isn’t an option. The sister bonding is cut short when Linus calls Kirsten back to the lab.

Linus discovers that Mark had an allergic reaction to the latex the Miss Perfect doll is made out of.

It wasn’t an accident, though. Camille does some digging. Mark knew he was allergic to that latex. He specifically put that information on his order form. Also, Miss Perfect was the second love doll that Mark ordered. He returned a “Desert Flower” love doll. The “Desert Flower” love doll looks similar to Julie Underhill.

Detective Fisher, Kirsten and Cameron go back to the Valley of Love Dolls. Sam admits that Julie was the body model for the “Desert Flower” love doll. Sam was furious when Mark returned the doll for not being beautiful enough. He took that as a direct insult to his wife. Sam says Mark didn’t deserve the “Desert Flower” love doll or to be alive.

Sam grabs a syringe filled with silicone and threatens to inject it in Cameron’s carotid artery. (Poor Cameron. That’s twice on one case that he’s been threatened with syringes).

Detective Fisher shoots Sam in the arm. Cameron grabs a doll arm and starts whacking Sam with it. Afterwards, Detective Fisher jokes that Cameron was “armed” and dangerous.


Detective Fisher also gives Camsten some love advice. There is no such thing as a perfect couple. They need to ask themselves the important questions. After you get older and the excitement fades, will you still be happy to spend the rest your lives together?

Kirsten tells Cameron that her heart is breaking because they can’t be together. They almost kiss. Instead they cuddle in bed and watch Stanley Kubrick's movie 2001: A Space Odyssey. It is The Godfather of science-fiction movies.

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